Virginian-Pilot- Unashamedly liberal

They promised not to endorse in the Presidential race. Probably because they practically already have.

Their editorial about the Republican convention:

“the days of rancor”
“this week’s angry convention”
“putting on a tired show of anti-media anger”

Funny…the anger America saw were the liberal protesters and the sexist attacks on Sarah Palin and her family by the left.

Oh, but what about the coronation of St. Obama? Their editorial:

“Obama showed the counter-punching ability he’ll need”
“He called McCain out”
“he finished Thursday’s round fresh and on the offense”

See, when Democrats are negative, the Pilot sees that as a good thing. But Republicans are angry,tired and full of rancor?

Wonder why fewer and fewer people even want to read the newspaper anymore? I don’t.

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