Kaine Holding Line Of Succession Meeting

The Palmetto Scoop is reporting that Gov. Tim Kaine is holding an emergency meeting to discuss matters when he is selected to be Vice President:

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is set to announce his running mate within the next few days and now The Palmetto Scoop has learned that he may have already settled on Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

A source inside the beltway informed me that high ranking officials throughout Virginia were recently summoned to the governor’s office for an emergency meeting which reportedly involved discussions on the line of succession if and when Kaine steps down to become Obama’s running mate.

The officials were mandated to leave an out-of-state conference and return to the state capitol in Richmond immediately.

Due to the confidential nature of the meeting, details are scarce but the source said that either Obama will choose Kaine, or Kaine was given the impression that he would be chosen.

Kaine however told reporters Monday, “It has been really nice to be mentioned, my mom loves it. I never thought it was very likely, for a variety of reasons”

Such a meeting would make sense even if you were being seriously considered, as to ease any issues that may pop up after an announcement. While this doesn’t mean Kaine is a lock, it’s still quite interesting to hear.

Barack Obama will be in Martinsville and Lynchburg tomorrow and Richmond on Thursday (maybe even Chesapeake), pending any changes due to a Vice President announcement.

  • Or is a ruse? Hmmmm. Who is to say? [strokes his beard… then realizes he doesn’t have one]

  • Monica

    perhaps selected to be “a nominee”, that is

  • Darrell — Chesapeake

    Well that’s a fine mess. Timmy leaves early, leaving Bolling as Governor, which leaves McD out on a limb, which leaves at least two spots vulnerable to Dem control. Bet the GOBs are going nuts over at the hillbilly hideaway tonight.

  • vbmom

    I had a feeling it was gonna be Timmy after the Chesapeake announcement was made yesterday. It’s too much of of a coincidence. Of course, it COULD all be a ruse…

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