Mark Warner: Will not accept VP if asked

2:30 p.m. Mark Warner is coming on. Using Rolling Stones “Start me up”.

Warner addresses the vice presidential talk head-on:

“I’ve been working really hard since last fall; working 110% to asking the people of Virginia to send me to the United States Senate,” said Mark Warner. “I have not sought and will not accept any other opportunity.”

Warner spent the majority of speech comparing and contrasting himself to Jim Gilmore and casting Gilmore as a tenacious campaigner who would use Karl Rove-type tactics. He also mentioned Vince Callahan’s and John Chichester’s endorsements.

In a press availability following his speech, Warner again was unequivocal about vice presidential aspirations. “The only job I’m running for is the Senate. I wanted to make it clear.”

  • Translation: He was on Hillary’s list.

  • Actually, Jim, Mark said basically said this in a conference call Monday. I don’t know why the press hasn’t reported it before but I reported it on my blog.

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  • I know you usually cannot believe a politician when they say,”I’m not interested”, but in this case it could be that his calculation is one of taking the ‘sure thing’.
    If he stays here, he is the closest thing to a cinch to our next Senator, unfortunately, and it is quite a risk running for VP.

    If Obama loses, then Warner is in great position for 2012 for the democrat nod, assuming he beats Gilmore, which at this point looks like as sure a thing as death and taxes….

  • I agree. If Mark Warner wins, death and taxes are a sure thing.

  • Ragnar

    Why would he want to be? There’s little question he’ll be elected to the Senate.

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