The Two Faces of Vince Callahan

The rush of old bulls to endorse Mark Warner is gaining steam, as Vince Callahan has announced he’s ready top plump for the Governor who misled the commonwealth on the need for higher taxes in 2004 over the Governor who, Callahan says, misled the commonwealth on the “cost” of car tax relief.

Callahan’s opposition to Gilmore is particularly rich. The WaPo piece notes that he helped steer Gilmore’s car tax proposal through the House. And was it only a couple of years ago that Callahan was saying this?

“The car tax relief is one of the few benefits the taxpayers of the Commonwealth, especially northern Virginia, receive in a visible way,” noted Delegate Callahan. “The impetus for providing car tax relief originated in a bi-partisan manner in northern Virginia nearly a decade ago. It is a promise we in the legislature made and a promise our citizens rightly expect us to keep.”

We are only left to wonder whether Callahan was dissembling then, in calling car tax relief a bi-partisan benefit, or is dissembling now, when he calls the reasoning behind the measure “utterly erroneous and far-fetched.”

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  • What part of RINO did you not understand?

    Callahan and Chichester have always been Democrats, they only claimed to be Republicans when that was an aid in gaining power. So long as the GOP will embrace liberals who do not share the GOP’s values just to grab a seat in the House of Delegates or VA Senate, expect to be betrayed whenever a RINO sees more advantage that way than remaining nominatively Republican.

    The GOP will wander in the desert until it comes home to the principles that once defined it.

    Of course, you could just become Libertarians.

  • NoVA Scout

    Fiscal conservatives have always been uneasy,if not outright dismayed, over the Gilmore impact on the state’s finances. It’s too bad that stalwarts like Chichester and Callahan can’t find happiness with our Senate nominee, but they have more experience than most upon which to form a judgment.

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