Suffolk News-Herald biased?

In a recent letter to the editor at the Suffolk News-Herald, the editorial page editor printed a letter with the headline “Forbes Misusing Taxpayer Dollars.” As you can imagine, that caught my attention.

The gist of the letter is that a constituent (who claims bi-partisanship, but fawns all over Democrats) is upset that Forbes has to gall to ask as a matter of protocol for “privacy authorization” information so that he can adequately look into official inquiries.

Nowhere in the letter is there a hint of Forbes “misusing taxpayer dollars.”

The headline paints a completely unfair characterization of the letter’s content. That being said, you have to question the journalistic integrity of News-Herald or, at a minimum, their process for writing headlines or selecting letters to print.

Then, again, it is the Suffolk News-Herald. Anyone, other than news-junkies like me, heard of it before today?

  • Wow. That writer takes credit for constitutional amendments, Senate resolutions and Presidential Proclamations.

    Not bad for a President of “Aqua Massage”

    The only misuse of taxpayer dollars would be launching a federal investigation because the massage guy wants to know when the mailman is coming.

  • Stephen Gunter

    I believe that was just the venting part of the letter. The main part was a request that Pelosi investigate her congressman for misuse of funds. Of course, there is no example of how the funds are being misused, and so I conclude that this is obviously a propaganda piece of the sort spoken of by the writer 🙂

  • John Harvie

    Maybe Dulaney Collins doesn’t have a phone book to look up the Postmaster’s number. Perhaps he could get it by dialing 411. Hah!

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