Virginia Politics On-Demand: Gov. Jim Gilmore

In tonight’s VPOD, Gov. Gilmore reacts to Lt. Gov. Bolling’s announcement to run for lieutenant governor vice governor, talks about party unity, his views on the economy, national security, FISA, social conservatism, Sen. John McCain and the presidential race, and more.

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  • G.Robert Maitland

    I received your phone call regarding fuel cost. Yes I am concerned about it.I feel that this country has been put down so far on the cooperation ladder that we really are not in position to do anything about it or bargaining.From what little I see of the monies been spent on elaborate hotels an apartments in the Middle east and the island being built and technologies that is created for these buildings I see no end to rising oil cost and ending of monies that will be needed to continue even when it is finished there will be uncontrollable maintenance cost. we need our own method of undepletable energy use.
    Also we need more spent on help for the elderly.The cost is so high and no cure that local govern such as Prince William County has discontinued the senior day care in Manassas because it was deem not self sufficient. And we had to switch over to more costly day care. There needs to be an increase in government for health care for the elderly.We need to be concerned for those who are in need and not of how we project our leadership abilities for decision making.
    Let us rise to our needs and safe keeping to our country first.

  • G.Robert Maitland

    We need to due more research and stabilized our own economy.Keep jobs here, keep manufacturing here, Keep our technical advancements here. Strive to take care of this planet.Plan for the worst of disasters and rehabilitations.I do not see where any other country come to our aid.Or is it being turn down?
    We need to look at the beginning and have a solution for the aftermath.

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