• Democrats cancel Rep. Glenn Nye’s public meetingPolicy

    Democrats announce a public appearance by Congressman Glenn Nye at the local Democratic breakfast in Virginia Beach. Local citizens decide to plan to attend. Can’t have that, say the Dems, who canceled Nye’s appearance. “As we all know, our twice-monthly breakfast, always with a speaker, was never publicized as a Town Hall Meeting and was […]

  • Deeds supports abortion for only the poor?Politics

    Since the Washington Post and Creigh Deeds seem to want to talk about abortion so much, despite the economy, jobs, transportation, education and a host of other issues seeming to be the dominant issues of the campaign, I think I’ll oblige them. Creigh Deeds was recently speaking at a church radio talk show in Hampton […]

  • Covington Creigh v. Charlottesville CreighPolitics

    The events of this week have revealed what I believe to be an inherent weakness in the Creigh Deeds campaign. In short, this weakness is manifested in Deeds’ inability to reconcile his own political biography with the type of campaign he must run in order to win. Creigh Deeds is trapped between two worlds.

  • Creigh Deeds: ZealotCatch-All

    In recent days Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds has made Bob McDonnell’s pro-life record a main topic of his campaign. By taking this action Creigh Deeds has revealed an obvious weakness in his own candidacy. Creigh Deeds is allowing his pro-abortion zealotry to show through. While Bob McDonnell is rightly keeping his focus on presenting […]

  • Going PostalPolicy

    Call it a Freudian Federal slip when Obama equated government run healthcare to the Post Office. Considering he said UPS and FedEx are better than USPS, would he consider allowing them to deliver first class mail cheaper, which is currently illegal? The USPS essentially survives off delivering junk mail. What will govt-run healthcare rely on? […]

  • Washington Post: McDonnell up 15Politics

    Yet another poll confirms that McDonnell is up by 15. The Washington Post reported today that McDonnell has that advantage over Deeds among likely voters, while his lead amongst registered voters is less stratospheric – at 7. What does this say? Well, for one, it say that Deeds traipsing around the Commonwealth condemning McDonnell’s abortion […]

  • Chevron: Drill Ship goes to 12,000 feetPolicy

    One of the interesting developments in the oil and natural gas industry is the newer capability to use ships to do the drilling vice platforms. It provides more versatility and mobility for the industry. As we continue our own interest in Virginia’s offshore energy, one company we might want to keep watch on is Chevron. […]

  • Democrats want terrorists in Hampton RoadsPolicy

    Hampton Roads is the major military epicenter on the East Coast. From shipbuilders to bases to the designers of nuclear subs, this is doubtless the defense hub of national security for America. And, according to Democrats, a darn fine place to bring terrorists in from GITMO, including Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of 9-11. If […]

  • Eating LeftPolicy

    In all honesty, I am typically pretty annoyed with the Whole Foods in my neighborhood. The organic bananas go rotten in 2 days, the selection of cereal is pathetic, and the sushi is overpriced. But I will gladly spend my money at one of the staples of liberal life after reading Whole Foods Co-Founder and […]