• Attorney General Debate In RoanokePolitics

    Bob Holsworth has a write up of last night’s Republican AG debate in Roanoke: At times, Brownlee displayed a level of political talent and skill that belied his stature as a political novice, running for office for the first time. Yet he also offered an interpretation of how the Attorney General should employ a ”moral filter” in […]

  • Senate Finance Committee discussing bailout impact and revenue projectionsPolicy

    Sitting right now in the Senate Finance Committee as they discuss the state’s budget. Looks like the federal stimulus is going to “restore” cuts to public education and public safety. So, don’t expect all the budget cuts made earlier by the House to remain. Therefore, what we’re probably about to see is more spending in […]

  • Visiting rainy Richmond today

    lI made it to Richmond this morning, despite the back-up on I-64 and the rain. I’ll be visiting the General Assembly and try to catch up with some legislators to get their take on several of the bills and issues being debated. We’ll try to get some thoughts on the smoking ban, school tuition vouchers, […]

  • Senate Finance committee kills transportation plan againPolicy

    According to Democrat leader Dick Saslaw, the problem with this transportation plan was that it didn’t raise taxes. (Virginian-Pilot) Directing criticism at the measure, Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw, D-Fairfax, said it is like so many that originate in the House of Delegates which remove money from state coffers “without raising taxes.” HB 1579 would’ve […]

  • Take this Stimulus and Shove It!Catch-All

    Well the time has finally arrived. President Obama is expected to put his signature on what is possibly the sloppiest bill in American history. This is more than just a sloppy bill, it is a slap in the face to Americans families who have been tightening the belt and working hard to stay off of […]

  • Where the Stimulus Rubber Hits the Road…Policy

    I’ve watched and read and listened with interest- and mostly confusion- about this stimulus package, really trying to put aside partisanship to, as objectively as possible, analyze the situation. Today’s NYT article ( where many of the nation’s state governors stand shows us where the rubber hits the road. And that is where those politicians […]

  • Del. Sal Iaquinto: AccountablePolicy

    Those looking for the path the Republican Party should take for any rebound from recent Democrat victories need to look no further than the 84th district. Del. Sal Iaquinto is racking up points by excelling at what used to be considered the basics – responsiveness to constituents, crafting legislation that helps and protects, keeping voters […]

  • T.C. v. Shaun Kenney…let’s get ready to RRRRUUUUMMMBLLLLLLE!Politics

    Oh, this hasn’t been brewing for awhile (deep sarcasm intended). Looks like the latest post on TC by Loudoun Insider on Sen. Ken Cuccinelli’s military service has spilled over into a no holds barred battle royale at Shaun Kenney’s blog. Let’s just hope both of them don’t forget they’re on the same team.

  • Kaine releases revenue figuresPolicy

    Wondering how much of a state deficit we’re going to have? Kaine just released the numbers. What’s the outcome? We make money because of the Federal government’s actions! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the money quote: “In sum, the combination of the downward and upward adjustments to biennial revenues should produce a positive benefit to […]

  • TQ radio!Catch-All

    TQ has started a 30 minute radio show called “Freedom and Prosperity” on WFIR 960AM in Roanoke every Sunday at 8 p.m. It is also available via podcast. Great job, Norm and Brian!