• Car dealers want a bailoutPolicy

    Car dealers in Virginia are seeking that the value of their dealership be guaranteed and that their mortgages be paid for three years, if an automaker decides to cancel a brand.

  • “Mother of Presidents”Catch-All

    Virginia is the birthplace of eight U.S. presidents, all depicted in our banner today: George Washington (1731-1799) Westmoreland County Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Albemarle County James Madison (1751-1836) Port Conway James Monroe (1758-1831) Westmoreland County William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) Charles City County John Tyler (1790-1862) Greenway Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) Barboursville, Orange County Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) Staunton […]

  • Happy Presidents’ DayCatch-All

    Unless, of course, you live in Virginia Beach. In what has to be one of the silliest decisions in recent memory, the school board announced that today would be a work day / school day to make-up for their ill-conceived and premature closing of school a few weeks back for a snowfall that never came. […]

  • VPOD #51: Sen. Mark ObenshainPodcasts

    In this week’s Virginia Politics On-Demand, Sen. Mark Obenshain joins us to discuss last week’s near power sharing agreement and the effect of Chairman Frederick’s “tweet”, several bits of legislation, including the “Triggerman Rule”, and what the Senate might do with the state budget.

    To listen to any of the previous podcasts, click here. […]

  • Bills to watchPolicy

    This is one of the more fun weeks in the General Assembly, as the House and the Senate take one look at each other’s hard work and dump it into the nearest trash bin. A few bills warrant a little bit of watching. HB1579 This is Glenn Oder’s bill to make economic development projects help […]

  • A Contrast in LeadershipCatch-All

    During this past election, many conservatives including myself, pointed to the fact that Governor Palin had executive experience, while Barack Obama had none. This most recent stimulus debate has proven us to be correct in our assesment. President Obama could have prevented much of the pork from being entered into this bill had he simply […]

  • Smoking ban will go up in smokePolicy

    With the House and Senate supporting very different bans on restaurant smoking, I think this is headed for a game of chicken. Both houses will insist on their versions, and a lot will depend on who is appointed to conference. If anything less than the compromise struck between Speaker Howell and Gov. Kaine reaches the […]

  • Ed Gillespie to join McDonnell CampaignPolitics

    Bob McDonnell For Governor announced today that former RNC and RPV Chairman Ed Gillespie would be joining the campaign as General Chairman.  You can read the full announcement after the break.

  • Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates Try To Be FunnyPolitics

    Jim mentioned the gubernatorial candidates trying to be funny but now you can see the highlight reel for yourself. Style Weekly has put together a video of the four gubernatorial candidates at February 11th’s Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association’s annual dinner.

  • Wow. Virginia politicians really suck at comedy.Politics

    I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh or cry. Perhaps I should cry laughing or laugh while crying. Regardless, this report from the Richmond Times-Dispatch about last evening’s correspondents dinner left me, well, wishing I had the time back. So, doing like any good friend would, let me share the pain with you! Check […]