• RedState: WH involved in picking governors?Politics

    A little national politics over on our diary at RedState. Indications are that the White House is having a bit more to do with gubernatorial primary candidates dropping-off than some might think. The White House probably didn’t get as involved in NJ and VA because: 1) It was Corzine running for re-election in NJ and […]

  • Oh, no! He wouldn’t.Catch-All

    Or would he? Rumors are traveling across the intertubz tonight that suggest that President Obama’s State of the Union Address could pre-empt the much anticipated return of ABC’s LOST on February 2. Right now, ABC seems to be sticking with the Groundhog Day premiere. But is the Feburary 2nd premiere date significant? Doc Jensen who […]

  • Live Blog from the 37th State Senate District Candidate ForumPolitics

    Fairfax, Va.–Tonight, the Fairfax Family Forum, an affiliate of the Family Foundation of Virginia hosted a candidate forum for the public to hear from those seeking the 37th State Senate seat. Both Steve Hunt and Dave Marsden are seeking the seat. Hunt will be the only candidate present at the forum, as Marsden did not […]

  • One Gun a month: Be consistentPolicy

    Del. Scott Lingamfelter wants to repeal Virginia’s one gun a month restriction. (Virginian-Pilot) I’m not sure if it will pass, but if it doesn’t I want Constitutional consistency. Newspapers restricted to one editorial per week. Abortions limited to one abortion per decade. Accused criminals should only be allowed one speedy trial. Second offense? Have a […]

  • Suffolk Vice Mayor suggests pink slip for HRT chiefPolicy

    “Any manager who does not fully give his board the proper information sooner or later will get a pink slip.” Suffolk Vice Mayor Curtis Milteer. (Virginian Pilot) More and more elected officials are saying that leadership at HRT must change at the top. $80,000 was apparently stolen. When did the Board find out? After a […]

  • Northrop Grumman relocation is first McDonnell challengePolicy

    Governor Tim Kaine has said of Northrop Grumman relocating to the “Capitol Region”: “This is great news for the region. Northrop Grumman is Virginia’s largest private employer and we look forward to continuing our strong partnership with the company.” Congressman Rob Wittman has said that “the upper part of Virginia’s First Congressional District contains many […]

  • Opaque TransparencyCatch-AllPolicyPolitics

    It’s no laughing matter (despite Nancy Pelosi’s guffaws) that the public wants the health care bill debated publicly as C-SPAN has requested on behalf of Americans. Of course Mr. Obama promised unprecedented transparency in govt if elected to which Pelosi responds, “a lot of promises were made”. The audacity of Democrats to say a health […]

  • Exclusive: Speaker Howell open to any action that will cause Congress to listenPolicy

    Earlier today I had the opportunity to speak with Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates William Howell for about twenty minutes regarding his involvement in calling a potential Constitutional Convention. Howell said that he is very interested in the idea of a convention and has been actively talking about the idea with several national […]

  • Fire boss or no light rail, says Beach CouncilmanPolicy

    Glenn Davis, Virginia Beach City Councilman, launched a resolution that if anyone wants light rail in Virginia Beach, the boss of Hampton Roads Transit’s got to go (Virginian-Pilot has the story and the resolution). Norfolk’s light rail is already 47% over budget, and more and more Beach Council members are voicing displeasure. Davis’ resolution says […]

  • [Updated with interview] Bearing Drift Live! Rigell Campaign Kick-OffPolitics

    [Update 1/6/10] Interview with Scott Rigell:

    Bearing Drift is reporting live from the Scott Rigell campaign kick-off from the Westin in Virginia Beach! [Update 8:35 PM] That’s all from me for now, hope you enjoyed it, look forward to visiting Ben Loyola and Kenny Golden’s campaign kickoffs in the near future as well. [Update […]