• The grown-ups speak on Deeds and Confederate flagPolitics

    The grown-ups speak When you have Bob Holsworth, Vivian Paige, and Bart Hinkle all tell you that you screwed-up, and Larry Sabato sticking to his guns that there is a shake-up at the Deeds campaign, you know that you’re efforts to be cute have failed. Let’s start with Holsworth’s analysis: “Mo Elliethee, newly appointed spokesperson […]

  • McDonnell and Cuccinelli unveil public safety plan; Democrats default to same tired ideas of big governmentPolitics

    Yesterday, Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli announced a comprehensive and very detailed Public Safety plan to ensure that Virginia is “a safer place to work and raise a family.” l The broadbased proposal includes: Requiring a form of intensive lifetime monitoring of violent sexual predators not eligible for civil commitment but who continue to pose […]

  • NLS: If You Can’t Beat ‘EmPolitics

    So which is more offensive — Bill Bolling wearing a sticker of the Stars and Bars, or Ben Tribbett putting his arm around one during the 2008 RPV Convention? Guess it wasn’t so offensive then. I wonder if Ben asked Mr. Goode to remove the sticker or relocate himself to somewhere else in the building? […]

  • Deeds On PrioritiesPolitics

    Today Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds took part in a live interview through the Times Dispatch where he took questions from the public. Yours truely happened to have his question asked first. Look, ma, I’m on virtual TV! For those that don’t want to watch the video, my question was this: During the VBA debate […]

  • VPOD Special: McDonnell disagrees with Deeds on abortion tactics and raising the gas taxPodcastsPolitics

    In this special edition of Virginia Politics On-Demand, I ask Bob McDonnell, GOP candidate for Virginia governor, his thoughts about Deeds sudden introduction of divisive social issues into the campaign and Deeds’ proposal that he will raise gas taxes to fund transportation. “Neither one of [those proposals] seem to be working out very well for […]

  • What We’ve Come To Expect From Virginia’s Biggest Democratic BloggersPolitics

    Lynn Mitchell puts it best when she quotes an old carpentry saying: “Measure twice … cut once.” In other words, be certain before putting saw to wood because there’s no turning back. Yesterday, Ben Tribbett of Not Larry Sabato measured once and then cut clean through his thumb, posting a picture of a Confederate flag […]

  • McDonnell widens lead in Rasmussen pollPolitics

    McDonnell gains three more points and widens his lead in the Rasmussen poll to 9-points. This is a 15-point swing to McDonnell in two months, which we called here on BD two months ago. I wonder how well that anti-abortion, perpetuate lies, “me-too” strategy is working for Deeds? Perhaps you or I should ask him […]

  • RedState and Blue Virginia weigh in on flag flapPolitics

    Erick Erickson of RedState has taken notice of the flag flap…and in a big way. And Blue Virginia recognizes that the Deeds campaign tripped-up too. Erickson debunks the myth that Abbey, Deeds campaign manager, was doing this on his own time… The Deeds campaign rushed out to say Abbey was twittering away during working hours […]

  • ABC not easy as 123Policy

    I’m very glad that McDonnell is in favor of privatizing liquor stores in Virginia and hopefully we can also clean up all the ridiculous drinking laws as well. Here’s a great video that tries to explain some of them:

  • Conservative Punk: Meghan McCain’s Straw ManCatch-All

    This dissection of Miss McCain could describe most dissent within the GOP: In the end, it’s not her beliefs that make Meghan so unattractive as a leading Republican voice, it’s her complete lack of substance. A brief look at the comment section of any one of her Daily Beast articles would tell you that even […]