• VPOD 62: Patrick Muldoon, GOP candidate for LG nominationPodcastsPolitics

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Patrick Muldoon, candidate for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor, introduces us to who he is and why he is running.

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  • Verdict: Virginian-Pilot is insaneCatch-All

    It was bad enough when the Virginian-Pilot printed yet another “unemployment benefits” editorial bashing Bob McDonnell months before they will begin their “non-partisan” discussions about whom to endorse, which looks about as difficult to predict as sunrise.

  • Newt? Really?Policy

    Rep. Eric Cantor (VA-7) desperately wants to create an image that the GOP is full of problem-solvers. Newt Gingrich, with his “American Solutions” organization – remember, the one that kept him from running for president – is one such problem-solver. But Gingrich has been around for a long time…why then is Gingrich considered such a […]

  • Mullins on KainePolitics

    If you’ll recall, last week, Pat Mullins made comments about Gov. Tim Kaine being a part-time governor yet drawing a full-time salary. Later that week, Kaine himself said in the Richmond Times-Dispatch that is was challenging doing both jobs. To which, Mullins has released this statement:

  • Ken Stolle to co-host event with Jeff McWatersPolitics

    Candidate for Virginia Beach sheriff Ken Stolle is hosting an Ice Cream Party on May 27 at the Virginia Aquarium. The event is being co-hosted by Jeff McWaters…who is rumored to be running for Stolle’s senate seat. An early endorsement?

  • Terry McAuliffe Great At Saving BanksPolitics

    Terry McAuliffe’s new ad in his run for the Democratic nomination for Governor tries to paint him as a job creator. Testimonials from the former president and a former executive assistant of Federal City National Bank are supposed to give you warm fuzzies about how much McAuliffe cares about saving jobs of working Virginians. Thing […]

  • All eyes on CaliforniaPolicy

    Is it time for California to become Reagan Country again? 6 ballot initiatives will be decided by voters at the polls today, most of them designed to protect government’s insatiable appetite for spending. Proposition 1F – freeze the pay of elected officials during deficit years. I’m thinking that’ll pass, and I’m thinking that may be […]

  • What’s in a name?Catch-All

    Marc Fisher of the Washington Post offers up another mindless and uninspired post on Raw Fisher about tracking what names are popular for people…and then tying them to the current campaign for governor. In his post, Fisher writes the following: Check out Terry (McAuliffe), a name that peaked in popularity in 1963, in Arizona. Our […]

  • HuffPost: Moran is too tacky for VirginiaPolitics

    Taylor Marsh of Huffington Post takes Brian Moran to task today for his critical ads that claim Terry McAuliffe did not support President Obama after the primary battle between Hillary Clinton and the president. “Tacky. Tacky. Tacky,” says Marsh of Moran’s tactics.

  • Washington Times: Democratic Party “scared” of McDonnellPolitics

    The Washington Times is running an editorial today that takes on Democrats for wildly swinging at Bob McDonnell, and landing nothing, before their primary is even complete, calling Democrats “obviously scared” of Bob McDonnell. “The shell organization, a political action committee called Common Sense Virginia, is spewing poppycock about Mr. McDonnell’s record while skirting state […]