• Replacing RPV chair on Saturday is a mistakePolitics

    This Saturday at the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee meeting the chairmanship will potentially be temporarily handed over to Pat Mullins, Louisa County GOP Chairman, before the actual vote at the state convention on May 30. This is a mistake. Not because Mullins is a bad candidate or will make a bad chairman, […]

  • Wolf gets Props in Weekly StandardPolicy

    Shout out to Congressman Frank Wolf for introducing legislation to create a bi-partisan entitlement reform commission. The Weekly Standard is calling this “real bipartisanship” and “an exercise in government by commission.” Would a commission force our electeds to make tough decisions or help them dodge them? As the WS points out, they aren’t a panacea, […]

  • What does it take to win “Teacher of the Year” in Portsmouth?Policy

    Should we ask the winner, Veronica R. Williams of I.C. Norcom High School? Or should we ask her mother, who by mere coincidence just happens to sit on City Council? Or her Dad, who just happens to be a former Portsmouth Schools administrator? Amazing how these things work out…

  • John Brownlee Supports Unfunded Mandate On Virginia’s Private Businesses (UPDATED)Politics

    UPDATE: Cuccinelli responds to Brownlee below. Today the John Brownlee for Attorney General campaign’s “The Brownlee Report” dictated that Brownlee was leading the fight to curb illegal workers in Virginia.  How’s that? In response to a question regarding illegal aliens and undocumented workers, John Brownlee said he strongly supports “the use of the U.S. government’s […]

  • Bob McDonnell launches real energy strategy

    Bob McDonnell launched his comprehensive energy strategy today on the campus of Old Dominion University, where one of McDonnell’s daughters graduated, focused on creating a Green Dominion for energy independence and economic growth. “Make Virginia the energy capital of America,” a bold statement since 48 states import less electricity than Virginia. Only California is less […]

  • Cuccinelli starts to engage ShannonPolitics

    In an effort to defend himself from Del. Steve Shannon’s recent argument on unemployment benefits, Sen. Ken Cuccinelli wrote the following in his most recent “Cuccinelli Compass”:

  • Pilot Editorial: “Cheap Shot at McDonnell”Politics

    Lately it has been difficult to find much to agree with the Pilot Editorial board, but even they recognize that the national-style slash-and-burn politics that the Democrats are playing here in the Commonwealth is not the Virginia-way: [Robertson's campaign donations to McDonnell] doesn’t give Democrats permission to conduct character assassination by association, particularly when their […]

  • Kilgore robo-calling delegatesPolitics

    Former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore is calling Republican delegates on behalf of John Brownlee. Brownlee is seeking the Republican nomination for Attorney General against State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli and Mr. Paul Foster. Kilgore emphasized Brownlee’s support from the law enforcement community and the need for a unified ticket following the convention. There was the beginning […]

  • Ford commercialCatch-All

    Somehow I missed this ad in 2005, but as the only car company in America to not take a bailout, they still prove they’re true to this American dream:

  • Blogs United progressCatch-All

    No, the organization is not dead. In fact, it’s just starting to get rolling. Here are the details of where we are. There will be a Blogs United 2009.