• Ignoring energy in VirginiaPolicy

    It seems that Chairman Gov. Tim Kaine and his merry band of Democrat obstructionists in the General Assembly and on the campaign trail are quite content to not do a thing regarding energy production in Virginia and for the nation.

  • Brownlee makes his own claims; Foster picks up key ensdorsementPolitics

    Yesterday, State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli claimed victory in delegates pledged in Virginia Beach and Hampton, and also that he won the AG debate sponsored by the Republican National Lawyers Association. Not altogether surprisingly, so does John Brownlee. According to Brownlee’s campaign: Just as at the recent Roanoke-area debate, John Brownlee was the clear winner of […]

  • LaCivita joins the Cuccinelli campaignPolitics

    Many of you know Chris LaCivita as one of the brightest and most tenacious campaigners that the GOP has. He has served on the staff of the Republican Party of Virginia, was a key player in Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a field general for George Allen, and, now, he has surfaced with the Cuccinelli […]

  • Forbes accepts earmark; sinks nearly $1M into swampPolicy

    Under normal circumstances, most folks find Rep. Randy Forbes to be a solid conservative, but in the latest Federal Omnibus bill, Forbes is part of the GOP’s 40% problem.

  • Kaine goes after LimbaughPolitics

    Chairman Kaine, fresh off of passing a budget in Virginia solely because of federal stimulus dollars, has decided to enter into the whole Limbaugh-flap by issuing this statement today: “Today, President Obama and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood unveiled new job-creating infrastructure projects that were made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These projects […]

  • Newspapers surprised we don’t buy themCatch-All

    Newspapers are hurting. Reporters are getting laid off, and whole sections are being downsized or eliminated. Shad Plank laments the days when reporters actually covered the General Assembly in person. Rush Limbaugh at CPAC, as usual, said what needed to be said. Newspapers are a business where the customer is always wrong. “Have you ever […]

  • Cuccinelli claims victory in Chesterfield, Hampton, and Virginia BeachPolitics

    Sen. Ken Cuccinelli announced via email yesterday that his campaign has picked up a majority of delegates filed for the convention in the cities of Chesterfield, Hampton, and Virginia Beach. According to the email, in Virginia Beach: “Of the 438 delegates filed by today, our folks walked in with 192 forms – more than double […]

  • Omeish for DelegatePolitics

    Speaking of voting for the weaker candidate in a Democratic primary, do I have one for you. Anyone remember a dude sporting the moniker Esam Omeish? Governor Kaine appointed him to the Virginia Commission on Immigration in September of 2007. Following a flurry of controversy, he resigned – less than 24 hours later.

  • Another Obama appointee ducked his taxesPolicy

    How many appointees have to be found dodging taxes for it to reflect on the man appointing him? Trade nominee Ron Kirk happened to never report any speaking fees as income, saving himself about $6,000 in taxes. He also deducted $17,000 worth of Dallas Mavericks tickets (Maverick?…now, THAT’S funny) Meanwhile, Obama skates along the hope […]

  • Playing Both SidesPolitics

    During CPAC last week, I was talking with a few folks and one mentioned he was going to vote in the VA Democratic primary this year to help who they thought the weakest candidate against McDonnell was. (I’m sure we all have our opinions) Pondering it afterwards it struck me as a clever and awkward […]