• Hypocritical Democrats can’t meet their own standardPolitics

    I read Democratic blogs for the same reason I like karaoke bars – in a Simon kind of way. Today’s joy was watching a local Dem attack Bob McDonnell and excuse Terry McAuliffe the same weekend for the same thing. “Here’s a problem for Bob McDonnell. Bob may be 4 jobs, but nowhere does he […]

  • UPDATE Mullins Elected Chairman at State Central Meeting Today and Frederick RespondsPolitics

    RPV State Central is meeting today to cover party business and nominate a new temporary chair until one is elected at the convention at the end of this month. SCC member Tucker Watkins is livetweeting the meeting. So far Pat Mullins has been nominated by Kathy Haden Terry and seconded by Gary Byler, who was […]

  • Weekend Virginia: Move detainees from Guantanamo to VA?Podcasts

    On Fred Echols’ “Weekend Virginia“, Waldo and I debate the merits of moving detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Virginia prisons. Waldo makes the case that these prisoners are not dangerous in the U.S. because they are under lock and key…which I agree with. But it’s not those imprisoned who I am concerned about. It’s those […]

  • Souter to retirePolicy

    Supreme Court Justice David Souter will retire at the end of this court’s term says Nina Totenberg of NPR. What’s the likelihood President Barack Obama appoints someone he thinks is liberal but turns out conservative? Yeah…I thought not too.

  • Paper Tiger Targets McDonnellPolitics

    Common Sense Virginia, an organization pretending to care about Virginians, has reported another big contribution from it’s only contributor to date: a whopping $740,000 from the Democratic Governor’s Association.  Absolutely no money has been reported from in state.  Common Sense Virginia is best known for being staffed by out of state professional political staffers and […]

  • Round II: Moran and McAuliffe take the gloves offPolitics

    In this episode of “Trouble in Paradise”, at last evening’s debate amongst those seeking a second place finish in this year’s General Election for governor, Brian Moran questions Terry McAuliffe’s propensity to go after other Democrats, which, I guess, is akin to challenging his manhood. To which McAuliffe challenges Moran to not read off his […]

  • Wagner’s Education PlanPolitics

    Jody Wagner, former Secretary of Finance who over-projected revenues for the latest state budget, and now current candidate vying for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, has released her education proposal. Of note: – Improve the delivery of math and science instruction from an early stage in a child’s education Indeed. (h/t: Vivian Paige)

  • Lies, job killers, unemployment benefits, federal stimulus money, and unfunded mandatesPolicy

    Speaker William Howell (R-Stafford) sums up the unemployment unfunded mandate debate pretty nicely: If the prohibitive provisions of the federal stimulus package that would raise the tax on every job in Virginia were removed, more unemployed workers could receive added assistance during this economic crisis without inhibiting long-term job creation. It is my sincere hope […]

  • Moran and McAuliffe get heated in DanvillePolitics

    Candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe, have an “energetic” exchange on off-shore drilling at a debate recently in Danville, VA. Creigh Deeds takes a step back. If you just can’t get enough of these guys, Riley has video of Deeds going after McAuliffe. What a fun campaign this is […]

  • The on-line race in VirginiaPolitics

    Jose Vargas of the Washington Post writes an account of how each gubernatorial candidate is performning on-line in Virginia. Vargas notes that “there is no visible gap between the two parties in Virginia”, like there may have been in 2008. Tucker Martin, McDonnell spokesman, also recognizes that fundraising is not the key element of having […]