• National Journal’s Bloggers and Political Insiders poll point to Cantor and McDonnell as the futureCatch-All

    In both the political and blogger insder end-of-year polls by the National Journal, Republican Whip Eric Cantor and Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell are both shown to have a bright future for the GOP. According to the Political Insider’s poll, Cantor is seen as the congressman most-admired and comes in 2nd to John Thune as the congressman […]

  • Democrats find a last-second candidate in the 8th DistrictPolitics

    The Washington Post reports that Democrat Bill Flemming, a small business owner in Virginia Beach, is entering the race against Jeff McWaters for state Senate. Apparently the ONLY reason given for Flemming entering the race is because President Obama’s campaign for change wanted the competition. “This is last minute on a shoe string, but there […]

  • Virginian-Pilot changes mind on spendingPolicy

    The Virginian-Pilot editorial board has suddenly found spending it doesn’t like. It wants more taxes for more roads, it wants more taxes for colleges and universities, and I’m sure it would absolutely love to reimpose the full car tax. But when it comes to executing murderers, the Pilot suddenly thinks government is too big and […]

  • (Updated) McDonnell makes appointments; Drake to be Sec. of Transportation?Policy

    *** Update *** Drake says she’s not considering becoming the next Secretary of Transportation. ************ Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell made several political appointments today, including the much anticipated “Jobs Creation Officer” proposed for Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling during the campaign. Bolling is set to become what McDonnell says is “the busiest Lieutenant Governor in America.” Longtime […]

  • 2nd District: Canvass, Convention or PrimaryPolitics

    Similar to the drama in the 5th district, where in a rare move 6 candidates issued a joint press release favoring a method of nomination that the 7th apparently doesn’t, the 2nd district has some drama of its own. The 2nd district has chosen to have a canvass (firehouse primary with multiple locations) nomination, which […]

  • 5th District: Six of Seven Candidates want ConventionPolitics

    Feda Morton, Ken Boyd, Laurence Verga, Michael McPadden, Ron Ferrin, and Jim McKelvey issued this press release today: Six out of seven of the Republican candidates for the nomination for the U. S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 5th Congressional District have notified unit chairs throughout the district that they prefer having that nomination made […]

  • Verga: In VA-5, NRCC Must Stop the Hurt and Do NothingPolitics

    Guest post by Laurence Verga After the absolute debacle that was NY-23, you would think the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) would learn from its mistakes and stop supporting liberal candidates, especially in primaries. Unfortunately they have not. I know this because the NRCC has endorsed my most liberal opponent for the Republican nomination, State […]

  • Senate Democrats falling apartPolicy

    The health care debate may be leading to greater mental health care for Senate Democrats who are falling apart over their health care takeover. Democrat leader Sen. Harry Reid accused Republicans of acting like the Democrats did over slavery and civil rights. “When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who […]

  • Where was THIS John McCain?Policy

    This is the John McCain I wish we saw in 2008.

  • Taylor appears on Fox News regarding SEALsPolicy

    Scott Taylor, former Navy SEAL, led a protest today against the administration and the potential court martial of three Navy SEALs who brought in the mastermind behind the Fallujah massacre: Awww….the poor terrorist got a boo-boo lip. I wonder how our warriors from Pearl Harbor would feel about it? Interesting…Easter Sunday SEALS take out pirates […]