• Omeish for DelegatePolitics

    Speaking of voting for the weaker candidate in a Democratic primary, do I have one for you. Anyone remember a dude sporting the moniker Esam Omeish? Governor Kaine appointed him to the Virginia Commission on Immigration in September of 2007. Following a flurry of controversy, he resigned – less than 24 hours later.

  • Another Obama appointee ducked his taxesPolicy

    How many appointees have to be found dodging taxes for it to reflect on the man appointing him? Trade nominee Ron Kirk happened to never report any speaking fees as income, saving himself about $6,000 in taxes. He also deducted $17,000 worth of Dallas Mavericks tickets (Maverick?…now, THAT’S funny) Meanwhile, Obama skates along the hope […]

  • Playing Both SidesPolitics

    During CPAC last week, I was talking with a few folks and one mentioned he was going to vote in the VA Democratic primary this year to help who they thought the weakest candidate against McDonnell was. (I’m sure we all have our opinions) Pondering it afterwards it struck me as a clever and awkward […]

  • SNOMG! Open ThreadCatch-All

    Virginia’s pretty well covered. How are things where you are? You can keep an eye on power outages here:

  • Kaine completes America’s Socialist transition

    “So if anybody wonders whether the stimulus package mattered, whether the recovery package mattered, 7,100 people are going to have jobs with state government…” Tim Kaine (Virginian-Pilot) That’s the Democrats’ idea of economic stimulus? Government jobs?

  • Overseeing the OverseersPolicy

    What a difference being a minority makes. This year the speeches at CPAC were generally on target and it was refreshing not having to listen to a lot of Neocon saber rattling, McCain amnesty, and “compassionate” conservatism. One man who did not change his message with the political winds is of course Dr. Ron Paul. […]

  • Budget deal reached by confereesPolicy

    Del. Phil Hamilton is reporting via his Facebook page that the House and Senate conferees have agreed to a budget: Budget Deal Reached Share Today at 4:56pm Budget Deal Reached Hamilton Proud of House Conferees RICHMOND, VA (2/28/2009) As the clock approached the midnight hour Friday night, Delegate Phillip Hamilton (R-Newport News) and the other […]

  • Weekend Weirdness: “Beverly Hillbillies”Catch-All

    Sometimes we get a bit too serious around here:

  • Important ruling regarding blogging from MarylandCatch-All

    Teacherken from Blue Commonwealth has the details. He says: What is important is that it offers some degree of protection for those operating web sites who allow anonymous posting, and further allows those who choose to post under pseudonyms to protect their identities now have some legal protections. Find out more regarding the decision at […]

  • Obenshain endorses Cuccinelli for AGPolitics

    Sen. Mark Obenshain, who was once rumored to be an attorney general candidate early in this process, has endorsed his colleague, Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, for the job: I have endorsed Ken in his race for Attorney General because he is the right candidate – at the right time – for Virginia and our Republican Party. […]