• Cantor talks stimulus in this week’s GOP radio addressPolicy

    House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) provides the weekly radio address for the GOP today on the subject of economic stimulus and job creation – including discussing the GOP alternative: Couple of key takeaways from this address is that the GOP is definitely looking for the stimulus money to be returned to the taxpayers and […]

  • July 25 debate to be available on-linePolitics

    The new “Virginia Talks” has teamed up with the Virginia Bar Association to be the only media outlet to stream the gubernatorial debate from the Homestead Saturday, July 25, 11 a.m. According to the site: In addition to watching the debate in its entirety, viewers will be able to join a simultaneous, online discussion and […]

  • Multiple ChoicePolicy

    I received an email from my always concerned Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA-8) asking his constituents on how to reform healthcare. As open minded as he is, he has offered us a multiple choice survey with diverse options (we even get to choose multiple of the multiple choices): Create a public health insurance option that competes […]

  • Arab festival in Dearborn turns hostilePolicy

    Welcome to the new America, where Islamic influences are now allowed to intimidate and assault those just wanting to ask a question:

  • Nye’s office clarifies climate change vote and lettersPolicy

    Rep. Glenn Nye’s office made a statement to BD today regarding his vote against the climate change bill, which seemed contrary to his letter to a constituent that appeared to support the same bill: “Congressman Nye has been entirely consistent all along – and while the letters emphasize different points, they do not contradict one […]

  • NRCC launches Nye “Waffles” adPolitics

    The National Republican Congressional Committee launched this commercial for Glenn Nye’s waffling on cap and trade energy taxes, continuing on the Nye v. Nye meme. “As insulting as the congressman’s double-talk is, we are nevertheless looking forward to a great debate between Glenn Nye and Glenn Nye – coming soon to a Waffle House near […]

  • “Insiders” National Journal Poll: “Cap and Tax” and StimulusPolicy

    This week, the National Journal “insiders” and “bloggers” polls focused on the climate change bill and whether or not we need further economic stimulus measures. The Insiders show that there will not be any more stimulus measures in the near term, but if there were, Democrats support government spending and Republicans tax cuts. No surprise […]

  • More Kaine travel storiesCatch-All

    Yesterday, the Washington Post connected on Gov. Tim Kaine (D))with a direct uppercut regarding his travels across the country as DNC Chair all the while purporting to be our governor – breaking yet another pledge (taxes, transportation, etc.): Timothy M. Kaine said he has been spending a day and a half of each workweek handling […]

  • A real jobs plan, not a centrally-controlled onePolitics

    From what I can tell of the jobs plan released by Bob McDonnell yesterday, it seems to be one which uses government to invite private enterprise and increased investment into Virginia, including incentives to create jobs in rural and distressed areas of the state. Creigh Deeds jobs plan: build roads and schools. Key difference – […]

  • Jody Wagner still can’t countPolitics

    Democrat candidate Jody Wagner is still having math trouble. In her latest campaign statements, she’s unsure whether she’s visiting six counties or seven. First she got the state revenue estimates so wrong, the state budget was thrown into a tailspin. Now she can’t seem to figure out if she’s reading a list of 6 counties […]