• Amundson to retire; advantage McConvillePolitics

    Jay McConville just got a gift. Del. Kris Amundson, a leader in the Democratic Party of Virginia, had decided that it is time to leave office after two decades of public service. McConville was challenging Amundson for her seat in the House of Delegates and now will face Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Scott Surovell.

  • FTC seeks to regulate blogs

    Blogs have often been associated with the “Wild West” – a domain where anything goes and almost anything can be said. But according to a report by the Washington Post, those days may be numbered: the Federal Trade Commission is about to weigh-in heavily in the Federal government’s first foray into monitoring what bloggers “say […]

  • Unequal time: Wittman on healthcarePolicy

    ABC refuses to allow Republicans to buy air-time from ABC tonight to counter the president’s one-hour healthcare info-mercial. At least you can get one-minute from Rep. Rob Wittman here on BD:

  • Nuke-Hungry Madmen? Naaah. Lead with the Cheating Politician.Policy

    This post is for the news editors of ABC, NBC, and CBS, all of whom lead the evening’s “news” broadcast with Gov. Sanford’s infidelity, instead of the apparent Tiananmen-style killing that is happening in Iran right now. Please, oh please, editors, spare us any lectures on why you are better because you are professionals. You […]

  • Waxman-Markey: a colossal mistake for Virginia and beyondPolicy

    Higher fuel prices. Advantages to foreign energy producers. Price discrimination amongst energy producers. A lower gross domestic product. Everything a conservative should hate about government intervention in an industry is exhibited in the Waxman-Markey energy bill that is up for debate and vote later this week in Congress. The reality is that once again the […]

  • Well-funded gubernatorial campaignsPolitics

    Joe Abbey, Creigh Deeds’ campaign manager, issued a statement today, imploring donors to give another $100K to the Deeds campaign by Jun. 30. Using the same old tired rhetoric about McDonnell’s “extreme social and economic agenda” (you mean the one that wants to create jobs, stimulate the economy, and keep taxes low?), Abbey also lays […]

  • Whining NY Democrats lock Senate doorsPolicy

    New York Senate Democrats, unhappy to suddenly be out of power, entered the Senate chamber and locked out the Republicans.(NY Times) Aren’t Democrats sweet, positive, bipartisan and everything nice? “they refuse to enter into an operating agreement,” Senator Eric T. Schneiderman, a Democrat How’s this for an operating agreement. Stop whining and deal with the […]

  • Are Norfolk’s schools that great?Catch-All

    Or is it time to consider the Norfolk School Board something other that playthings of the City Council by electing the School Board. In Norfolk, the School Board is appointed, which means if you do anything that ruffles a Council member, you’re out. Norfolk School Board member Billy Cook is an Army officer who was […]

  • So, what does it mean to be conservative anyway?Policy

    As we go forward with the debate between who should be the next governor and who should have control of the House of Delegates, I thought it might be constructive to look at the words of Edmund Burke, arguably the savior of conservatism in the late 18th century, as Europe was embroiled in revolutionary fervor.

  • Health care and pollsPolicy

    Vivian Paige asks a good question. With polls showing 72% support for Government-run health care currently, why aren’t they pushing it yet? “With the country firmly behind it, what is the hold up?” she asks. Maybe it’s these answers to poll questions. “Government should be responsible for providing medical care for people who are unable […]