• Forbes’ “New Manhattan” amendment clears committeePolicy

    Rep. J. Randy Forbes, R-Chesapeake, has the lone Republican amendment to the Democrats’ Energy Tax Bill, which is being considered today. Out of 200 submitted, his amendment was the only one to clear the Rules Committee. It will be considered today by the full House, effectively as the GOP alternative. Should the amendment pass, it […]

  • Weekend Virginia: Transportation SolutionsPodcasts

    Waldoand I talk transportation on Fred Echols’ Weekend Virginia.

    Also be sure to listen to this weekend’s show at Radio IQ Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. where we discuss Bob McDonnell and the “no tax” pledge.

  • Cap and Tax: the Democrats #1 PriorityPolicy

    First, check out the video: Second, as an alternative, Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-VA04) continues to advocate for the New Manhattan Project and is introducing the bill again. The bill: Calls on the United States to reach 50% energy independence in 10 years and 100% in 20 years, and will award competitive prizes to the […]

  • Jody Wagner defends Kaine’s billion-dollar tax increasePolitics

    Jody Wagner’s latest email blast attacks Bill Bolling for opposing Tim Kaine’s transportation proposal. “For the past four years, he’s put ideology ahead of governing, trying to lead the charge against Governor Kaine on everything from transportation funding…” Remember Kaine’s transportation funding bill? a billion dollar tax increase that lost in the House 98-0 and […]

  • Stacked Panel for Governor’s DebatePolitics

    The panelists have been announced for a proposed televised debate between Bob McDonnell, able and virtuous leader running to turn the Virginia economy around, and Creigh Deeds, massive tax and spender who one year ago today voted to enact regional sales and gas taxes on Hampton Roads and adding state tax increases on top of […]

  • Amundson to retire; advantage McConvillePolitics

    Jay McConville just got a gift. Del. Kris Amundson, a leader in the Democratic Party of Virginia, had decided that it is time to leave office after two decades of public service. McConville was challenging Amundson for her seat in the House of Delegates and now will face Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Scott Surovell.

  • FTC seeks to regulate blogs

    Blogs have often been associated with the “Wild West” – a domain where anything goes and almost anything can be said. But according to a report by the Washington Post, those days may be numbered: the Federal Trade Commission is about to weigh-in heavily in the Federal government’s first foray into monitoring what bloggers “say […]

  • Unequal time: Wittman on healthcarePolicy

    ABC refuses to allow Republicans to buy air-time from ABC tonight to counter the president’s one-hour healthcare info-mercial. At least you can get one-minute from Rep. Rob Wittman here on BD:

  • Nuke-Hungry Madmen? Naaah. Lead with the Cheating Politician.Policy

    This post is for the news editors of ABC, NBC, and CBS, all of whom lead the evening’s “news” broadcast with Gov. Sanford’s infidelity, instead of the apparent Tiananmen-style killing that is happening in Iran right now. Please, oh please, editors, spare us any lectures on why you are better because you are professionals. You […]

  • Waxman-Markey: a colossal mistake for Virginia and beyondPolicy

    Higher fuel prices. Advantages to foreign energy producers. Price discrimination amongst energy producers. A lower gross domestic product. Everything a conservative should hate about government intervention in an industry is exhibited in the Waxman-Markey energy bill that is up for debate and vote later this week in Congress. The reality is that once again the […]