• Wittman and Goodlatte on Health CarePolicy

    From Congressman Rob Wittman (who will be this week’s guest on the podcast): ‚ÄúDuring a month spent traveling across the First Congressional District as well as addressing three public town halls, I heard a continued call from my constituents to make reforms to our current healthcare system. However, this does not mean that they invite […]

  • Deeds: “No Special Rights for Gays”Politics

    Since we seem to be having fun this campaign cycle using the “way-back machine” to examine a paper Bob McDonnell wrote twenty years ago, TWS decided to take a short trip back only ten. On Oct. 29, 1999, Bath County Recorder, Deeds wrote in a full-page ad: NO SPECIAL RIGHTS FOR GAYS I don’t believe […]

  • Will Nye star with Obama in Clinton 2?Policy

    Obama’s budget resolution passed 233-196. Cap and Tax legislation trying to stop global warming while I’m trying on fall coats passed by a slimmer 219-212. Pelosi can only lose 38 Democrats. She’s already lost 23, and Congressman Glenn Nye won’t say what he’ll do. Perhaps he hasn’t been told yet. It’s not like he had […]

  • McDonnell opposes Kaine’s cuts to educationPolicy

    Because Virginia faces a $1.35 billion budget shortfall in FY2010, which brings the total deficit to $7 billion over the course of the 2008-2010 biennium budget, the Kaine administration made several recommendations yesterday to bring the budget into balance. As these are all adjustments to the General Fund, if you follow Creigh Deeds’ and the […]

  • RPV: PSA for DeedsMultimediaPolitics

    “Senator Deeds, these are your friends. Pretending not to know them won’t make them go away. (Just trust us on this one…)”

  • Mathieson negative at Labor Day – must be desperatePolitics

    What word would you use to describe a candidate who sends out a negative mail piece about an opponent before Labor Day? I’d say “desperate”. And why? Well, if you are a first-term incumbent representing an area that routinely votes for the opposition party, facing a popular challenger, did very little of note during your […]

  • What Obama should sayPolicy

    If Obama, in his noontime speech to schoolchildren across America today, said this, he’d improve public education by leaps and bounds and may also just save his Presidency. He should click this and read (Link)

  • Permanent legislature in Richmond?Policy

    We podcasted about it. Jim (21:35) “We have a citizen legislature which requires our public servants to have second careers…and so, Phil Hamilton, with his background in education, one would only presume that he would be affiliated with higher education, like ODU.” Waldo continued the discussion on Weekend Virginia and spilled it over onto his […]

  • What will Webb and Warner do on cap-and-tax?Policy

    The Senate has had since June to think about the Waxman-Markey “National Energy Tax” bill and will soon have to vote on the measure as they reconvene this week. In Virginia, Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner have certainly heard from constituents who oppose the bill. On Thursday, activists gathered in Richmond and Virginians all […]