• McDonnell, Bolling and Mullins choose politics over principlePolicy

    This. Is. B.S. “Elected officials must keep the highest ethical standards in order to maintain the public trust. From what I have seen of published news accounts containing emails and admissions, it appears that Delegate Hamilton has violated the public trust. Based on this public information it would be in the best interests of his […]

  • House to launch Hamilton investigationPolicy

    Speaker of the House William Howell (R-Stafford) announced today that there will be an inquiry into the conduct of Del. Phil Hamilton (R-Newport News) by the House Ethics Advisory Panel over potential conflict of interest violations. Hamilton was working on legislation regarding the creation and state funding of a teaching center at ODU while also […]

  • Popcorn is full of hot air tooPolitics

    I gave up on the Jody Wagner campaign when it issued an official campaign announcement that Jody’s popcorn is “Yum-O” Maybe this is the official campaign website. I clicked on “Fabulous Fudge” and expected to find Wagner’s budget projections. If they had a section for “nuts,” I’d likely find her latest attack on Bolling. He […]

  • VPOD 72: Inglourious Basterds, Vick, Hamilton, and the Pre-Season!MultimediaPodcasts

    In this edition of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Jim Hoeft and Kenney the Younger discuss the new Tarantino flick, the return of Michael Vick (and the exclusive scoop gathered by our own Brian Kirwin), the details surrounding the Hamilton situation, and who’s in the basement more — the Washington Nationals or Creigh Deeds?

    Drop me […]

  • Disagree with Liberals – Go out of businessPolicy

    Have an opinion different than Obama about health care? The left wants you out of work. “Here’s a thought,” added Beutler (of TPM DC). “If you own a major supermarket chain that caters to a great deal of liberal-minded people with money, don’t rail against the evils of health care reform in The Wall Street […]

  • Losing ControlPolicy

    The healthcare debate rages on and thank goodness for the Blue Dogs showing some restraint but who knows how long that will last. Outside of cost there are many other concerns surrounding healthcare. Privacy – much like the ill-conceived REAL ID proposals from the Bush Administration, govt-run healthcare at some point will need to have […]

  • My thoughts on Delegates who get jobs from offices they fundPolitics

    She shouldn’t do it. Read more. “McCabe said he had not advertised the position but had talked in the past with Miller about the post, which has been open for at least a year.” “How do you not pick up somebody like Paula Miller?” McCabe asked.

  • Creigh “Mondale” Deeds in troublePolitics

    I don’t know what made me laugh the most. When he criticized Bob McDonnell for voting against tax increases. (It’s Creigh Mondale! Did Deeds’ speechwriter think that would be a cheer line? I can hear the slogan now – “Don’t vote for McDonnell. He won’t raise your taxes.” ) When he said he’d create a […]

  • Washington Post Concerned by Excessive Transparency and Pervasive Civility in Virginia CampaignsPolitics

    The sheer pointlessness of yesterday’s Washington Post article about Virginia’s campaign finance laws is astounding. When I first read the article, I actually thought it was from The Onion or something. Sadly, this fluffernutter appears to have been a serious attempt at journalism.

  • Jay Cost is BrilliantPolicy

    For anyone who regularly reads the Horserace Blog at, this headline isn’t news to you. Any political junkie who hasn’t found Cost’s blog is missing out on our generation’s version of Michael Barone. Even better, Cost is a graduate of the University of Virginia. While Cost has long ranked as one of my favorite […]