• Shannon Can’t Get A Bill Passed, Blames CuccinelliPolitics

    Democratic Attorney General nominee Steve Shannon has finally responded to Ken Cuccinelli’s call for special session and wonders why Ken Cuccinelli couldn’t support a bill that didn’t even get out of a House subcommittee. Shannon asks why Cuccinelli did not support Shannon’s HB 3086 in 2007. Problem is, HB 3086 died in the Criminal Law […]

  • Slow News Day, CQ Politics?Politics

    So Afghanistan’s great, we are all looking forward to getting health care just like they have in Great Britain, there aren’t any interesting hearings happening on Capitol Hill, etc., but CQPolitics has pixels to burn, so they come up with this: Two House Republicans’ Activity May Indicate Ambitions for 2012. Those congressmen would be Mike […]

  • AG race, healthcare and energyPolitics

    Some good reads today on the AG race, healthcare, and energy. First, Julian Walker of the Virginian-Pilot notes that, yes, there is life in the attorney general’s campaign, noting that this past week Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R) challenged Del. Steve Shannon (D) to twelve debates and made some noise about a recent SCOTUS decision regarding […]

  • Light Rail Public HearingsCatch-All

    Ok, technically it’s the Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study public hearings, but if you want to get your views known on the transit opportunities of the Norfolk-Southern right-of-way, I urge you to attend one of these hearings: September 9, from 6-8 p.m., at Princess Anne High School, 4400 Virginia Beach Boulevard. September 10, from 6-8 […]

  • Wolf: “Holder is a jerk”Policy

    Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) has had just about enough.

  • The taxpayer as a pay-day lenderPolicy

    It seems the state government is now getting into the pay-day lending business.

  • Arrested illegal aliens get Obama coddlePolicy

    Good news! If you’re an illegal alien and you get arrested, the Obama administration just made it tougher for you to be deported. Janet Napolitano, Obama’s head of Homeland Security who was famous for appearing more worried about conservative Americans than Islamic terrorists, announced Friday localities under the 287 (g) program that roll back the […]

  • Deeds Starts To Be Shown The MoneyPolitics

    Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds’s campaign announed today that he has raised $3. million from May 28th through June 30th. $500,000 of that came from the Democratic Governor’s Association (the same organization behind the carpetbagging paper tiger Common Sense Virginia – which got awfully quiet once the Democratic primary was over) and another $600,000 came […]

  • Ask Sotomayor about Paul Warner PowellPolicy

    The US Supreme Court just stayed the Virginia execution of an admitted and convicted rapist/murderer who attacked two teen girls Stacie Reed, 16, had been stabbed through the heart. After Stacie was stabbed, she said, he stepped on her throat, pressing his weight upon her. After killing Stacie, he got an iced tea and sat […]