• Wittman swears off earmarksPolicy

    Congressman Rob Wittman (R-VA01) has decided that he will no longer consider submitting earmarks, says Virginia Virtucon. Under his new policy which went into effect in December, the only earmarks that he will request will be for national defense and he must first receive a request from the federal agency seeking it before he will […]

  • Forbes: Soft Sand (Forbes proposes cutting spending by 10% each year through 2015)Policy

    Guest post by Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-VA04) If you haven’t personally experienced the situation yourself, you have surely witnessed it at the beach or perhaps in the middle of a snow storm – those people who think their truck or SUV certainly must have more than enough gusto to make it through that batch […]

  • Hoyer admits Dems have not been successful at creating jobsPolicy

    And then there’s this exchange between Republican Whip Eric Cantor and the majority leader about removing uncertainty from small businesses regarding the death tax, cap and trade, among others: Regardless of who is to blame or not to blame, the mere fact that national Democrats are contemplating higher taxes is a no win situation in […]

  • That’s one big darn IFPolitics

    Michael Barone in The Washington Examiner: If Republicans run as strongly as Brown, only 103 House Dems are safe. Let’s extrapolate those numbers to the nation as a whole and assume that a district that voted 64% or more for Obama is safe for Democrats even under the most dire of circumstances. How many such […]

  • So, it’s really not about women’s health?Policy

    Planned Parenthood has sent out an email alert urging their supporters to lobby against the passage of House Bill 393, introduced by Delegate Matthew Lohr of Harrisonburg. Planned Parenthood says: This bill is a thinly disguised attempt to impose burdensome and unnecessary regulations on abortion providers so that the provision of services would become prohibitively […]

  • March for Life 2010Policy

    Today marked the 37th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that, together with its companion case, forced abortion-on-demand on this country. This past year, 52 million legal abortions later, more Americans now identify themselves as “pro-life” than “pro-choice” (for the first time since Gallup started polling on this question). When the Supreme […]

  • Take Us To Our LeaderPolitics

    A very interesting piece in the National Journal today by Bill Schneider starts off with this bold statement: Republicans don’t have a 2010 problem. They have a 2012 problem. He couldn’t be more right. 2010 is shaping up to be a great year for the GOP. But as I wrote the other day, Republicans must […]

  • VPOD 88: Post-forum interviews with 2nd District GOP candidatesPodcasts

    After last evening’s forum sponsored by the Eastern Shore GOP, Scott Rigell, Ben Loyola, Scott Taylor, Ken Golden, and Bert Mizusawa took a few minutes each to answer some additional questions about the debate, their opponents, and other issues.

    Drop me an email at with your thoughts and comments on the show. To […]

  • Rigell, Loyola and Taylor announce endorsementsPolitics

    Scott Rigell, Ben Loyola, and Scott Taylor all picked up endorsements this week, which each candidate touted in press releases…. Loyola – Major General Tommy Thompson and Paul Galanti. Thompson retired from the Virginia Army National Guard after 36 years of service and Galanti flew 97 combat missions in his A-4C Skyhawk before being shot […]

  • It’s unanimous: Kaine can keep his tax hikesPolicy

    Gov. Tim Kaine tried twice to get huge tax hikes into his proposed budgets, and twice, nearly the full House of Delegates rejected him. In both 2008 and 2010, not a single delegate voted for either of Kaine’s tax bills. Most recently, Kaine was proposing a 1% increase in the income tax rate from 5.75% […]