• McDonnell On FrederickPolitics

    Pilot Online is reporting that Republican nominee for Governor Bob McDonnell ensorsed the efforts to remove Jeff Frederick as Chairman of the RPV: “It is clear to me, after hearing from Republican leaders across the state, that as we move forward with our campaign, as well as the other statewide and House of Delegates races, […]

  • Frederick not to resignPolitics

    Jeff Frederick is not planning on resigning before an April 3 meeting of the RPV, says Jim Riley at Virginia Virtucon. According to Riley, an active campaign within the RPV State Central Committee is being waged between those who want Frederick removed and those desiring that he stay, which includes House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith. […]

  • Who is leading the GOP?Catch-All

    Byron York, David Frum, and David Keene appear on today’s Diane Rehm show regarding leadership challenges in the GOP. The question posed from Rehm is who is going to be the chief spokesman and de facto leader of the GOP? Steele? Limbaugh? According to York, “Republicans are now in the wilderness.” You can listen to […]

  • Norfolk teachers should apologize!Catch-All

    In an age of international terrorism, war, gang violence and school shootings, it is an absolute outrage that members of the Norfolk Federation of Teachers protested budget cuts by carrying a CASKET!! It’s a budget cut. A national recession means government revenues are down. Protesting a lack of raises and some job losses, most of […]

  • Speaking of RPV chairs…Catch-All

    …Kate Obenshain will be on Fox’s “Hannity” tonight at 9 p.m. She will be discussing Democrats and their defense of earmarks, the market’s free-fall, today’s health-care meeting, and Rihanna and Chris Brown.

  • This Bid’s for youPolicy

    President Obama is attempting to reform how Defense contracts are granted by greatly reducing no-bid contracts and opening up the process to more small businesses. No doubt there are several abuses of no-bid contracts by large companies, especially those in war zones who are simply not performing the work requested. But there is a reality […]

  • Shake up in AG race…if Frederick does step downPolitics

    Should Jeff Frederick resign as party chair, perhaps the biggest second-order effect will be in the Virginia GOP attorney general race. As Jim Riley speculated, Tom Davis might become the next party chair. If that were to happen, clearly Dave Foster, whom Davis just endorsed, would become a major player in the race.

  • Jeff Frederick being pressured to resign as RPV chair

    Several independent Republican sources confirm to Bearing Drift that members of the executive committee of the Republican Party of Virginia have approached Chairman Jeff Frederick to resign within 30 days. Frederick, who has been much maligned recently because of his “mis-tweet” regarding power sharing in the State Senate and his comments regarding Charles Darwin, faces […]

  • Democrat’s plan for education – Freeing felons and raising taxesPolitics

    Give a close read to Democrat candidate Pat Edmonson’s education plan. After scrolling through her pages of fully funding Pre-K, hiring lots more teachers, free community college for every Virginia student, and tuition forgiveness for teachers, i read these doozies. Reducing the amount of jail time for non violent offenders can save 30 percent, yielding […]

  • Ignoring energy in VirginiaPolicy

    It seems that Chairman Gov. Tim Kaine and his merry band of Democrat obstructionists in the General Assembly and on the campaign trail are quite content to not do a thing regarding energy production in Virginia and for the nation.