• McWaters takes a shot at McDonnell’s teamPolitics

    Listening to my friend JP Godsey’s radio show on 670 AM and my jaw hit the floor. Jeff McWaters just mentioned that he was regional coordinator for Bob McDonnell, but he was the statewide head Finance person for Jerry Kilgore, and McWaters said ‘We raised 23 million dollars (for Kilgore). I don’t know how much […]

  • Webb – in his present form – is right on the national energy taxPolicy

    Politico is reporting that U.S. Senator Jim Webb does not favor the current Kerry-Boxer cap-and-trade bill being drafted in the Senate. “In its present form I would not vote for it,” he said. “I have some real questions about the real complexities on cap and trade.” Instead, Webb is working with Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander […]

  • VPOD 83: Jeff McWaters and Bob McDonnell victory speechPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, we recap this week’s news, including Hamilton’s resignation and Mathieson’s potential congressional run. We also hear from a triumphant, yet realistic, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell, as he returns home to a victory celebration in Virginia Beach. Finally, Jeff McWaters, candidate seeking the GOP nomination for Virginia’s 8th Senate Seat, […]

  • Norfolk to double referendom signature requirementsPolicy

    Vivian Paige caught Norfolk’s City Council trying to double the signatures required for citizens to put a referendum on the ballot. Currently, you need at least 4,000. The public hearing to change that minimum to 8,000 is Tuesday. Nice, huh? That’s almost the entire voting population of Norfolk in the last municipal election. Someone in […]

  • Phil Hamilton Resigns!Politics

    Effective November 15th, Del. Phil Hamilton has resigned from the House of Delegates. Hamilton lost his effort for re-election a few weeks ago to Robin Abbott, but continued to be investigated by a House committee and a federal grand jury. My information is that since Hamilton is now no longer a House member, the House […]

  • Nye targeted by left-leaning groupsPolitics

    The “Mathieson for Congress” idea seems to have some validity when you check out a new Google ad from There are at least some who seem that they would like to see Nye face a primary challenge.

  • What the VBTA didn’t ask Jeff McWatersPolitics

    The Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance was born out of the effort to fight the 2002 sales tax referendum. Saturday, the VBTA hosted a candidate forum, which was covered here. The campaign to raises taxes was called the YES Campaign. You would think someone in the VBTA would’ve asked Jeff McWaters why he gave $10,000 to […]

  • The Federalist #7: Concerning Dangers from Dissensions Between the States (continued)Catch-All

    Independent Journal Thursday, November 15, 1787 [Alexander Hamilton] To the People of the State of New York: IT IS sometimes asked, with an air of seeming triumph, what inducements could the States have, if disunited, to make war upon each other? It would be a full answer to this question to say — precisely the […]

  • Mathieson for Congress?Politics

    That was the organization name given to the City of Virginia Beach in a Freedom of Information Act request this week, according to multiple trusted sources. That begs the question. Either the FOIA request was supposed to be for Mathieson for Delegate and someone spelled Delegate “C-o-n-g-r-e-s-s” by mistake, or Glenn Nye has a primary […]

  • (Updated) Dates set for special Senate primaries; “Debate” held in the 8th todayPolitics

    The dates to select the GOP nominees in the 8th and 37th Senate Districts have been set. In the 37th, Marianne Honrniko, Will Nance and Steve Hunt have until Dec. 1 to convince Republicans that they’re the best candidate to succeed Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. The primary will be held at the Centreville High School […]