• Be Kind to AnimalsCatch-All

    This is Be Kind to Animals Week (May 3-9), sponsored by American Humane. To hear some leftists tell it, Republicans will celebrate by kicking a puppy while Democrats will adopt a stray. But reality is a little different. The fact is, the loudest apologists for animal welfare tend to euthanize the greatest percentage of pets […]

  • Norfolk Democrats not keen on democracyPolitics

    When all 5 constitutional officers are Democrats, it’s funny how undemocratic the Norfolk Democratic Party is about allowing people to compete for a nomination. First, you hold a caucus (not a primary…that always makes me giggle about Democrats) and then you advertise it on your website. Second, you charge an exorbitant filing fee of $5,000, […]

  • Obama, Netanyahu and the PastCatch-All

    Both Israel and the United States have inagurated new leaders over the past few months. Both of these leaders face monumental challenges, much like two figures from the past. Benjamin Netanyahu is much like Winston Churchhill. He is the Prime Minister of a small but powerful country. He is a conservative presiding over a coalition […]

  • Offshore Technology Conference: Halliburton visitPolicy

    Halliburton, a global leader in deepwater oil drilling projects, hosted the new media today for a tour of their Edgar Ortiz Real Time Center located high above the city of Houston. Here’s the center in a nutshell – data from the oil rigs all over the world comes instantly into various display environments where government, […]

  • to Campaign with McAuliffePolitics

    So, is Terry McAuliffe’s favorite work of “My Humps” or “Let’s Get Retarded”?? I guess we’ll all find out as T-Mac gets all jiggy with in Portsmouth, Hampton, Richmond and Arlington. For some reason, southwest Virginia doesn’t seem to have made the tour schedule.

  • Jeff Frederick To Not Run For RPV ChairmanPolitics

    Jeff Frederick annoucned today that he would not be running for RPV Chairman at the convention later this month.  This comes after his removal in early April by the State Central Committee that this past weekend chose Pat Mullins as temporary chair until the convention at the end of May. Ryan Nobles of NBC12 reports […]

  • Offshore Technology Conference: Meeting the Energy ChallengePolicy

    After winding our way through Houston, the huge Reliant Center, and then getting our credentials, we’re here getting ready for the first session. Also here at the session are Jim Hoft (heh) from Gateway Pundit, Alan Stuart Carl from Donklephant, McQ from Q and O, Kevin Holtsberry from RedState, Joy McCann of Little Miss Attilla, […]

  • Jack Kemp and Ronald ReaganPolicy

    Jack Kemp, a true big tent Ronald Reagan fiscal conservative, left us richer for his involvement in public policy. Spend 45 minutes for this fantastic speech on Reagan, his policies and what it all meant to America. Jack Kemp – we wish we had many more like you.

  • In Houston learning about offshore drillingPolicy

    Well, in a much under-promoted and quiet way, I have arrived in Houston, TX. Frankly, I was expecting a band or something more grandiose, but, perhaps, that awaits me at the hotel. So, what the heck am I doing in Texas? Apparently my postings on offshore drilling and the necessity for it to happen in […]

  • Feed a frenzy, starve the fluPolicy

    Pandemic. Nightmare. Beware. The hype surrounding the swine flu keeps getting worse and has probably surpassed any story relating to Pamela Anderson. Having flown through a number of airports over the last week, I wasn’t harassed by TSA but I couldn’t avoid the news screens constantly berating us with the latest outbreak statistics and medical […]