• President announces new health-care solution during bi-partisan summitPolicy

    In a shocking move that has shifted the debate over sweeping health-care reform in a new and unexpected direction, Mr Obama announced a plan that would reduce the deficit and extend coverage to all people in the United States, regardless of their citizenship status. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were […]

  • Cantor runs afoul of Obama at Healthcare SummitPolicy

    Apparently President Barack Obama didn’t appreciate Republican Whip Eric Cantor (Virginia) bringing a copy of the Senate’s healthcare bill to today’s healthcare summit as reference material. Geez, Eric, why on earth would you want to actually bring the thing you’re supposed to be discussing to the meeting? I bet you used to bring your books […]

  • Internet sales tax proposal dies in House Finance subcommitteePolicy

    The Virginia House of Delegates subcommittee on Finance voted down SB660 – a bill which required internet retailers to collect 5% Virginia sales tax for certain online purchases. Subcommittee Chair, Delegate Tim Hugo (VA-40) stated that had the bill passed, up to 5,200 small internet retailers in Virginia could have been put out of business. […]

  • Scholarships are slavery?Policy

    Would you equate slavery with a program of tax credits for contributions to scholarship programs? No? Then you’re sane. Yes? Then you’re Sen. Yvonne Miller, who thinks that giving students the ability to go to a school better than her Norfolk schools, which can’t seem to take a test without “irregularities” (we used to call […]

  • Light Rail, Shucet and proactive transparencyPolicy

    Several bloggers and I met with new chief of Hampton Roads Transit Phil Shucet and my first impression was definitely one of flux. Still evident is the strain of transition from the leadership of Mike Townes (who still is making a pretty buck doing whatever he’s still doing at HRT. We didn’t see him at […]

  • Golden announces his legislative prioritiesPolitics

    Ken Golden, candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2nd Congressional District, released earlier this week his legislative priorities, should he receive the nomination and be elected to Congress. Balanced Budget Amendment – Amends the Constitution to require Congress and the President to balance expenditures and revenues for each fiscal year. One Issue, One Bill […]

  • Arlington GOP Endorses ChangePolicyPolitics

    After months of discussion and debate, the Arlington County Republican Committee decided last night by a vote of 40-12 to join forces with the Arlington Country Police, Firefighters and Paramedics Unions to endorse a petition to change the Arlington style government to shift more responsibility from an unelected County Manager position to elected Country Board […]

  • McDonnell signs first billPolicy

    First law signed by governor restricts rate increases Richmond Times-Dispatch Gov. Bob McDonnell signed into law this morning a bill that strikes down an interim rate increase for customers of Appalachian Power Co. The legislation, the first signed by McDonnell, immediately reduces the cost of electricity to Apco customers by about 12 percent, the governor’s […]

  • Don’t make me moderate comments

    Please don’t make me do something that we have never done at this blog: moderate comments. If you do not have verifiable and fully-sourced information about candidates or individuals, then please don’t post that information. I have no desire to be held accountable for your recklessness. If you are going to make an accusation, you […]

  • Nye quietly building a record – and a war chestPolitics

    While six Second District Republicans attempt to differentiate themselves from one another in a long primary campaign, over the past two years, the opponent they would like to challenge in the November General Election, freshman Rep. Glenn Nye, has been steadily building a solid record on veterans’ issues and raking in the campaign cash. Nye […]