• Official convention results released from RPVPolitics

    Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) has released the official numbers from this past week’s convention: Lieutenant Governor- Weighted Total: 10522.69 Bill Bolling: 8799.08 Patrick Muldoon: 1723.61 Attorney General- Weighted Total: 10521.38 Ken Cuccinelli: 5980.31 John Brownlee: 3861.46 Dave Foster: 679.61 State Party Chair- Weighted Total: 10524.01 Pat Mullins: 7346.77 Bill Stanley: 3177.24 *The Gubernatorial nomination […]

  • Thoughts on Tienanmen SquarePolicy

    This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Tienanmen Square tragedy. That tragedy, thankfully, has brought some reform to China, but not nearly enough. D.J. McGuire, who, among other things, founded the China e-Lobby, offers up his thoughts: “The irony here – and one we must remember – is that this year, more than any […]

  • Convenient FalsehoodPolitics

    It is interesting to me how fake statistics and urban legends become political facts. The latest of these is from our Democratic gubernatorial candidates claiming Virginia uses 3rd grade test scores to plan for prisons. It is the perfect sound bite for a big government politician who wants to control more of our money and […]

  • Democrats Don’t Know If They’re Coming Or GoingPolitics

    Carpetbagging out of state paper tiger Common Sense Virginia is out with a new hit piece on Bob McDonnell trying to once again tar him with associating with the Faith and Family Foundation.  This is an old trick Democrats have been trying to use against McDonnell his entire career.  Recently it came up when trying […]

  • China begins to laugh at AmericaPolicy

    It appears that the vicious modern day triangle trade is on the verge of collapse. The triangle trade that I refer to is national defense being provided by America in the Middle East for the free flow of oil to China, China manufacturing cheap goods for export to America using said oil as an economic […]

  • Candidate Introduction Series: Chris Merola (53 HOD) and Melody Scalley (100 HOD)PoliticsVideos

    Jim Hoeft interviews Chris Merola from Beehive Video on Vimeo. Jim Hoeft interviews Melody Scalley from Beehive Video on Vimeo.

  • Obama reverses another campaign stand

    Barack Obama told Senators this week that he is willing to tax health benefits (Seattle) I screamed “OH MY GOD!!!!” Do campaigns matter anymore? Watch this Obama campaign ad where he absolutely attacks McCain for the same idea. (video) Obama’s ad says “Here’s what he’s not telling you” when it reveals the plan to tax […]

  • Views from the Grasstops: FairfaxCatch-All

    Bearing Drift catches up with Anthony Bedell, who was elected as chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee this past December. A Fairfax favorite son is the GOP nominee for Attorney General. What impact do you think Cuccinelli will have on Republican electoral chances this year? Pat Herrity is the GOP nominee for Attorney General? […]

  • Candidate Introduction Series: Sasha Gong – 46th DistrictPoliticsVideos

    Sasha Gong is a former political prisoner in China. She also has a Ph.D. from Harvard. But she is also running for the House of Delegates in the 46th District (Brian Moran’s former district). It’s fitting that this week where we remember Tienanmen Square, that we play this interview with an American success story. Jim […]

  • Video VPOD: Del. Sam NixonPoliticsVideos

    Del. Sam Nixon (R-27), chairman of the House Republican Caucus, takes time after the convention to discuss the necessity of a unified message between the House candidates and the statewide races, as well as the convention itself, the relationship between candidates and the the new media, and the themes and ideas of the campaign moving […]