• New Poll, Despite Irregularities, McDonnell +5, Bolling +8, Cuccinelli +9Politics

    Released this morning, a new PPP poll. A few irregularities in the poll: – Skewed heavily Democratic responses (this poll was 37% D, only 29% R and 34% I) – For some reason, area code tracking was disproportionate as well (276-6%, 434-10%, 540-24%, 703-21%, 757-17%, 804-22%) In spite of all that, there continues to be […]

  • Is Deeds becoming “Chicken Little?”Politics

    First, it was his major speech “kicking-off” the campaign in the basement of a university. Then, it was his major transportation policy, which still had him ducking and diving all over the tax question at the Fairfax debate. Today, it’s a supposed major endorsement announcement. Turns out its former Gov. Linwood Holton, Kaine’s father-in-law. Yawn. […]

  • Deeds New Ad Makes Mark Warner a Liar, Quickly Takes it DownPolitics

    In the latest blunder from the Deeds campaign, they posted, then retracted a new ad with current junior Senator and former Governor Mark Warner. Just one tiny problem with the ad…this quote from Sen. Warner: Deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep Virginia the best place to do […]

  • Cuccinelli endorsed by 77 public safety officialsPolitics

    One would presume that public safety is probably pretty high on the list of things the Virginia Attorney General ought to be familiar with and trusted for. If you are a person who thinks like that, you’d be right. According to the OAG, some of the things an attorney general must do include: Defend criminal […]

  • Standing up for Chris StollePolitics

    Heading into October, citizens and organziations are choosing sides, and in the 83rd in Virginia Beach, more and more are choosing Chris Stolle. And it’s a broad coalition. Teachers. Doctors. Business owners. Elected officials. They’re all stepping up to sign their name on Stolle’s campaign. (I personally think it was Joe Bouchard’s vote for regional […]

  • VPOD 77: Wilder’s Non-Endorsement, WaPo as Deeds Booster, and Detroit Breaks the Streak!Catch-AllMultimediaPodcasts

    In this edition of Virginia Politics On-Demand, your guest hosts Shaun Kenney and Jason Kenney talk about the lengthening list of non-endorsements Creigh Deeds seems to be racking up, along with an in-depth analysis of how the Virginia rightosphere is feeling about polls, whether the Washington Post’s boosting of Deeds is new or just business-as-usual, […]

  • Weekend Virginia: Uranium MiningCatch-All

    Waldo and I discuss Uranium Mining at the Coles’ Hill proposed site in Pittsylvania County on Weekend Virginia. I talk about how this is a statewide issue. Waldo seems to focus on those who live in the area. We both are interested in the outcome of the current 18-month study being conducted.

  • Drifters Report! Where have YOU seen Deeds?Politics

    Drifters, You may have noticed the date, September 26th, a mere 38 days until E-Day. And if you’ve noticed as I have, there is little to no Creigh Deeds presence in the area. So I’m curious where in the area you’ve seen a Creigh Deeds yard sign, or Deeds 4×8 (if such mythical things exist) […]

  • Que Pasa? No Democrats, that’s for sure.Politics

    Que Pasa means “What’s Happening?” in Spanish. It’s also a major festival that draws 10,000 people from the Hispanic community to Richmond for the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Today, Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli, and the Republican Party of Virginia are all at the festival: But what about the Democrats. Not so much… Are Democrats […]

  • Less hope for changePolicy

    You’d think with President Obama having both Houses of Congress firmly in the D column, he’d be able to keep a promise or two. Obama opposed Hillary Clinton’s “play or pay” fines for health care during the campaign, but he loves them now. Promises to keep unemployment under 8% if only we went further into […]