• McAuliffe trying to “sign” his way to the nomination?Politics

    As I drove through my sub-division the other day, I saw a rather, shall we say, interesting sight – a whole slew of McAuliffe signs about 20 feet apart along the median. Kinda reminded me of this from our last Shad Plank in Wakefield: Sure, there were McDonnell signs…but that’s to be expected from an […]

  • New look for the “Star City”; GOP primary pollCatch-All

    Hank Bostwick has unveiled a very sleek and clean look at Star City Harbinger. Looks good! He also has a poll up on the hotly-contested 17th HOD GOP primary.

  • Forbes: Throwing Away ExcellencePolicy

    Guest post By Congressman Randy Forbes (R-4th District) I remember when the TV repair man used to come to our house. Dad would answer the door, greet him by name and escort him to the family room where the wooden-encased television sat. Wire clippers and screw drivers in hand, the repair man would spend what […]

  • Democratic wasteful spending extends to campaignsPolitics

    We consistently harp on this blog about wasteful spending by liberals (which occasionally includes some Republicans), but in a new twist, that “throw money at it” attitude, which has generally been reserved to the actual governing, has now filtered into the campaign. Typically, during campaign season, every penny matters to Democrats, and they try to […]

  • Support for wind farms and coastal drilling growing in Virginia

    According to a Monmouth University survey released yesterday, support for wind farms and coastal drilling continues to increase in the commonwealth, although there is some split between those in Accomack and Northampton counties and those in Hampton Roads.

  • Brian Schweitzer: “Cause That’s How It Happened To Me!”Politics

    Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has decided to inject himself into the race for the Democratic nomination for Governor by endorsing Terry McAuliffe.  Schweitzer isn’t just the Governor of Montana, no, he’s also the head of the Democratic Governor’s Association, the out of state group behind the carpetbagging paper tiger Common Sense Virginia. But what’s especially […]

  • Deeds – it’s still him, but let’s get real…Politics

    As you know, this blog feels that Creigh Deeds offers Democrats their best opportunity to compete against Bob McDonnell this November. For all the reasons I stated on Tuesday, I still believe it today. But let’s get real. I’ve been observing some interesting things going on in the press with their new found love affair […]

  • Tiananmen At TwentyPolicy

    (Cross posted at J’s Notes) Tank Man of Tiananmen James Fallows at The Atlantic: I am guessing that you will see no real-time TV reports from the Tiananmen Square area today, and little or no photography. This is based on personal experience there last night, China time, which also leads to personal advice for anyone […]

  • Official convention results released from RPVPolitics

    Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) has released the official numbers from this past week’s convention: Lieutenant Governor- Weighted Total: 10522.69 Bill Bolling: 8799.08 Patrick Muldoon: 1723.61 Attorney General- Weighted Total: 10521.38 Ken Cuccinelli: 5980.31 John Brownlee: 3861.46 Dave Foster: 679.61 State Party Chair- Weighted Total: 10524.01 Pat Mullins: 7346.77 Bill Stanley: 3177.24 *The Gubernatorial nomination […]