• What Democrats won’t say about Joe WilsonPolicy

    Now that Democrats again decide that Congressman Joe Wilson’s apology, which was accepted by President Obama, isn’t good enough, they are now moving to sanction him. Yep…those first amendment loving lefties are going to pass a bill of attainder because of something someone said. Democrats have called Wilson’s “You Lie” comments rude, obnoxious, boorish, disrespectful […]

  • Video from Anderson; Marshall gets an endorsement; Stolle gets cashPolitics

    Today, Rich Anderson, Republican candidate in the 51st District, released the following video: Del. Danny Marshall (R-14), received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business. “As an employee of a small business and member of NFIB, I believe it’s important that we elect a Delegate who understands the critical role that small businesses […]

  • Associated Press reporting NRA for McDonnellPolitics

    The AP’s Bob Lewis is reporting that the NRA will endorse Bob McDonnell for governor. If you recall, they endorsed Creigh Deeds in the 2005 race. Update: Chris Cox, NRA-PVF Chairman and NRA Institute for Legislative Action Executive Director noted, “Bob McDonnell is an effective leader for Virginia hunters and gun owners. His opinions and […]

  • The Moral High Ground?Policy

    Following Rep. Joe Wilson’s “you lie!” outburst and the Democratic response, this really has to be said: How can Democrats say health care reform is a “moral imperative” yet deny coverage to millions of human beings (illegal immigrants) merely based on whether or not they pay into the government system? The two don’t mesh. (Cross […]

  • VPOD 75: “Dirty Deeds” and Wittman/Cuccinelli on Health CarePodcasts

    In this edition of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Shaun and I wonder what’s the f-ing problem? We also get reaction from Rep. Rob Wittman and State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli on health care. Discuss the bleak financial picture of the state and wonder why Jody Wagner considers us “fortunate.” The newest parody is released – “Virginia’s Dirty […]

  • Obama adopts HillarycareCatch-All

    Newspapers focus on missteps, gaffes and college papers written 20 years ago, and then complain that voters don’t get serious about issues. It’s like an arsonist complaining that all the old houses have been burning down. The Virginian-Pilot editorial board cites the right problem – “most voters don’t even bother asking candidates for their positions” […]

  • NJ Bloggers’ Poll: Tort Reform and Troop LevelsCatch-All

    This week’s National Journal Bloggers’ Poll asked if any health care reform would be supported if it included tort reform. 50% of left-leaning and 62% of right-leaning said “Yes”. “This has been a longstanding critique from conservatives: the impact of frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of health care. I don’t see how you […]

  • Deeds’ recent campaign ads counter his own philosophy on politics and governmentPolitics

    State Sen. Creigh Deeds, Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, once cautioned bloggers about not correcting the record on their web sites, so I wonder what he will do about his recent spate of campaign ads that very much distort Bob McDonnell’s record? Deeds three times this week – on regulation, taxes, and abortion – inaccurately […]

  • Matthew James’ (80th) Campaign Still LostPolitics

    Matthew James, candidate for the 80th House of Delegates race, has had a tough road since winning the Democratic Primary at the beginning of the summer on June 9th. You may remember Matthew James from J.R.’s post here which highlighted James’ mounting campaign debts after the last reporting cycle. A stop on his campaign website […]

  • Remembering

    I’m writing this at exactly the minute, 8:46, that American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. I remember exactly where I was, and it was in the same desk chair typing online, when I got an instant message to turn the TV on because something happened at the […]