• Stolle launches campaign for Sheriff right at his opponent

    Sen Ken Stolle, flanked by public safety professionals, elected officials, and citizens, launched his bid for Virginia Beach Sheriff and targeted right into his opponent’s campaign. Stolle talked of his public safety record of abolishing parole, creating truth in sentencing and “three strikes and you’re out”. Stolle told a story of Virginia before that time […]

  • Deeds hits some bumpsPolitics

    It appears that Sen. Creigh Deeds, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, has had to cut staff in order to pay for television ads…and also had an accident (reportedly due to mechanical failure) – in which two people in the other vehicle had to go to the hospital (they were later released with […]

  • State Board of Elections hammers Democratic Governors AssociationPolitics

    RTD breaks the news. “The State Board of Elections is levying a $2,500 penalty against the Democratic Governors Association, which has funneled nearly $2.2 million to a group running a TV ad critical of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell.” …. “Virginia law requires a 527 committee to register with the State Board of Elections when […]

  • Jay McConville to challenge Kris AmundsonPolitics

    Say it ain’t so, Jay? You’re actually challenging my favorite Democrat? Yep…Jay McConville, veteran, businessman, community leader, George Mason grad and Alexandria resident is all set to challenge the 5-term incumbent, Del. Kris Amundson (D-44).

  • Patty Muldoon – Even his home team can’t stand himPolitics

    An insightful email went out yesterday to all the delegates attending the Republican Convention. The 9th District of Virginia – which includes Patrick Muldoon’s hometown – declared their full support for Bill Bolling and called on Muldoon to “stop his slash and burn campaign of distortions against our friend and fellow conservative, Lieutenant Governor Bill […]

  • Obama’s Budget borrow 46 cents for every $ it spendsPolicy

    I now understand why Obama wants protections for people who pile up credit card balances. Hope and Change has become Hike spending and Charge it. Just months after saying he’d cut the budget deficit in half, now Obama wants to finance half the budget. Well, I guess if you just keep saying the word “half” […]

  • Who T-Mac should be campaigning withPolitics

    Apparently, reports are saying Chairman T-Mac drew a whopping 30 at his meeting in Norfolk yesterday with Perhaps he would have been better off if he campaigned with this guy. That is, unless, Chairman T-Mac really is courting the suburban teenage vote.

  • Fireworks fly at final Virginia Beach forum – and the return of Harris MillerPodcastsPolitics

    John Brownlee, Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, and Dave Foster gathered together one final time in Hampton Roads to make their case as to why they should be Virginia’s next Republican candidate for Attorney General. At a gathering of the Republican Party of Virginia Beach, what started as a relatively collegial and benign policy debate turned into […]

  • Virginia Democrat wishes possible death to Rush LimbaughCatch-All

    From the “if a Republican said this about a Democrat, they’d be skewered” Department. Wanda Sykes, noted Obama supporter from Portsmouth, VA and standup up comedian offered up this laugher. Wow..the comedy of this woman. I’m still just laughing to no end! “I hope his kidneys fail,” Sykes said about Rush Limbaugh. Isn’t that funny? […]