• Sources: Obama Stumping for Deeds in Hampton Roads Oct 27thPolitics

    Creigh Deeds campaign continues to puzzle with another bizarre twist. One day after announcing their plans to attempt to solidify the Democratic base and turnout in Northern Virginia, identifying it as their ONLY chance for victory, sources have indicated that President Obama’s ONE campaign visit for Creigh Deeds will be spent….in Hampton Roads. Daily Press: […]

  • WaPo: Our Endorsement Meaningless, Still Won’t Help DeedsPolitics

    From the Fix, who I grudgingly respect: …Sunday, the Post endorsed Deeds over McDonnell — raising the question of whether the endorsement can be deja vu all over again for the Democrat. The answer? Probably not. .. Could the Post endorsement have some impact on bringing some wayward northern Virginia Democrats (and even some independents) […]

  • The return of Chad DotsonCatch-All

    No…Commonwealth Conservative is not being resurrected. However, Chad is blogging again at “The Wahoo Chronicles”, which is dedicated to everything UVA sports. Welcome back to the ‘sphere, Chad!

  • Krystle live-blogs the LG debate; post-game dust-up between campaign staffsPolitics

    For those that missed the LG debate tonight, there is some great play-by-play by Krystle on Crystal Clear Conservative. Here’s her bottom-line: Overall, this debate was a victory for Bolling, as Wagner often dodged the hard questions and kept on attacking Bolling for missing meetings of committees, in which he was not an member. Wagner […]

  • Deeds is losing steam in Hampton RoadsPolitics

    Can anyone say ouch? Just when the Deeds campaign began thinking that the polls were finally starting to turn in their favor, Christopher Newport University, Virginian Pilot, and WVEC released a poll that proves the campaign is losing steam in Hampton Roads, as McDonnell is leading Deeds, 44-30. This is particularly great news for McDonnell, […]

  • Does any Delegate really believe felons should work on school property?Politics

    One of the interesting things about campaigns is that we finally get to scrutinize all the ridiculous votes that a legislator makes during the General Assembly. It’s very telling about whether a Delegate is actually paying attention or just going with the flow. Such is the case with Del. Bobby Mathieson. A whole lot of […]

  • Krystal Ball makes a splashPolitics

    Krystal Ball, Democratic candidate for the 1st District congressional nomination, is making some noise and is rightfully crowing about it. Here’s what Candidate Ball has to say about her latest efforts: I received the endorsement of Congressman Bob Filner, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. This is especially important to me because helping […]

  • VPOD 79: McCain, McDonnell and MurtaughPodcastsPolitics

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Tim Murtaugh, Communications Director of the Republican Party of Vriginia, gives us his analysis on the 2009 campaign and what to expect these last two weeks. We also hear from John McCain and Bob McDonnell who appeared together in Virginia Beach and tune in on the press conference […]

  • Jody Wagner: Preparing to lose?Politics

    Jeff Shapiro certainly floated the suggestion in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “a special election in Virginia Beach for the seat of Republican Ken Stolle. He’s favored to win a contest there for sheriff. Assuming she loses for lieutenant governor but is competitive in Stolle’s district, Democrat Jody Wagner could stand for the seat.” There’s a good […]

  • Gosport.Conspectus – 10.18.09Catch-All

    Trying something a little different, quick snapshot summary of pretty much anything I think from this week’s events. Enjoy, feel free to comment, I’ll argue with you (and however many other names you choose to use) and we’ll have some fun. – Feeling great about Stolle’s chances. Both of them. – Saw a John Bell […]