• Views from the Grasstops: LoudounCatch-All

    Bearing Drift catches up with Glen Caroline, who has served as chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee since March of 2008. Your county experienced nearly a 10 point swing between the 2004 and 2008 elections, with Bush getting 55.7% in 04 and McCain getting 45.4% of the vote in 08. What changed and why? […]

  • Colin Powell erased “Tear Down this Wall”Catch-All

    Many were shocked when Colin Powell coddled with Obambi last year and gleefully got an hour on Meet the Press to talk about mean Republicans. I wasn’t. Today, the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s epochal speech at the Berlin Wall, where the Gipper proclaimed “Mr. Gorbechev, tear down this wall.” But the State Department had cut […]

  • Go Wings!Catch-All

    Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. Effectively a “Super Bowl” for hockey: one game and we have a champion. Pittsburgh Penguins v. Detroit Red Wings 8 p.m. NBC. Live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

  • Does Deeds Have What It Takes?Politics

    The progressives of Virginia all received a stunning blow on Tuesday when Creigh Deeds walked away with a double-digit victory in the Democratic Primary. Democrats in Virginia, who had been enjoying a trend of multiple recent victories in the Commonwealth were left scratching their heads as to why the most conservative of the candidates was […]

  • CBS: Imus gets fired; Letterman gets contract extensionCatch-All

    CBS President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves”There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young women of color trying to make their way in this society.” That’s what CBS said in their statement firing Imus for his “joke” about adult women at Rutgers University. Here’s […]

  • You call that a bump?Politics

    It’s been all Deeds all the time for the past two days. Nothing but glorious press about how Lazarus came back from the dead to win the Democratic primary. So, you would expect the first automated poll following the primary to have a positive swing in favor of the Democrat. Indeed, it does. Deeds leads […]

  • Virginia Virtucon on Fire!Politics

    Virginia Virtucon has posted several gems the past couple days. Riley wrote about turnout in his home precinct and how the combined Democratic total didn’t break 171…but how he received 173 votes from his Homeowners Association. “When Democrats’ primary turnout for Governor and Delegate is lower than for an HOA election, you know there is […]

  • Deeds goes negative on Day OnePolitics

    I remember a Blogs United conference where Creigh Deeds was a featured speaker and he said, “We have to change the tone of the debate and put a stop to the endless bickering and gamesmanship that has come to define politics. We have to reject the poisonous language that is used to describe the other […]

  • Nye looking for fiscal responsibility, but…Policy

    In a meeting with the president Tuesday, Rep. Glenn Nye advocated for the PAYGO solution to budget management – the first legislation formally proposed by Pres. Obama.

  • Statewide Candidate Lineup Above Average

    Whatever else you might say about them, the Commonwealth’s candidate lineup is exceptional by one significant measure: family size. Both the Republican and Democratic candidates have an above average number of progeny – although the GOP lineup is still out-reproducing their counterparts on the left.