• Thirteen tax hikes in a day?!Politics

    I’ve been busy getting caught up on things the last couple of days when I came across this rather enlightening post by D.J. McGuire. I hadn’t realized that Sen. Creigh Deeds, on June 24, 2008, managed to find 13 new taxes palatable enough to impose on the people of the commonwealth. Two of the bills […]

  • How the Cold War EndedPolicy

    Oh, really, Mr. President? Is that how it was? The Cold War reached a conclusion because of the actions of many nations over many years, and because the people of Russia and Eastern Europe stood up and decided that its end would be peaceful. – Barack Obama Crediting the USSR with ending the Cold War, […]

  • Glenn “Thelma” Nye and his challengers

    What’s Glenn Nye’s campaign slogan going to be? “Don’t vote for a Republican – he’ll vote just like me!” Glenn Nye’s first six months in office has got to have Democrats wondering why they worked so hard to replace Thelma Drake. Although Nye voted for the Obama stimulus package that promised to keep unemployment under […]

  • Press to Deeds: Accept 10 debate challengePolitics

    Inside NoVA (Potomac News and Manasses Journal Messenger) is calling on Creigh Deeds to actually campaign for Governor and join Bob McDonnell in 10 debates throughout Virginia. “McDonnell’s proposal would have the first debate happening at the already agreed upon Virginia Bar Association debate on July 25, and ending at the University of Virginia on […]

  • Who wants to be mayor?Policy

    I choose to live in Arlington County because it offers an urban lifestyle I enjoy and appreciate with easy access to shopping and entertainment. However, many of my married friends prefer to live in Fairfax County for the space and the schools (Arlington schools are still pretty good btw). Both counties have high incomes but […]

  • Is Palin eyeing the Senate?Policy

    I think so. Resigning as Governor in 2009 for a Presidential contest in 2012 didn’t make much sense to anyone. Resigning to run in a 2010 primary? Not so crazy. Everyone had the White House and 2012 in their sights when Sarah Palin surprisingly announced her resignation days ago, but I guess they didn’t look […]

  • Happy Independence Day!

    We celebrate today our nation as a nation of laws. Our ability to have equal treatment under that law. Our ability to achieve our dreams unencumbered by discrimination by an overbearing government or by a despotic democracy. “Nature, which has established in the universe a chain of being and universal order, descending from archangels to […]

  • Palin to resignPolitics

    I’m dumbfounded. She either got real bad advice, her heart’s not in it, or she’s an idiot. None of those possibilities strike me as especially positive to her future electoral possibilities.

  • RE: Refund RequestPolicy

    Unemployment numbers released yesterday showed the unemployment rate at a 26-year high of 9.5%. This translates to 467,000 jobs lost in the month of June alone. — Dear Mr. President: I’d like to request a refund on the Stimulus package you and your Congress passed this summer. You told me that passing your $787 stimulus […]

  • Perriello and the Post OfficePolicy

    $2.8 billion in the red. That’s the Post Office, and it’s expected to double this year, according to the Postmaster General. Rep. Tom Perriello chose to equate this model of inefficiency and red ink to Cap and Trade legislation. “The reality is that the most people will pay is a postage stamp a day,” said […]