• The Top 10 Farces of 2009Catch-All

    Okay, let’s get beyond the point that the greatest farce may be Ward’s return to the blogosphere. But let’s take a look at some of the most outrageous stories, stunts and downright shameful events of the past year. #10 Al Franken and Hot Dogs (tie): Al Franken, the Clown Prince of the Senate, was so […]

  • Bill Fleming – Democrat not winning a Senate seatPolitics

    When Republican Jeff McWaters won the GOP nomination to replace Sen. Ken Stolle, Democrats didn’t want to have a candidate. That changed when Bill Fleming decided to run. Shame..the Democrats were better off without a candidate. Fleming’s website proposes massive increases in government spending, and of course no clue how to pay for it all. […]

  • Taxpayers pay quarter-million for primaryPolitics

    The Republican Party is the party of smaller government, right? Thanks to the GOP, taxpayers in the 5th District must now find $250,000 to decide who’ll run for Congress (Tertium Quids). The 2nd District is still committed to a firehouse primary/canvass, which at least isn’t paid for by taxpayers, but has resulted in long lines […]

  • Are you ready for racial politics?Policy

    Let’s see. Checking my calendar it appears that we are soon to be 2010. Right? Just making sure. It’s not making the Virginian-Pilot’s reporting yet, but three stories are converging in Hampton Roads and how they turn out will tell us a lot about Hampton Roads politics and the issue of race. The ball started […]

  • Christmas is twelve days – not one.Catch-All

    There is a reason that there is a song called the “Twelve days of Christmas”, that’s because Christmas is actually a religious season and not just a holiday. Somewhere, Christmas got corrupted into being secularized into a single-day holiday with many people not even celebrating on the actual day it’s religiously recognized: Christmas Day. There […]

  • “We the People” wristbandsCatch-All

    I suppose if we have to be reminded “WWJD” or need to “Live Strong”, it was only a matter of time that we ought to know that we belong to “We the People” – especially when our rights are being taken from us at an exponential pace. For $3, you can get a wristband for […]

  • Morton gets a key early “thumbs up” from gun ownersPolitics

    Feda Morton, candidate for Congress in the Fifth District, received an A rating on her Virginia Gun Rights Survey from Virginia Gun Owners Coalition today. She would have likely received A+, but she has no voting record. “At this point Feda gets special recognition for being the ONLY candidate in next year’s 2010 primary to […]

  • McDonnell: No Delay in Virginia Offshore Energy Exploration and DevelopmentPolicy

    Governor-elect Bob McDonnell sent a letter to United States Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, urging him not to delay offshore energy exploration off the coast of Virginia. This letter cautioned against any further delay in the offshore lease sale scheduled for 2011 and provided McDonnell’s position on the issue. By developing offshore energy resources, […]

  • Gilmore to lead Free Congress FoundationCatch-All

    Yesterday, former Governor Jim Gilmore released a statement about his new gig: heading-up the Free Congress Foundation. Gilmore, who becomes the foundation’s president and CEO, says, “there is a real need and demand in the country right now for an organization that advances conservative solutions to the problems facing everyday Americans in a bipartisan fashion.” […]

  • Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell Calls for Major Reform in Budget DevelopmentPolicy

    After four years of overly optimistic budget projections by outgoing Governor Tim Kaine’s administration, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell has called for major reforms in Virginia’s budget development process. There is no doubt that more needs to be done in streamlining the process when it comes to developing a statewide budget. McDonnell said, in a press statement: […]