• Firehouse Primary Tonight!Politics

    Tonight, voters in the 37th State Senate District will have the opportunity to select the Republican nominee in the special election to fill State Senator Ken Cuccinelli’s seat. There will be a firehouse primary at Centreville High School from 6-10 p.m. There are three candidates vying for the nomination: Steve Hunt, Marianne Horinko, and Will […]

  • Obama’s response to polls: Duck!Catch-All

    After falling poll numbers and crushing rebukes in Virginia and New Jersey in November, President Obama, the One, the gifted, the solver of all problems, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment…..oh, that was the Rock. Sorry. Obama has shifted his treatment of the press (see, it’s the press’ fault Obama isn’t loved anymore). “President […]

  • Palm Sunday reading at the beginning of Advent?Catch-All

    So, from time to time, I do like to inject a little religion into our conversation here at BD, so, today’s the day. I was completely stoked yesterday that the reading for the first Sunday in Advent at my Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod parish came from Luke 19. Yes. Not Luke 1. Not even Luke 2. […]

  • Mizusawa set to enter 2nd District battlePolitics

    Bert Mizusawa, a former professional staff member of Congress (Senate Armed Services Committee), Senior Executive at the Pentagon (oversaw the U.S. Army’s interagency and international affairs operations), Airborne Ranger (served in the Korean DMZ) and Reserve Brigadier General (led operations in Iraq and Afghanistan), is now prepared to enter another campaign: this for the 2nd […]

  • Mathieson selectively shines lightCatch-All

    Gag alert. Former Delegate and chronic negative campaigner Bobby Mathieson continues his combover campaign in filing a recount to save his government job service. But one thing on his “press release” was a laugher! He’s doing this recount “provide citizens the opportunity to shine a bright light on the electoral process” and “he will always […]

  • Cash for FlunkersPolicy

    SNL just nails it in this skit. My favorite line at 3:21 states “each of your plans to save money involves spending even more money”

  • New Math 2.0Policy

    In a world of supercomputers and sophisticated programming languages, one would think keeping track of stimulus money going to 435 Congressional districts would be a job for a computer science intern. But for just $18M, the shiny new website,, which was created to promote government transparency and accountability showed millions of dollars going to […]

  • Jeff McWaters attacks Ron Villanueva’s recordCatch-All

    Bobby Mathieson should accuse McWaters of plagiarism. Hours before the Thanksgiving holiday, mailboxes throughout the 8th Senate district got their holiday cheer, an attack by McWaters on Rosemary Wilson which sounds exactly like Democrat Bobby Mathieson’s recent failed attacks on Delegate-elect Ron Villanueva about City Council compensation. McWaters is at least funny about it. After […]

  • Forbes: Beyond Thanksgiving DinnerCatch-All

    By Congressman Randy Forbes If you are the lucky family member who is tasked with Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping, you may have noticed a slightly higher grocery bill this week than years before. And while you may have growing teenagers who are consuming more and more food, an ever-expanding list of “must-have” dishes, or the […]