• Trailer TrashedPolitics

    Another movie that lost the Best Picture Oscar to Slumdog Millionaire was Hillary: The Movie. Never heard of it? Well you can thank McCain-Feingold for never seeing the movie trailers or being able to order the movie with On-Demand features from cable providers. The full-length documentary was created by Citizens United, a non-profit conservative activist […]

  • RPV Chairman ReactionsPolitics

    And in the RPV Chairman’s challenge saga, BD is reporting yet another chapter. Apparently, GOP units are weighing in. Alexandria, which reportedly supported Hager in last year’s chairman’s race, has called for his removal. Prince William, Frederick’s home unit, has voted unanimously in support of his chairmanship. And, while Loudoun hasn’t weighed in officially, the […]

  • Bailouts and BullPolicy

    John Stossel, with a little help from Drew Carey of, did a wonderful episode of 20/20 last night called Bailouts and Bull. Time and time again he showed how the Government is wasting our money and how the private sector can do things like transportation and education better. If you missed it check it […]

  • Cantor has video calling for Frederick’s headPolitics

    This is also known as “I really run the Republican party (no, seriously, I do), so, I can squash you.” (h/t: PW Conservative)

  • Congressional Delegation asks Frederick to resign

    A source sends us this letter to Jeff Frederick: March 12,2009 The Honorable JeffFrederick Chairman, Republican Party ofVirginia 115 E. Grace Street Richmond, VA 23219 Dear Jeff: For the good of the Republican Party of Virginia we write today asking that you step aside as chairman in light of the recent call from three-fourths of […]

  • Moonbeam Mathieson is starstruckPolicy

    Citizens are losing jobs, losing homes, losing retirement savings, and looking a grim economy right in the face. Good thing a Virginia Beach Delegate has the answer to the economy. A “Name the Space Station” contest! Del. Bobby “Moonbeam” Mathieson emailed his constituents with this vitally important news in these economic times. News from Delegate […]

  • “False and without merit,” says Frederick. Or is it?Politics

    In the AP story just released on the RPV saga, Chairman Jeff Frederick stated that the charges were “false and without merit.” One of charges he was speaking of were: 1. Failure to transmit, in a timely manner, online contributions made to the Republican Party of Virginia and processed by his own company. Withholding 7% […]

  • AP: 10 Charges to Jeff FrederickPolitics

    AP Breaks the Frederick letter Here is the letter in its entirety for the curious among you. Notice the issues with kickbacks (A reader suggested to me that this was not a correct term – would you deem money paid by the RPV to a private firm that the chairman owns a kickback? I’ll leave […]

  • Mark Warner protects his automatic pay raises

    Sen. Mark Warner loves those automatic pay raises. He voted to kill an amendment yesterday that would have ended the practice of lawmakers giving themselves pay raises in the dark of the night without so much as a vote. Wasn’t Mark Warner supposed to be a “radical centrist?” Wasn’t he supposed to be pro-business and […]

  • WaPo Thinks McDonnell’s Fighting With Frederick Could BackfirePolitics

    Tim Craig and the Washington Post speculates that Bob McDonnell could be running quite the risk by taking a side in the Jeff Frederick saga: McDonnell is running unopposed for his party’s nomination and has all spring to prepare for the general election as the Democrats attack one another. He also appeared to have the […]