• Frederick’s Letter To Grassroots And Unit ChairmenPolitics

    Jeff Frederick sent out an e-mail this morning detailing his defense against the SCC’s charges and committing to fight to keep the Chairmanship. UPDATE: Frederick has also sent out a letter to Unit Chairmen asking for their support. Both letters are after the break:

  • Foster claims victory at Culpeper debatePolitics

    This evening the GOP candidates for Attorney General sparred in Culpeper over a series of issues, including business. Dave Foster is the first to the spin room tonight claiming victory: “With unemployment in our Commonwealth now at 6.4 per cent, the highest in 17 years, Virginians are looking for an Attorney General who will work […]

  • Pro-Frederick Robocalls SpreadPolitics

    Last week pro-Frederick robocalls started going out hitting Mike Thomas and Bob McDonnell for their involvement in the process to remove Frederick as RPV Chairman. Word is those calls have spread to the fifth district, now attacking Tucker Watkins by name and blaming him personally for Virgil Goode’s loss this past November. Again the group […]

  • LeMunyon Kicks Off In The 67thPolitics

    Chris Beer has a write up of Jim LeMunyon’s kick off for his House of Delegates campaign in the 67th district: So I just got back from Jim LeMunyon’s campaign kickoff event in Chantilly, and it was a great turnout.  He’s running in the 67th against “The Cruise Ship” Chuck Caputo, know best for being […]

  • Video VPOD #2: McDonnell and Bolling talk “Card Check”Podcasts

    Republicans are trying to preserve Virginia’s right-to-work laws…

  • Speaker Howell calls for Frederick’s ousterPolitics

    Speaker William Howell, Del. Kirk Cox, and Del. Sam Nixon have sent a letter to the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee care of Mike Thomas, RPV’s First Vice Chair, asking for a change in leadership at RPV. “We agree with those advocating for a change in leadership at the Republican Party of Virginia,” […]

  • Will the Virginian-Pilot and Vivian Paige criticize Glenn Nye?Catch-All

    Guess what I got in my mailbox last week. A four page, full color mailing from Congressman Glenn Nye. I’m wondering where the criticisms are from the Virginian-Pilot and Vivian Paige (and other Democrats) who excoriated Thelma Drake for doing the exact same thing! About Drake: “does she have to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars […]

  • Trailer TrashedPolitics

    Another movie that lost the Best Picture Oscar to Slumdog Millionaire was Hillary: The Movie. Never heard of it? Well you can thank McCain-Feingold for never seeing the movie trailers or being able to order the movie with On-Demand features from cable providers. The full-length documentary was created by Citizens United, a non-profit conservative activist […]

  • RPV Chairman ReactionsPolitics

    And in the RPV Chairman’s challenge saga, BD is reporting yet another chapter. Apparently, GOP units are weighing in. Alexandria, which reportedly supported Hager in last year’s chairman’s race, has called for his removal. Prince William, Frederick’s home unit, has voted unanimously in support of his chairmanship. And, while Loudoun hasn’t weighed in officially, the […]

  • Bailouts and BullPolicy

    John Stossel, with a little help from Drew Carey of, did a wonderful episode of 20/20 last night called Bailouts and Bull. Time and time again he showed how the Government is wasting our money and how the private sector can do things like transportation and education better. If you missed it check it […]