• Deeds agrees with McDonnell on educationPolitics

    Yesterday, Bob McDonnell released his plan on higher education. He has received back-up on his plan from an unexpected source: Sen. Creigh Deeds. Apparently Sen. Deeds ALSO thinks former Gov. Mark Warner and Gov. Tim Kaine have done a poor job funding higher education: h/t: Too Conservative

  • VPOD 60: 2009 RPV State Convention PreviewPodcastsPolitics

    Planners Kim Jorns, Lori-Ann Miller, and Steve Albertson join me tonight to discuss the planning, financing and public information aspects of the 2009 Republican Party of Virginia State Convention and RPV’s relationship with presumptive Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell. Lots of info on new media outreach.

    To listen to any of the previous podcasts, […]

  • Daily Progress: Mullins tied to Anti-Cantor adsPolitics

    The Daily Progress reports today on RPV chairman candidate Pat Mullins role in ads released a few years back that attempted to defame Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA07). Mullins was one of a handful of Republicans in early 2000 who formed the Faith and Family Alliance, a 527 political group that mailed out an anti-Cantor attack […]

  • Geraghty: McAuliffe’s favorite presidentPolitics

    With all the national focus on jobs, and job creation, you would think McAuliffe’s favorite president might be the current one. It’s not.

  • Warner concerned about robo-callsPolicy

    So, I got this tweet yesterday from Sen. Mark Warner: @MarkWarner w/Schumer, annc’d FTC probe of car warranty robocalls. Not most urgent issue, but annoying to consumers: I’ll admit, the calls are annoying, but is it worthy of federal oversight? What about political robocalls? I get far more of those than these (I do […]

  • Democrats make jokes about RitalinPolitics

    What is it about Democrats who make fun of medical disorders? A Local Democratic blog calls the current Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins “Jeff Frederick on Ritalin” This after Wanda Sykes wishes kidney failure on Rush Limbaugh. Reminds me of when Al Gore insulted families of those with Down Syndrome by calling his […]

  • Stolle launches campaign for Sheriff right at his opponent

    Sen Ken Stolle, flanked by public safety professionals, elected officials, and citizens, launched his bid for Virginia Beach Sheriff and targeted right into his opponent’s campaign. Stolle talked of his public safety record of abolishing parole, creating truth in sentencing and “three strikes and you’re out”. Stolle told a story of Virginia before that time […]

  • Deeds hits some bumpsPolitics

    It appears that Sen. Creigh Deeds, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, has had to cut staff in order to pay for television ads…and also had an accident (reportedly due to mechanical failure) – in which two people in the other vehicle had to go to the hospital (they were later released with […]

  • State Board of Elections hammers Democratic Governors AssociationPolitics

    RTD breaks the news. “The State Board of Elections is levying a $2,500 penalty against the Democratic Governors Association, which has funneled nearly $2.2 million to a group running a TV ad critical of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell.” …. “Virginia law requires a 527 committee to register with the State Board of Elections when […]