• Steve Shannon Holds Con Call To Say He Can’t Do The Job Of AGPolitics

    Lowell Feld is reporting that Steve Shannon held a conference call today to emphasize to Virginians that he would be unable to fulfill his role as Attorney General because of the strong urge to score political points.  From Blue Virginia: “Delegate Hamilton’s actions are intolerable. That is why I was the first state official to […]

  • Charlie Diradour Lies In Announcement Speech, Says Campaign Was A MistakePodcastsPolitics

    Virginia 3rd Congressional District resident and hopeful 7th District Democratic nominee Charlie Diradour announced yesterday that he would be running against Rep. Eric Cantor because Rep. Cantor was tweeting during President Obama’s joint session address on Health Care. Problem is, Cantor wasn’t tweeting. He was taking notes. Prompting Diradour to announce that his reason for […]

  • Deeds camp sending mixed messagesPolitics

    Remember a couple of weeks ago when a female Deeds staffer called the McDonnell campaign, attempting to pose as a reporter to get news releases? It sent Deeds campaign manger Joe Abbey into orbit and he reprimanded the worker. Well, now something similar has happened. Apparently someone at Deeds camp has gone off the reservation […]

  • Virginian-Pilot Realizes Deeds’ Campaign is Sinking ShipPolitics

    The Virginian-Pilot, after months of attempting to defend Creigh Deeds’ sees the light. It only took them three months…

  • Hampton Roads House of Delegates Financial UpdatesPolitics

    Here’s a financial breakdown of the Hampton Roads House of Delegates races. (note, some reports are not online, including all of the 64th, ) This idea came from Too Conservative’s VA Blogger, who has the Northern Virginia breakdowns here. Total raised is taken from total receipts, which includes contributions, in-kind, and loans. Candidate: 7/1 – […]

  • Unheard of Polling Firm Gives Dems False HopePolitics

    Take a look at these numbers: Bob McDonnell : 42% Creigh Deeds: 37% Undecided: 20% Bill Bolling: 38% Jody Wagner: 32% Undecided: 31% Ken Cuccinelli: 35% Steve Shannon: 30% Undecided: 35% Looks to me like that could be one of many polls taken in May or June, shortly after the Republican and Democratic tickets became […]

  • Charlie Diradour: I found you an agent!Politics

    Charlie Diradour is a Democrat. Charlie Diradour was asked by national Democrats to run for Congress. Charlie Diradour was asked to run for Congress against Rep. Eric Cantor because no one else would. Charlie Diradour doesn’t live in the 7th District, he lives in Rep. Bobby Scott’s 3rd. So, to help Charlie relocate, I searched […]

  • McDonnell calls Deeds’ positions “ludicrous” and “laughable”PodcastsPolitics

    I was lucky enough to catch the Bob McDonnell – Creigh Deeds non-debate forum at the Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar luncheon. I thought these things weren’t called “debates” because there was no back and forth. This one wasn’t called a debate because Deeds spoke and then left the building about 30 seconds later before Bob […]

  • Deeds campaign finance reporting begs us to do the mathPolitics

    Creigh Deeds made a big announcement today. He is very proud of the fact that he raised nearly $3.5 million in July and August. The Deeds campaign gathered strong grassroots momentum in July and August with 2,284 new donors. More than 90 percent of the donors came from in-state, and 68 percent of them gave […]

  • Cuccinelli Finance Report Shatters Individual Donor RecordsPolitics

    Ken Cuccinelli has released his campaign finance reports for the last period, setting new statewide records in the process. In 2005, Bob McDonnell’s Attorney General race raised the bar for campaign contributions, with $609,000 raised from 1,179 individual donors, both records for an Attorney General’s race. Today, Ken Cuccinelli released the following numbers: – $617,000 […]