• Climate Change – Global Warming – It’ll rain tomorrowCatch-All

    Hello. Mr. Hurricane. Where are you? They promised you’d be visiting with a vengeance. We had to pass Cap and Tax, or Mother Nature would get mad at us and turn the planet into a Roland Emmerich movie. “We over-predicted what has occurred” – National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Wamsley The best scientists, the best […]

  • Jody Wagner Continues to be DelusionalPolitics

    After years of financial mismanagement during her term of Secretary of Finance, Jody Wagner became the sacrificial lamb, chosen by the Democrats to face popular Lt Governor Bill Bolling in his race for reelection. Marred during her tenure for her wildly inaccurate financial predictions, Wagner stepped down as Secretary of Finance, leaving behind a legacy […]

  • “Dirty Deeds”Politics

    RPV just released the video: But be sure to also listen to the parody:

    Lyrics by Brian Kirwin and J.R. Hoeft If you’re havin’ trouble making your ends meet You got Obama blues. Somebody thinks your money’s his instead He wants some more from you. More tax on sales. More tax on gas Give […]

  • DPVA struggling to find a messagePolitics

    Democrats in Virginia are struggling. They have no real policy that they can talk about, so they’ve resorted to coming up with made up controversies and issues. Today is a perfect example of it. First, they try to make a stink about the Whitman cancellation. Virginia Politics from WaPo reported this was much ado about […]

  • That’ll teach you, Sheila!Politics

    First of all, stuttering is a medical condition that has absolutely no connection with intelligence. It is something hundreds of thousands of Americans have to struggle with on a daily basis and it should not be ridiculed. So, this post will not defend long-time Democratic donor and Warner-Kaine supporter Sheila Johnson for her insensitive comments, […]

  • Deeds Disgraceful New Low: McDonnell Hates Breast Cancer PreventionPolitics

    Creigh Deeds crosses the line; the story you didn’t hear about today.

  • Stuttering Flips Spotlight Back on Deeds: Is He Handicapped?Politics

    Reporters on the trumped-up-controversy conference call organized by the Deeds campaign today could have cared less about Sheila Johnson mocking Creigh Deeds. No, they smelled blood in the water. One question was repeatedly asked: Is Creigh Deeds physically handicapped; does he truly suffer from stuttering? The answer? No, reluctantly admitted by the campaign after the […]

  • VA Dems: Yes We Can! National Dems: Uh…Check Won’t Be Good Till Nov 4thPolitics

    Over the weekend the DNC went into overdrive to try to dissuade the notion that they had virtually given up on the race. Pledging an ‘additional $1 million’ to Deeds (no mention of that $5 million that’s yet to appear) plus a quote from full-time DNC Chair and part-time lame duck Governor Tim Kaine, Virginia […]

  • Dems ditching DeedsPolitics

    Er, ah, uhm, eh, oh. That’s what national Democrats are saying about Virginia and Creigh Deeds (Politico). New Jersey? Democratic Governors Association chairman and Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer – “Corzine wins.” Virginia? “I don’t which way that one ends,” Schweitzer said. Another senior Democrat was more blunt. “I feel great about New Jersey, everything is […]

  • More inactivity from Democrats on roadsPolicyPolitics

    Over the weekend, Bob McDonnell released an advertisement in Northern Virginia about his plan to improve the interstates and finish the Metro-Dulles rail system by privatizing ABC stores and generating other new revenue for transportation while protecting funding for education: The ad comes on the heels of a letter from Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN), Chairman […]