• McDougle rounds out GOP Senate leadershipPolicy

    State Sen. Ryan McDougle (R-Hanover) was unanimously selected by his peers to serve as the Republican Caucus Pro Tempore today, completing the caucus’ leadership team. “I humbly accept the responsibility that has been placed on me today,” McDougle said in accepting the position. “I have watched the Republican Caucus evolve over the past two years […]

  • One Year In, National Tea Party Learning while VA-05? Not so muchPolitics

    An article by Politico ran on Saturday, headlined “Conservatives target their fringe”. In it, it highlights how Tea Party supporters like RedState have finally begun eliminating the nut jobs that are sprinkled loosely through the movement, yet attract a dominant amount of coverage from the MSM. Birthers. Truthers. Is Obama a US citizen? Was 9/11 […]

  • Chris LaCivita Joins Scott Rigell CampaignPolitics

    Scott Rigell’s campaign has announced that Chris LaCivita, maestro of George Allen’s 2000 successful Senatorial campaign and most recently Ken Cuccinelli’s very successful 2009 Attorney General’s race. Rigell’s campaign issued a press release, pasted in full below, including the following: “I am proud to be part of a campaign team that will bring back commonsense […]

  • Glenn Nye still cluelessPolicy

    Glenn Nye has been playing Congressman for just over a year. He’s raising money and voting sadly haphazardly, with many wondering if he’s crazy like a fox. Or is he simply in over his head? He’s so on top of things, that when the 100,000 or so military spouses who get tuition assistance from the […]

  • Bruce Meyer running for 2nd District ChairmanPolitics

    Bruce Meyer announced Thursday his intention to run for Chairman of the 2nd Congressional District Republican Party. This race will be a rematch between Meyer and the current Chairman, Gary Byler. Meyer has shared what he thinks the big issues are in this upcoming race – party building, making use of technology, and of course, […]

  • Criminal GenerationPolicy

    Al Gore finally broke his silence on the recent backlash against Climategate with an op-ed piece in the NY Times. Despite someone I disagree with on many things, I do actually think Al Gore is a smart, motivated and sincere person. In the op-ed, he lightly acknowledges the recent missteps of “flawed overestimates” and “partly […]

  • Seeking Generation Next: What Can Republicans Do to Recruit the Future?

    Brian and I attending a forum assembled this morning by the leadership of the Virginia Beach Republican City Committee. The original topic was to be how can party leaders effectively court, recruit and involve 20+, 30+ and 40+ year olds into the party. An issue with today’s meeting was there were far too many people […]

  • Voter’s Remorse: Dissatisfaction with Obama is growing in Young VotersCatch-All

    In 2008, Barack Obama was winning the hearts of young voters across the country as he was seeking the Presidency.  Why?  He was young, charismatic, and he offered change. Take for example, my sister who will be graduating from college this spring. She thought Obama would open the doors for more employment opportunities and bring […]

  • Perkins Disinvited because of Opposition to DADT RepealCatch-All

    Family Research Council President Tony Perkins was not allowed to speak at a military event at Andrews Air Force base due to his opposition to repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The letter that was written to him explaining his uninvited status, indicated that the chaplains could not endorse statements contrary to the Commander-in-Chief’s […]

  • Ad critical of the EPA to run in VAPolicy

    The Coalition for American Jobs – an organization dedicated to informing the public about Environmental Protection Agency shenanigans – has started running an ad in eight states, including Virginia, about the latest end-around that the EPA is attempting. As early as March 2010, the EPA plans to issue new rules regulating greenhouse gases from new […]