• Democrat polls not on the up and upPolitics

    I got polled last night, and it was one of the most extensive polls I’ve taken. Human interviewer with a good number of open-ended questions. It was conducted by B R Interviewing in New Jersey, judging by the phone number that called me. Most of the poll was about Rep. Glenn Nye, his stances, his […]

  • Kaine: Desperate for a legacy

    We kinda knew it was coming. When you don’t accomplish anything for an entire term in office, you have to look for ways of lashing out (and kissing up to the guy who gave you your next gig). So did Gov. Tim Kaine this past weekend with his little missive in the Washington Post about […]

  • News Flash: Democrats denounce hate speech, unless it’s theirsCatch-All

    It’s truly funny. Now that Democrats have the White House, the House and the Senate, suddenly any criticism of Democrats is called hateful, angry, extreme and evil. Give me a break! For eight years, I’ve heard the most hateful attacks on George W. Bush and the Republicans from “Bush wasn’t elected, he was selected” to […]

  • Weekend Virginia: Mark Warner’s tax hikePodcasts

    Waldo and I discuss on “Weekend Virginia” the comments Mark Warner made against the Republican ticket a few days ago which effectively called them obstructionists to the Warner tax hike. We also discuss the future debate and how the economy and political philosophies fit in the context of that debate.

  • Cells on a PlanePolicy

    On my flight back from Texas yesterday, the guy next to me was using his cell phone to send text messages during the entire trip. This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen this and it really doesn’t bother me since they aren’t yapping in my ear but it eventually got me wondering why does the […]

  • McDonnell vs. Deeds in PerspectivePolitics

    The 2009 gubernatorial election has entered the general election phase, and I think that now is a good time to put this race into perspective. There will be many issues that will be discussed, the economy, abortion, taxes, energy, and others. The issue that really gets to the heart of this election is simple. Will […]

  • Blast from the PastPolicy

    Ever wonder what happened to Don Beyer? Wonder no longer: Obama named former Virginia Lt. Gov. Donald Beyer to be ambassador to Switzerland and Luxembourg. Beyer, who made his money as a car dealer, raised more than $500,000 for Obama and also contributed $4,600 to his campaign. Hmmm…. could there be a connection? Now I’m […]

  • Why Israel?Policy

    Perhaps the most intense conflict in the world today is the conflict which revolves around the state of Israel. The United States must support the nation of Israel. To be sure, there are some on the right and left who oppose our nation’s support for Israel, however, it is critical for several reasons. First, support […]

  • Views from the Grasstops: LoudounCatch-All

    Bearing Drift catches up with Glen Caroline, who has served as chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee since March of 2008. Your county experienced nearly a 10 point swing between the 2004 and 2008 elections, with Bush getting 55.7% in 04 and McCain getting 45.4% of the vote in 08. What changed and why? […]

  • Colin Powell erased “Tear Down this Wall”Catch-All

    Many were shocked when Colin Powell coddled with Obambi last year and gleefully got an hour on Meet the Press to talk about mean Republicans. I wasn’t. Today, the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s epochal speech at the Berlin Wall, where the Gipper proclaimed “Mr. Gorbechev, tear down this wall.” But the State Department had cut […]