• “We the People” wristbandsCatch-All

    I suppose if we have to be reminded “WWJD” or need to “Live Strong”, it was only a matter of time that we ought to know that we belong to “We the People” – especially when our rights are being taken from us at an exponential pace. For $3, you can get a wristband for […]

  • Morton gets a key early “thumbs up” from gun ownersPolitics

    Feda Morton, candidate for Congress in the Fifth District, received an A rating on her Virginia Gun Rights Survey from Virginia Gun Owners Coalition today. She would have likely received A+, but she has no voting record. “At this point Feda gets special recognition for being the ONLY candidate in next year’s 2010 primary to […]

  • McDonnell: No Delay in Virginia Offshore Energy Exploration and DevelopmentPolicy

    Governor-elect Bob McDonnell sent a letter to United States Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, urging him not to delay offshore energy exploration off the coast of Virginia. This letter cautioned against any further delay in the offshore lease sale scheduled for 2011 and provided McDonnell’s position on the issue. By developing offshore energy resources, […]

  • Gilmore to lead Free Congress FoundationCatch-All

    Yesterday, former Governor Jim Gilmore released a statement about his new gig: heading-up the Free Congress Foundation. Gilmore, who becomes the foundation’s president and CEO, says, “there is a real need and demand in the country right now for an organization that advances conservative solutions to the problems facing everyday Americans in a bipartisan fashion.” […]

  • Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell Calls for Major Reform in Budget DevelopmentPolicy

    After four years of overly optimistic budget projections by outgoing Governor Tim Kaine’s administration, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell has called for major reforms in Virginia’s budget development process. There is no doubt that more needs to be done in streamlining the process when it comes to developing a statewide budget. McDonnell said, in a press statement: […]

  • Perriello and Connolly to be plagued by Chaffetz amendment?Politics

    Remember the full body scans that continue to be debated being permitted to go into airports? There was a vote last summer on an amendment to a Homeland Security appropriations bill banning just such a practice as a “primary” screening technique in airports. Amendment prohibits the TSA from using Whole Body-Imaging machines for primary screening […]

  • Surprise! You’re in a Union!Policy

    You own a small business, and suddenly you get a letter saying you are now paying union dues and your business is now unionized. Government made it happen. “Ms. Berry owns her own business—yet the Michigan Department of Human Services claims she is a government employee and union member. The agency thus withholds union dues […]

  • Top 10 Virginia political stories of the decadeCatch-All

    OK…we’ll get into the act too. Since everyone else is reminiscing about the top ten this or that, we might as well offer up our top 10 political stories that had the greatest impact on the commonwealth over the past decade… 1. 9/11 – changed the whole dynamic of the 2001 race, if not the […]

  • Health care shamPolicy

    Hey, idiot liberals! Yeah, you! Patting yourselves on the back for your “health care reform” that passed the House and Senate? Think you’re finally cracking down on the evil insurance companies? Think again. Health insurance company stock is going through the roof since the cloture vote passed. Cigna (CI) is one of the sector’s leading […]

  • If Obama Was George WMultimedia

    While Obama is enjoying the Hawaiian sun, a terrorist attacks a plane landing in Detroit. The left and the media would incessantly whine when George W. Bush would work from Texas, where his ranch had state-of-the-art secure videoconferencing, when nothing was going on. An attempted terrorist attack, and we get “White House statements” from “officials” […]