• Bowerbank calls it quits; endorses WagnerPolitics

    Major shake-up in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. Jon Bowerbank, who’s self-funded candidacy never really gained traction, ended his campaign today and has endorsed Math-goddess Jody Wagner. Here’s the straight scoop from the Wagner camp:

  • Democrats distancing themselves from DC connections?Politics

    Well, not Chairman T-Mac, who isn’t shy about his DC roots, campaigning with former President Bill Clinton and using Democratic stalwarts Paul Begala and James Carville to pen fundraising letters, but, apparently, at least two of the Dems are shying away from their DC brethren. “Instead of touting his brother’s endorsement, Brian Moran and fellow […]

  • Mark Warner says “no” to Gitmo detainees?Policy

    WSJ’s Kimberley Strassel writes that Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) isn’t too keen on detainees from Guantanamo Bay being moved into Virginia, as proposed by Pres. Barack Obama: Not Quantico, piped up Virginia’s Mark Warner. After all, it “is in a very populated area in the greater capital region.” Members of Virginia’s congressional delegation have proposed […]

  • Kaine and Steele square offCatch-All

    On this weekend’s “Meet The Press”, DNC Chairman, and lame-duck Virginia governor, Tim Kaine and RNC Chairman Michael Steele will debate the issues of the day and how they’re planning for 2010. Also of note, Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) will be on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss Guantanamo Bay, U.S. strategy for the Global War […]

  • Gallup: “Pro-Life” outnumbers “Pro-Choice” for first time since ’95Policy

    Democrats are talking about replacing Supreme Court Justice David Souter with someone who is just as strongly pro-abortion as he was. That’s not “change.” It also doesn’t match this recent Gallup poll: “Pro-Life” Americans outnumber “Pro-Choice” Americans 51% to 42. That’s the first time that’s happened since Gallup began asking about abortion in 1995. About […]

  • Moran: Brother v. Brother?Politics

    It looks like Virginia has a little sibling rivalry going on over detainees. The Washington Times writes: “Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran declared Wednesday that he won’t decide whether to oppose detainees coming to his state until he sees what President Obama has to say, refusing to take a stand on an issue that his […]

  • No fine for DemocratsPolitics

    It appears that the State Board of Elections has backed off it’s initial stance of fining the Democratic Governors Association for poor campaign fundraising reporting.

  • Candidate Introduction Series: Michael Gage, VA 74 HODPodcastsPolitics

    Michael Gage is a small business owner and ten-year cancer survivor challenging Del, Joe Morrisey in the 74th District of the House of Delegates.

  • Wolf to Holder – strike threePolicy

    Rep. Frank Wolf just wants some simple answers to some simple questions from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Beginning in March, Wolf sent a detailed letter to Holder inquiring about the nature of the detainee transfer from Guantanamo to Virginia. Wolf now has more questions for the justice head: “I have grave concerns that you […]