• ABC not easy as 123Policy

    I’m very glad that McDonnell is in favor of privatizing liquor stores in Virginia and hopefully we can also clean up all the ridiculous drinking laws as well. Here’s a great video that tries to explain some of them:

  • Conservative Punk: Meghan McCain’s Straw ManCatch-All

    This dissection of Miss McCain could describe most dissent within the GOP: In the end, it’s not her beliefs that make Meghan so unattractive as a leading Republican voice, it’s her complete lack of substance. A brief look at the comment section of any one of her Daily Beast articles would tell you that even […]

  • Candidate Introduction Series – Jason Call (90th)Podcasts

    Jason Call would like to serve the people of Norfolk in the House of Delegates from the 90th District.

  • Confederate flag flap hurts blogging credibility at-largePolitics

    And we wonder why blogs have the reputation of being cavalier and reckless. One need only look at a highly sensationalistic post on Ben Tribbett’s blog “Not Larry Sabato.” Tribbett wrote: MCDONNELL CAMPAIGN BOOTH RAISES A CONFEDERATE FLAG HOLY CRAP. THE OFFICIAL MCDONNELL BOOTH AT A GUN SHOW IN RICHMOND HAS A CONFEDERATE FLAG UP! […]

  • Did Wagner score some points on Bolling?Politics

    So, what is the Governor’s Advisory Council on Revenue Estimates (GACRE), is it important, and would you participate in its meetings if you were the Lieutenant Governor? We alluded to this a little bit in our most recent podcast and Tim Watson of Virginia Virtucon has the details. This has all come up because Democratic […]

  • Virginian-Pilot is right!Catch-All

    The Virginian-Pilot editorial board calls for Portsmouth Mayor James Holley to resign. Now, lest my friends at the Pilot start worrying about their sanity, and although I think they’re right, I don’t 100% agree. A year ago, I called for Holley to resign for his racist comments about having a white hotel and building a […]

  • Deeds agrees with McDonnell again – this time on the spaceportPolitics

    In an interview with Human Events early in June, McDonnell committed to continuing support and development of the Wallops Island Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS): [Jed Babbin]: One of the things you mentioned in your speech was also a little bit out of the ordinary. You said you wanted to build an east coast spaceport in […]

  • Excellent!Politics

    Bill S. Preston, Esq.: [W]e told ourselves to listen to this guy. Ted “Theodore” Logan: What if we were lying? Bill S. Preston, Esq.: Why would we lie to ourselves? Shaun has the details.

  • Why did the Socialist Party in the U.S. fade away?Policy

    If you’ve read any history, you know that the Socialist Party in the U.S. was actually pretty robust in the early 20th Century, but it gradually fell out of favor. Why? Was it McCarthyism? Perhaps. Perhaps, though, it was because they realized they already had a platform…the liberalism of the Democratic Party. Norman Thomas, six-time […]