• McDonnell, Cuccinelli, Washington Post, Massa, Mills, oh my!Catch-All

    Lots of things, as always, going on throughout Virginia, but here are a few posts to note. Bob Holsworth at Virginia Tomorrow describes what he sees McDonnell attempting to do by holding yesterday’s press conference regarding the state’s anti-discrimination policies, in particular, the class of “sexual orientation” Holsworth believes McDonnell is “Reasserting Gubernatorial Priorities, Extricating […]

  • McDonnell signs bills taking steps to be the energy capital of the east coastPolicy

    McDonnell signs HB 756 and 787, taking a solid first step towards energy independence. Here’s the McDonnell release: Governor McDonnell Signs Legislation Positioning Virginia to Become the “Energy Capital of the East Coast” Positions Commonwealth to Move Forward in Becoming First State on East Coast to Explore for Oil and Natural Gas Offshore; Part of […]

  • Chuck Smith Re-Entering VA-02 District Nomination Race? WHY?!Catch-All

    Rumors continue to abound (I have heard this through at least four individual sources, including three campaigns) that Chuck Smith, the first candidate to drop out from the 2nd District Republican nomination (and likely not the last), is contemplating re-entering the race. I wish I had a credible reason could possibly justify this decision. I […]

  • Cuccinelli Right, Protestors Wrong… McDonnell Splits DifferencePolicy

    Good God! Talk about drama over literally NOTHING. Ken Cuccinelli puts a kindly written letter out to the publicly funded colleges, bringing to their attention that they have inadvertently broken state law by inserting a clause that was never passed by the Virginia Legislature. In response, the college(s) leak the letter to the press, who […]

  • UPDATED: Governor Issues Executive Directive On Discrimination (LG and AG respond)Policy

    Today Governor Bob McDonnell’s office released Executive Directive One on state standards on discrimination in the workplace: Employment discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated by this Administration. The Virginia Human Rights Act recognizes the unlawfulness of conduct that violates any Virginia or federal statute or regulation governing discrimination against certain enumerated classes of […]

  • Quick update from GOP congressional campaignsPolitics

    1st District: Just in case you were getting bored with the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th and 11th districts, we now add a fun twist in the 1st – Catherine Crabill has declared her intention to challenge incumbent Rep. Rob Wittman. Apparently this challenge has a little to do with revenge, as Crabill is upset Wittman […]

  • VPOD 91: Del. Kirk Cox updates on Virginia House and Senate budget negotiationsPodcastsPolitics

    Del. Kirk Cox, Republican Whip in the Virginia House of Delegates, explains to Shaun Kenney and me the status of budget negotiations between the House and Senate. Each chamber is under a different party’s constrol, which can make budget negotiations challenging, but, ideally, a budget needs to be produced by this Friday so that the […]

  • Keith Fimian Poll Spells Trouble for Gerry ConnollyPolitics

    In the 11th District, there is a lot of people unsatisfied with Rep. Gerry Connolly and his votes in Congress. With all of this dissatisfaction, it was no surprise to see a poll released by McLaughlin & Associates, which shows Republican candidate Keith Fimian defeating Connolly 40-35%. Additionally, the poll also showed that independent voters […]

  • Republicans uphold law with respect to “sexual orientation” as a protected classPolicy

    So, here we are. Bob McDonnell has been elected Governor. Bill Bolling re-elected as LG. Ken Cuccinelli our new Attorney General. All campaigned, mainly, on creating jobs and a positive economic climate in the commonwealth. All good men. All well intentioned. But why in the heck are we talking about protected status for gays and […]

  • Fees aren’t taxesPolicy

    I haven’t started a good messy fight in a while, so I thought why not now? I’m getting emails so often about the state budget, trying to make it seem like Armageddon if someone has to pay an extra court cost or a few dimes more for a fifth of Jack Daniels. Sorry, that’s not […]