• Brownlee’s position on abortion: Does it include allowing it for rape and incest?Politics

    Last July, I had the chance to interview John Brownlee and he had this position on abortion. At the time, his position appeared pretty clear:

    A few days later, after Shaun Kenney criticized Brownlee on the life issue, in a telephone interview with Brownlee he responded to the criticism by stating: “We both believe […]

  • Frederick’s Rapid ResponsePolitics

    Jeff Frederick responded yesterday to the letter from nine unit chairs asking for his removal by dismissing their leadership: He noted “only nine” chairmen signed the letter and they represent just “7 percent of 130 local GOP units in Virginia.” “While I greatly respect the hard work our local unit chairman perform on behalf of […]

  • Penny Dumb, Dollar DumberPolicy

    So let’s recap. Everyone complained the reason we are in our current economic crisis was because of “greed” and lack of proper oversight. Regardless, we “had” to bailout one of those greedy bankers with $85 billion and in turn they enjoyed a lavish $440,000 executive retreat. Then we voted for Change and government accountability. So […]

  • Palin faces first issue on conservative “bona fides”Politics

    The folks at Employee Policies Institute – an organization dedicated to public policy as it relates to growing jobs – has fired what might be the first salvo challenging Gov. Sarah Palin’s “conservatism”. Apparently Alaska has a minimum wage law being proposed that would make future minimum wage increases automatic. Here’s how EPI depicts the […]

  • Nine Unit Chairs Come Out Against FrederickPolitics

    A letter signed by nine unit chairs was released today calling for new leadership.  The letter was signed by the chairs of Virginia Beach, Fairfax County, Chesterfield County, Chesapeake City, Hanover County, Henrico County, Stafford County, Norfolk City and Rockingham County. A letter from Fairfax chair Anthony Bedell and the one signed by all other […]

  • Jason Kenney: TargetCatch-All

    It seems our own Jason Kenney has become the latest target of the spat of “grassroots Republican” robocalls being inflicted on unsuspecting Virginians. Kenney could not be reached for comment, but we’re told he was huddled on the floor in the fetal position in his bedroom murmuring something about “midgets” and “cheesecake”.

  • VPOD #54: David Foster, Virginia GOP candidate for Attorney GeneralPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Mr. David Foster, candidate for the GOP nomination for Virginia Attorney General, stops by to discuss his campaign, who he is and why he’s running, addresses Sen. Cuccinelli’s concerns about him running as a non-partisan for Arlington School Board, talks about what policies of former Attorney General McDonnell’s […]

  • Frederick’s Scorched Earth PolicyPolitics

    Commentary by Jason Kenney cross-posted at J’s Notes. Opinions expressed here to not necessarily reflect those of Bearing Drift. Bob Hollsworth wrote earlier this week some thoughts I’d been having as well (shared earlier today here on Bearing Drift): But this is what baffles me about the Frederick story. What would a win look like? […]

  • More racism and sexism in the Democrat Party

    If you only knew what the media tell you, you’d think the Democrats are the party of tolerance and openness and the Republicans had the racists and sexists. If you look at the campaigns in the actual parties, however, you find the exact opposite. Last year, it was the Democrat primaries that had pollsters asking […]

  • Sessoms speech flap smells of retributionPolicy

    Front Page on the Virginian-Pilot is where the headline screamed “Virginia Beach pays firm $9,000 for mayor’s speech.” 10 paragraphs later, the newspaper added this tidbit: “The Beach has used consultants before to help with the State of the City presentation, Hancock said. Last year, Otto was paid $8,210 to work on it.” Funny how […]