• Environmental issues enter race for GovernorPolitics

    Exclusive video of a public event to address environmental issues in this year’s campaigns.

  • Chris Stolle Jobs PlanCatch-All

    more about "Chris Stolle Jobs Plan", posted with vodpod

  • WNO: Rep. Eric Cantor on Wilson, partisan rhetoric, and health carePolicy

    The Washington News Observer catches up with Republican Minority Whip Eric Cantor to discuss Rep. Joe Wilson’s actions and subsequent rebuke, Speaker Pelosi’s insinuation that the recent protests may encourage violence, and where we should go on health care.

  • Scott Taylor announcing in the 2ndPolitics

    Scott Taylor, who most recently ran in the 2008 Virginia Beach Mayoral election, joins Scott Rigell and Ben Loyala in the already crowded GOP field for the party’s congressional nomination. Taylor, the former Navy SEAL, hopes to unseat incumbent Glenn Nye, who Taylor feels hasn’t adequately addressed the issues of the economy, creating and protecting […]

  • More lies and divisive rhetoric from camp DeedsPolitics

    “We have to change the tone of the debate and put a stop to the endless bickering and gamesmanship that has come to define politics. We have to reject the poisonous language that is used to describe the other side?” – Sen. Creigh Deeds – June, 2007 Well, in what has become the most negative […]

  • Republicans “storming” back on-linePolitics

    Barack 2.0, Deaniacs, ActBlue, “Macaca” – all widely touted examples (sometimes by their own accord) of using the internet for political activism. What’s missing from these well-known examples? Anything Republican. These are all examples of how the left has used the Web to raise money and awareness for their candidate of choice, and, yet, they […]

  • VPOD 76: Matt Wells of the Bolling Campaign and Jack Gerard of APIPodcasts

    In this edition of Virginia Politics On-Demand, we lead off with breaking news from the Lieutenant Governor’s race where LG Bill Bolling has canceled his participation in the Prince William 100 debate scheduled for Thursday. Matt Wells, Bolling Campaign Manager, explains why. We also talk a little ACORN and its role in the campaigns (and […]

  • Leadership or Misleader-shipPodcastsPolitics

    Last Thursday’s Gubernatorial debate offered Virginia voters the starkest contrast to date regarding what they can expect from either Bob McDonnell or Creigh Deeds should they be elected to the Commonwealth’s top job. For Deeds, however, the result of a heightened level of clarity in the race has not been favorable for him. Throughout the […]

  • Creigh Deeds Allegedly Holding Thesis Follow-Up AttackCatch-All

    From NRO Campaign Spot: …hearing the Deeds campaign has some sort of follow-up attack, apparently something delicate because it deals with Bob McDonnell’s family. He didn’t have any details. He did add, however, that “voters don’t like bullies. If Deeds looks like he’s being too negative, it will backfire.” I’ve tried doing a little bit […]

  • Loud, Crazy, and Nasty citizens at the 9/12 Rally in DCPolicy

    J.C. Wilmore thinks these people are “louder”, “crazier”, “nastier”, and have a tinge of “racism”. Personally, I think they’re concerned about a government that has grown too large, too intrusive, and has deviated too far from the Founders’ vision: