• Are Conservatives the RINOs?Politics

    RINO – Republicans in Name Only As tedious as the litmus test can get, it’s been going on for quite a few years. Conservatives continually point to Ronald Reagan’s landslide election and unheard-of almost unanimous re-election as proof that conservatism reigns supreme. Not that conservatism ever gets a chance. Why can’t conservatives win a Republican […]

  • UPDATED! Let the budget games beginPolicy

    President Obama starts the debate with his weekly address: And here is the GOP response from Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi: Update: As we posted in January, it was to be expected that Obama would roll out his “2.0″ strategy for public policies such as these. Not surprisingly, WaPO’s “Virginia Politics” is reporting that Obama […]

  • Video VPOD #3: Even Democrats can make a gaffePodcasts

    In this video, I talk about two gaffes made this week – one is the now well-known appearance by Pres. Obama on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno…the other is the not so well known attempt at humor by Chairman Terry McAuliffe who stated that he’s been an “African-American barber”. My take is not really […]

  • Cuccinelli on BoucherPolicy

    State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, who’s vying for the GOP nomination for state attorney general, had some interesting thoughts in his latest “Cuccinelli Compass” on Rep. Rick Boucher (D-VA09):

  • What Does Obama Have Against Charity?Policy

    Ok, I admit it. I titled this post to be deliberately provocative. I don’t actually think Barack Obama is against people helping each other. But is that his end, however unintentional? The more I hear about his budget, the more disturbed I get. As much as I’d like to focus on the evils of Cap […]

  • “Weekend Virginia” – featuring Waldo and J.R.Catch-All

    Every week, Waldo Jaquith and I go head-to-head on Fred Echols’ “Weekend Virginia” show on public radio in Roanoke, Charlottesville, Ferrum, Lynchburg, Lexington, and Emory. It can be streamed from Radio IQ every Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. This week, we talk about RPV and Jeff Frederick.

  • The Time is NowruzPolicy

    In President Obama’s speech to the Iranian people for the Persian New Year, he talks about new beginnings and the respect for them and their culture. This is a dramatic shift from the Bush Administration and one I wholeheartedly agree with. Relations with Iran will not improve overnight with just one speech. This is a […]

  • AIG or the Federal GovernmentPolicy

    As everyone piles on the AIG bonus story, with $165 million in executive bonuses for an annual loss of $100 billion, the ones I want to hear the least from are Congressional folks (and for that matter, President Obama back when he used to show up once in a while in the Senate) whose financial […]

  • Forbes: AIG OutragePolicy

    AIG Outrage By Congressman Randy Forbes Imagine a situation where a husband goes out one day and, in the midst of the current economic situation, decides to buy an expensive new boat. A few weeks later, the bill comes in the mail. His wife opens the bill, steaming as she realizes what he’s done and […]

  • Brownlee’s position on abortion: Does it include allowing it for rape and incest?Politics

    Last July, I had the chance to interview John Brownlee and he had this position on abortion. At the time, his position appeared pretty clear:

    A few days later, after Shaun Kenney criticized Brownlee on the life issue, in a telephone interview with Brownlee he responded to the criticism by stating: “We both believe […]