• Health care and pollsPolicy

    Vivian Paige asks a good question. With polls showing 72% support for Government-run health care currently, why aren’t they pushing it yet? “With the country firmly behind it, what is the hold up?” she asks. Maybe it’s these answers to poll questions. “Government should be responsible for providing medical care for people who are unable […]

  • Embracing IranPolitics

    Since the 1979 Revolution that toppled the US-backed Shah of Iran and installed the Ayatollah Khomeini as that nation’s supreme leader, relations between our two nations have ranged somewhere between frosty and non-existent. However, over the course the past week developments in Iran have yielded a remarkable reaction here in the United States: an unmistakable […]

  • Crap and PaidPolicyPolitics

    Virginia taxpayers have paid Northrup Grumman and Motorola billions of dollars for a medical database that was recently hacked into and a non-existent communication system for our police officers. In addition to the low-quality and lack of delivery, the contracts are millions of dollars over-budget. Jeff Schapiro of the Times Dispatch correctly points out that […]

  • Norm pushing education; Josh talks primary costsCatch-All

    Norm Leahy is asking a lot of “ifs” of Bob McDonnell lately. First, when it comes to SOL reform… “If, truly, Bob McDonnell wants to make education reform a signature issue of this campaign, he could do far worse than exposing the SOLs for what they really are: expensive charades that tell us only how […]

  • VPOD 66: Sen. Tommy Norment, Senate Republican LeaderPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Virginia Senate Republican Leader Tommy Norment gives his thoughts during a wide-ranging interview which includes the budget deficit, the GOP role in transportation funding, the changing dynamics in the Senate due to this year’s general election, working with Creigh Deeds, Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli, and Jody Wagner, and […]

  • Less is MorePolicy

    The world is watching Iran during these delicate and important times. The White House is very wisely staying out of the rhetoric on the situation. Unfortunately, Republicans like John McCain are urging President Obama to get more involved in the election process in Iran. Inflammatory or antagonizing statements from the US Government is exactly what […]

  • RPV asks: Where’s Tim Kaine?Policy

    Video is being backed up with action. Apparently there is a FOIA request by RPV into the governor’s office to examine his travel. Also blogging: Campaign Spot

  • Polling bright-spots for McDonnellPolitics

    D.J. McGuire points out two good signs for the McDonnell campaign over the past couple of days in terms of polling. First, the much vaunted “federal stimulus” is starting to lose popularity. According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, more people say it was a bad idea than good. DJ correctly notes that McDonnell is […]

  • BREAKING: Perriello votes to bring detainees to Virginia!Policy

    Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA05) has just cast the deciding vote to bring Guantanamo Bay detainees to Virginia. According to a Capitol Hill source: Rep. Perriello just voted with Speaker Pelosi on an amendment to allow for funds to close Guantanamo Bay facility and move those detainees to Virginia. Perriello voted against an amendment, offered by […]