• Boucher to Vote No on ObamacareCatch-All

    The Weekly Standard reports that Congressman Rick Boucher will be voting against the Healthcare plan that Obama has put forward.  He seems to realize that reelection may not be an absolute surety. Now-what will Perriello and Nye do?

  • Obama Administration Makes Unforced ErrorCatch-AllPolicy

    On Meet the Press this morning Senior White House Advisor David Axelrod made an egregious error in his response to Israel’s expanded settlement announcement. I realize that the announcement by the Israeli government was made while Vice President Biden was visiting the country, however, the whole point of Biden going over there in the first […]

  • Fimian rallies supporters at Fairfax County campaign kickoffPolitics

    I had the opportunity to attend Keith Fimian’s event yesterday to kickoff his Fairfax County campaign. Fimian is running in a primary against Fairfax Supervisor Pat Herrity for the GOP nomination in the 11th Congressional district. The winner of that will face Democratic Representative Gerry Connolly in November. Close to 200 people squeezed into the […]

  • (Updated w/ Conference Report) Virginia budget deal done: $100 million in fees; no tax increasePolicy

    Update: The Conference Report ***** So, while the Senate takes another full day of per diem for tomorrow Sunday (a day after the session was supposed to end), a budget deal will finally be reported out from the conferees tomorrow in the afternoon and voted on by their respective chambers tomorrow in the evening. In […]

  • 8th District GOP RundownPolitics

    Virginia’s 8th Congressional district is probably one of the safest Democratic seats in the country but the Republicans haven’t given up. So far 7 candidates have expressed interest in the 2010 GOP nomination of which 4 have dropped out of the race. Here’s a run down: Matthew Berry has an impressive resume including clerking at […]

  • How about a one New Yorker a month law?Policy

    Oh, just wait. Before you get your Birkenstocks in an uproar, note the toungue-in-cheekiness of my post. It’s just that I get tired of outsiders, particularly New Yorkers, telling us in Virginia that they’ve got a better way of doing things. Like, in this case, gun control. Seriously New York? Shall we compare crime statistics? […]

  • McDonnell visits budget negotiations – and Virginia is rich!Policy

    It appears that Virginia is rich, but not suprising, it’s in Northern Virginia. But, here in the Commonwealth, we share the wealth. So, congrats, NoVA. We’re in the money! That ought to temper some of that NoVA jubliation. Speaking of Northern Virginia, it appears that former State Senator Jay O’Brien is going to get a […]

  • Draconian Cuts AheadPolicy

    I just read today in the Virginian Pilot of a massive cut planned that will impact the life of every man, woman and child. These are certainly tough times, and tough choices I know have to be made, but some cuts are just so draconian I expect to see massive editorials in the major newspapers […]

  • Bearing Drift – the E-Zine! Volume 1, Number 1

    It’s been a long time in coming, but BD has finally gotten around to releasing it’s first magazine issue. In this “inaugural” issue, we feature Gov. Bob McDonnell in his first interview with blogs as governor (hmm…it took Gov. Tim Kaine at least three years to get with ‘Raising Kaine’ and it didn’t take us […]

  • McDonnell, Cuccinelli, Washington Post, Massa, Mills, oh my!Catch-All

    Lots of things, as always, going on throughout Virginia, but here are a few posts to note. Bob Holsworth at Virginia Tomorrow describes what he sees McDonnell attempting to do by holding yesterday’s press conference regarding the state’s anti-discrimination policies, in particular, the class of “sexual orientation” Holsworth believes McDonnell is “Reasserting Gubernatorial Priorities, Extricating […]