• SPSA’s reward for failure? More money!Catch-All

    As expected, the most boring story in Hampton Roads keeps delivering idiocy. SPSA, the woefully mismanaged regional trash authority, has been bleeding red ink for as long as I can remember, and their bailout plan to feed it more money is gaining support. The deal makes no sense at all. Norfolk City Council approved the […]

  • The “Third Rail” of Virginia bloggingCatch-All

    You have got to check out a new Virginia blog called “The Angry Potato”. This blog is clearly done by a Democrat for Democrats targeting fellow Democratic bloggers and candidates. But it’s like soft-core porn. You know it’s not for you, but when it presents itself, you can’t help but look…and then you feel dirty. […]

  • McAuliffe and Wagner Are FirstPolitics

    Ryan Nobles is reporting at Decision Virginia that Terry McAuliffe was the first to file his petitions for Governor and Jody Wagner was first for Lt. Governor.  Upon certification, both will appear first on the ballot in June’s Democratic primary.

  • McAuliffe to appear before minority business leaders in Hampton RoadsPolitics

    The Chairman McAuliffe campaign will be in Hampton Roads tomorrow to discuss his plan for jobs and the economy. From a McAuliffe release: Terry McAuliffe will visit Newport News, where he will meet with African-American business leaders and community activists. The event follows a reception for minority business leaders held in Richmond on Monday, and […]

  • Geithner and the Obama administration: Seizing business for the common good?Policy

    I’m really not an alarmist or conspiracy theorist. I truly believe we live in a Constitutional Republic and most Americans still believe in limited government and personal responsibility. But good Lord, what is this from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner: Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner today told Congress the administration will seek unprecedented power to seize […]

  • Barney Frank spews hate at ScaliaPolicy

    Rep. Barney “My Boy Lollipop” Frank is into calling Supreme Court Justices names when he doesn’t get his way, so instead of running the national mortgage industry into the ground while telling everyone what a great investment Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were, he’s whining about gay marriage and calling Justice Antonin Scalia a “homophobe.” […]

  • New Jeff Frederick “trial” video emergesPolitics

    I can do this video no justice with words. Just grab the popcorn: Big ol’ Stetson h/t to Eric Martin…be sure to read his post

  • Are Conservatives the RINOs?Politics

    RINO – Republicans in Name Only As tedious as the litmus test can get, it’s been going on for quite a few years. Conservatives continually point to Ronald Reagan’s landslide election and unheard-of almost unanimous re-election as proof that conservatism reigns supreme. Not that conservatism ever gets a chance. Why can’t conservatives win a Republican […]

  • UPDATED! Let the budget games beginPolicy

    President Obama starts the debate with his weekly address: And here is the GOP response from Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi: Update: As we posted in January, it was to be expected that Obama would roll out his “2.0″ strategy for public policies such as these. Not surprisingly, WaPO’s “Virginia Politics” is reporting that Obama […]

  • Video VPOD #3: Even Democrats can make a gaffePodcasts

    In this video, I talk about two gaffes made this week – one is the now well-known appearance by Pres. Obama on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno…the other is the not so well known attempt at humor by Chairman Terry McAuliffe who stated that he’s been an “African-American barber”. My take is not really […]