• McWaters takes early fundraising advantage over WilsonPolitics

    In the “unofficial” state senate race occurring in Virginia Beach for State Sen. Ken Stolle’s soon-to-be-vacated seat, Jeff WcWaters has taken an early fundraising advantage over Beach councilwoman Rosemary Wilson for the GOP nomination According to state reports, Wilson has raised $30,590 and has $45,941.34 on-hand; McWaters raised $165,890.32 and has $129,755.15 available. Stolle is […]

  • Kaine’s lack of focus loses ApplePolicy

    The veto session this past April was noted for many things, but I think what comes most readily to mind is the discussion on unemployment benefits. House Republicans accepted $62.5 million in federal stimulus money, extended benefit eligibility to 59 weeks, extended COBRA insurance eligibility, and kept nearly 1,000 Virginians from falling off the unemployment […]

  • Should Congressmen enroll in public option health care?Policy

    Rep. John Fleming has a nifty idea: Congressmen who vote for national health care public “option” should enroll in that option, rather than their ritsy Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Oddly, not a single Democrat has warmed up to the idea. “Under the current draft of the Democrat healthcare legislation, members of Congress are curiously […]

  • Will Nye face Bouchard? Mathieson? Schmidt?Politics

    The three faces of Mount Taxumore in Virginia Beach are running hard (well, at least running harder than Creigh Deeds) to secure votes in Virginia Beach. Robert Mathieson and Joseph Bouchard haven’t exactly advertised their repeated votes to raise taxes in their brief tenures as Delegate, and Peter Schmidt hasn’t announced which taxes he’ll raise […]

  • First pitches

    OK…you knew it was coming…we’d compare each president on their first pitches on the big stage… First, President Obama at last night’s All-Star Game: Second, President Bush in the World Series after 9/11: Looks like 43 edges out 44 on this one.

  • Graham questions Sotomayor’s “temperment”Policy

    Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) questioning of prospective Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is must see TV: By the way, take notice of how Sotomayor addresses the Senator. I wonder if Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) counseled the judge later on proper etiquette.

  • Are Dems still set to play politics with transportation?Policy

    It may have not made too much play in Northern Virginia, where discussion surrounds the Dulles Rail system these days, but the last few weeks have seen transportation come to the forefront again in Hampton Roads after a water main burst in the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel just days before the Independence Day weekend, causing […]

  • Shannon Can’t Get A Bill Passed, Blames CuccinelliPolitics

    Democratic Attorney General nominee Steve Shannon has finally responded to Ken Cuccinelli’s call for special session and wonders why Ken Cuccinelli couldn’t support a bill that didn’t even get out of a House subcommittee. Shannon asks why Cuccinelli did not support Shannon’s HB 3086 in 2007. Problem is, HB 3086 died in the Criminal Law […]

  • Slow News Day, CQ Politics?Politics

    So Afghanistan’s great, we are all looking forward to getting health care just like they have in Great Britain, there aren’t any interesting hearings happening on Capitol Hill, etc., but CQPolitics has pixels to burn, so they come up with this: Two House Republicans’ Activity May Indicate Ambitions for 2012. Those congressmen would be Mike […]

  • AG race, healthcare and energyPolitics

    Some good reads today on the AG race, healthcare, and energy. First, Julian Walker of the Virginian-Pilot notes that, yes, there is life in the attorney general’s campaign, noting that this past week Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R) challenged Del. Steve Shannon (D) to twelve debates and made some noise about a recent SCOTUS decision regarding […]