• Deeds’ recent campaign ads counter his own philosophy on politics and governmentPolitics

    State Sen. Creigh Deeds, Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, once cautioned bloggers about not correcting the record on their web sites, so I wonder what he will do about his recent spate of campaign ads that very much distort Bob McDonnell’s record? Deeds three times this week – on regulation, taxes, and abortion – inaccurately […]

  • Matthew James’ (80th) Campaign Still LostPolitics

    Matthew James, candidate for the 80th House of Delegates race, has had a tough road since winning the Democratic Primary at the beginning of the summer on June 9th. You may remember Matthew James from J.R.’s post here which highlighted James’ mounting campaign debts after the last reporting cycle. A stop on his campaign website […]

  • Remembering

    I’m writing this at exactly the minute, 8:46, that American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. I remember exactly where I was, and it was in the same desk chair typing online, when I got an instant message to turn the TV on because something happened at the […]

  • Mathieson campaign embezzled?Politics

    Jason Robinson, formerly of the Del. Bobby Mathieson campaign and legislative office since 2007, has been accused by his boss of embezzling money. Vivian has the Mathieson statement. “I am outraged that a member of my staff has defrauded my campaign and abused his position. I have full confidence that the police investigation will determine […]

  • Why Joe Wilson is Not a HeroPolicy

    In the immediate aftermath of Obama’s speech last night, one thing was clear: a Republican Congressman from South Carolina had interrupted and shouted ‘You lie!’ as President Obama spoke. No doubt you all have seen clips of this act again and again on youtube, facebook, etc. Rep. Joe Wilson is not a hero. He should […]

  • Really, Mr. President?Policy

    Guest post by Sen. Steve Martin (originally appearing on his Facebook page) Really: Mr. President? I have the only current healthcare reform bill that has been debated and passed committees for further consideration in front of me right now (HR 3200). Section 102: You cannot keep your existing group insurance policy beyond 5 years after […]

  • Foreclosures to remain high as economy remains sluggishPolicy

    Foreclosures, unemployment and the trade deficit remain high, but there are some economists who believe that the economy is showing some signs of improvement. Economists point to the trade gap as a sign that American consumers are willing to purchase imports. And, they are predicting that unemployment is topping out. Additionally, foreclosures remain high, despite […]

  • Point-by-point on the president’s speechPolicy

    Last night, the president gave his second address of his administration to a joint session on Congress. This one on Health care. Like you, I listened carefully. And, like you, I probably now have more questions than I did before the speech.

  • Why Obama doesn’t think he’s lyingPolicy

    “The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally,” said President Obama and “You lie!” shouted Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C. Rude? Yes. Breach of decorum? Yes. But who’s right? Illegal aliens aren’t technically supposed to receive benefits under the plan, but since Congress has opposed verifying citizenship for benefits, how would […]

  • Deeds staff involved in sign defacement in Newport News?Politics

    McDonnell volunteers in Newport News confronted someone whom they claim is a member of Deeds’ team in Hampton Roads defacing signs on private property with “Backwards Bob” stickers. This photo is just one of several signs damaged by vandals: “Please don’t call the cops” lamented one of the Deeds’ volunteers. The McDonnell volunteers recognized one […]