• Va. Senate Kills “Royalties for Roads” LegislationPolicy

    Yesterday, there was a heated debate in the Virginia State Senate about legislation that would decide how the Commonwealth would spend the royalties from drilling offshore for oil. SB 601, patroned by Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Virginia Beach), was killed by the Senate in a party line vote and was referred back to committee until next […]

  • That Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady (aka Ben Tribbett likes to tell women to “shut the f” up)PolicyPolitics

    The Virginia blogosphere’s resident bad boy is at it again. Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett (get yer own link) isn’t happy about House Bill 53, which he has labeled as the “Mark of the Beast” bill. The bill passed the House of Delegates today on a vote of 88-9. It’s one thing to not like […]

  • Goodbye CharliePolicy

    A very special man passed away today. An unlikely hero to many and a vagabond to most, Charlie Wilson almost singlehandedly defeated the Russians in Afghanistan by supplying the Mujahedeen with Stinger missiles through a complicated web of American bureaucracy, foreign governments, and unique characters that only someone as seasoned in scandal as Congressman Wilson […]

  • No means NoPolicy

    A simple answer to a simple question. An anonymous group of small business owners put up a billboard in Wyoming, MN with a picture of George W. Bush asking the question “Miss Me Yet?”. The answer is simply “No!” What is there to miss? We still have troop surges, financial scandals, expansion of healthcare (Bush […]

  • McDonnell interviews with Gingrich and GibsonPolicy

    Newt Gingrich and Bob Gibson had the opportunity recently to interview Gov. Bob McDonnell on a wide range of topics. Gingrich’s interview is about messaging and Gibson’s focuses a lot more on policy. Check out the Gingrich interview on Human Events and listen to part one and part two of the Gibson interviews on WVTF. […]

  • Wilder: Off with the HeadPolicyPolitics

    Former Governor-turned-Mayor Doug Wilder has called on President Obama to remove Former Mayor-turned-Governor Tim Kaine as the head of the Democratic National Committee. Wilder to Obama: Remove Kaine as DNC chairman Wilder said Kaine should be fired as part of a larger house cleaning Obama should perform within his administration. As the Democrats have […]

  • Obama Admin: Critics “Serving the Goals of Al Qaeda”Catch-All

    In a desperate move to regain lost political footing, President Obama’s Deputy Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan stated that Obama’s critics may be “serving the goals of al Qaeda.” It only gets better when he suggests that the way Obama’s critics are serving al Qaeda’s goals are through exaggerating the terrorist threat […]

  • Mizusawa comments on fundraisingPolitics

    Bert Mizusawa had a tremendous fundraising quarter – raising nearly $200,000, with over 75% from donations. However, an opposing campaign emailed their analysis of his numbers and stated that a majority of his donations came from outside the district. I asked Mizusawa about this and he responded as follows: The ultimate test of community support […]

  • Randy Forbes: Name that salary cutPolicy

    Congressman Randy Forbes has launched a nifty idea. If the federal budget goes up, Congressional pay goes down. “Next week, I will introduce legislation to break Congress’ addiction to spending by tying the salaries of Members of Congress to the growth in government spending. The premise of the bill is simple – the more Members […]

  • Shouldn’t Tommy Norment be more concerned about his own driving record?Policy

    Senator Tommy Norment patroned SB 517 prohibiting wireless communications (that’s your cell phone) while driving unless in hands-free mode. This Nanny Statist bill passed the State Senate on Monday 25-15. Interesting that Norment would sponsor such a safety bill given the history of his own DUI in 2001. Still, I suppose the logic could be […]