• joeandhill

    Doug Wilder Throws Joe Biden Under the BusPolitics

    Oh, not like it hasn’t been speculated for a long time. But former Governor, and failed Presidential candidate L. Douglas Wilder has called for Barack Obama to push Joe Biden to the side and name Hillary Clinton as his running mate for 2012. In an editorial published in Politico, Wilder says: With this state of […]

  • Utilizing New Media Technologies in CampaignsPolitics

    When one thinks of political campaigning, they usually think of utilizing earned media and relying on the grassroots to get the message out. However, with the advent of new media and social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter), political campaigns have been using this in addition to the grassroots to get their message out to […]

  • Reminds Perriello of Broken Promise on Federal Funding for AbortionsPolitics

    It has been almost one year since Rep. Tom Perriello launched his “Tom in Your Town” series of townhall meetings throughout the 5th District, ostensibly to listen to his constituents’ views on the proposed healthcare reform legislation. Throughout this tour, Rep. Perriello repeatedly assured concerned voters that he would not vote for any incarnation of […]

  • Cuccinelli wins first health care victoryPolicy

    In a ruling that has liberals quaking, a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to challenge Obama’s health care takeover. Liberals hate this, because they’ve been spending the past two years attacking Ken Cuccinelli. Heck, when I’m on the WHRO What Matters roundtable, a show hardly […]

  • theview

    Palin on Obama: Yes, he has no cojonesPolicy

    Speaking on “Fox News Sunday” Sarah Palin said that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is dealing with border security because President Obama is not. Palin said, “Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president does not have. If our own president will not enforce our federal law, more power to Jan Brewer.” Now, whether or not […]

  • Is Tom Perriello REALLY a Fiscal Conservative?Politics

    18 months after President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (approved by congressional Democrats with virtually no Republican support or input), the promised recovery appears to be more bust than boom, while unemployment remains higher than the administration’s projected worst-case scenarios. Facing this continued economic uncertainty, Americans are frustrated and angry; polling data […]

  • Punitive U.S. energy bill passes House, stalled in SenatePolicy

    U.S. House of Represntatives passed an energy bill that will end the liability cap on oil companies and will likely cost thousands of jobs if passed by the Senate in September.

  • mwarner

    Mark Warner is a “Yes” vote for Elena KaganPolicy

    Not that anyone is surprised. In a statement released today, Warner said: “Elena Kagan has been a trailblazer. I believe her life story and academic and legal experience will provide an important perspective to the deliberations and decisions of the Court.’ Does this put Warner even more out of touch with the electorate he promised […]

  • cuccinelli 1

    On EPA and Arizona, Cuccinelli represents the conservative linePolicy

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is unafraid to be conservative with respect to the EPA, healthcare, and Arizona’s illegal immigration laws.

  • Bold Colors Win the DayCatch-All

    We have often heard mention of Ronald Reagan’s speech about “bold colors” and not “pale pastels” in which he encouraged Conservatives to draw clear distinctions between themselves and the Liberal movement. There are some in the Republican Party who long derided this philosophy as “divisive” and claimed that this style of conservatism “could not win”. […]