• Two-way race in the 100thPodcastsPolitics

    It’s now head-to-head on the Eastern Shore between Del. Lynwood Lewis (D-100) and Ms. Melody Scalley, the Republican. At a debate sponsored by the Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore, John Smith, a third party candidate, took the opportunity to lambaste Lewis and throw his complete support behind Scalley. In an already close election, this […]

  • Joe Bouchard goes overboard with negative adsCatch-All

    Del. Joe Bouchard, Director of Government Sales for Cox Communications (nice job for a legislator, huh? Hey Virginian-Pilot! While picking on Tommy Norment for teaching classes, why not look at these Democrat jobs in YOUR OWN READERSHIP AREA). I wonder what governments Del. Bouchard sells to, and what his position on the FINANCE committee (where […]

  • Hamilton wins? A GOP tide in VA?Politics

    Sources close to House of Delegate Republicans are sounding awfully confident three weeks out, predicting between 5-8 GOP pick-ups and retaining embattled Republican Del. Phil Hamilton’s seat in the 93th. Now, I’m not ready to drink the Kool-Aid yet on Hamilton, but he has done excellent things for his district. Is there an air of […]

  • We’re back to issues in Virginia…YAY!Politics

    Creigh Deeds called Bob McDonnell a liar in last night’s debate. And it was music to my ears. Even though Deeds has run one of the nastiest, most disingenuous campaigns in memory – (hey, don’t take my word for it): The News and Advance said “His television ads have been below-the-belt and beyond-the-pale attacks” and […]

  • It’s About LeadershipPolitics

    Theories about the reasons for Creigh Deeds’ lackluster campaign and inability to motivate or connect with voters have been flying fast and furious this week. As long as Deeds continues to trail in the polls, those unanswered questions will continue to pop up over the next 21 days. Indeed, the longer the second-guessing goes on, […]

  • McDonnell to receive the Washington Post’s endorsement?Politics

    No…stop laughing. Really. A respected journalist on the WaPo staff tells us so. Robert McCartney, Metro Reporter for the Washington Post, in a live chat today seemed to think there was some doubt. In his commentary regarding the campaign, he has some straight-forward words of advice for Deeds: Get the Washington Post’s endorsement and get […]

  • Drifters: Caption This Photo, Obama vs DeedsPodcastsPolitics

    Given the repeated desperate begging coming from the Deeds camp and the steadfast refusal from the Obama camp, let’s have some fun! Caption this photo! My caption: You’re dead to me you mealy-mouth idiot!! Look at him, he’s just sitting there, laughing!!

  • NYT: In Praise Of Terry McAuliffe And The Campaign That Could Have BeenPolitics

    Adam Nagourney has a piece in today’s New York Times reflecting on how Virginia’s gubernatorial campaign might have been were Terry McAuliffe the nominee instead of Creigh Deeds: The most recent Washington Post poll showed Mr. McDonnell leading Mr. Deeds by a 53 percent to 44 percent margin; while there is certainly time for Mr. […]

  • Under the RadarPolicy

    While the debate roars on for big ticket items like healthcare and more troops in Afghanistan, the Obama Administration is quietly taking control of more than 15,000 everyday items such as: pistachios, beads in clothing, 4-wheelers, keyboards, aquariums, wheelbarrows, and Cheerios. There is a basic belief that consumers need the government to protect them from […]

  • Post-Debate Wrap: Live from RichmondPolitics

    Hey folks, thanks for tuning into BD for Debate Day coverage! Very uneventful debate tonight, the press room was silent except for the clicking of keyboards. My thoughts: – Despite no ‘home run’ moment, I thought Deeds miscued by stating again that ‘the day after I’m elected…’ repeating what he wrote in his WaPo article. […]