• Short Sighted, Long LinesPolicy

    The line is getting longer and I’m not talking about the one for the Swine Flu vaccine. After spending an estimated $3,500,000,000,000 on a variety of bailout schemes including TARP and emergency loans from the Fed, the unemployment rate still hit 10.2%, the highest in over 25 years. Meanwhile, the US collected less than one […]

  • Register now for Blogs United to be held Nov. 21Multimedia

    Registration for the Blogs United conference is open. Once again, Christopher Newport University hosts us at the David Student Union Nov. 21 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (doors open at 8 a.m. – breakfast and lunch provided). This year’s conference features Rep. Rob Wittman, political beat writers Anita Kumar, Kimball Payne, Ryan Nobles, and […]

  • Glenn Nye joins Republicans on health carePolicy

    Creigh Deeds liked the idea of opting out of Obama’s health care plan. Glenn Nye didn’t want it to get even that far. Nye announced today he’s a BIG no vote on Obama’s health care takeover, like he was on Obama’s budget and Obama’s cap and trade bills. Is Nye switching parties? I’m going to […]

  • Read the Bill First!Policy

    Atlas Shrugged – 1,200 pages War and Peace – 1,296 pages Les Misérables – 1,488 pages Health Care Bill – 1,990 pages How likely any member of Congress has read the bill? My thoughts: Zero

  • Twenty-one and countingPolicy

    Democrats are beginning to line-up against Pelosi-care…21 so far, and probably more as we go throughout the day. Here’s Virginia’s U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor this morning on Fox News explaining the current situation:

  • Virginia Senate campaigns breakdownPolitics

    With the election of Ken Stolle to Virginia Beach Sheriff and Ken Cuccinelli to Virginia Attorney General, two vacancies now exist in the Virginia Senate – and the campaign to be the GOP nominee in these districts is going to be fierce. In the 8th, Rosemary Wilson, Virginia Beach councilwoman, and Jeff McWaters, a businessman, […]

  • There’s No Way You’re a RepublicanPolitics

    Guest Post by Tara ~musings of a first time GOP volunteer~ My heart doesn’t throb for the Republican brand. In reality, I wouldn’t be sad if it just went down in flames and took all the decepta-cons with it. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on different things and taking money from other lobbyists than the […]

  • The Federalist #4: Concerning Dangers From Foreign Force and Influence (continued)Policy

    Independent Journal Wednesday, November 7, 1787 [John Jay] To the People of the State of New York: MY LAST paper assigned several reasons why the safety of the people would be best secured by union against the danger it may be exposed to by just causes of war given to other nations; and those reasons […]

  • Will Dems ditch Glenn Nye?Politics

    The White House says Creigh Deeds lost because he didn’t adhere to the Obama agenda. Democratic leaders opine that Deeds’ “I’m a Creigh Deeds Democrat” and his comments to “opt out” of national health care did him in. Democrat voters stayed home, they said. Lefty bloggers are saying this is what happens when Democrats run […]

  • House Call RallyPolitics

    DC saw upwards of 15,000 Americans flood the Capitol steps and the House office buildings with one message for Nancy Pelosi and advocates of government health care: “No, you won’t”! Many members of Congress who spoke were buoyed by Virgina’s election results. The crowd went wild for Joe Wilson & Michele Bachmann – especially Bachmann. […]