• Saxman live-blogPolitics

    Chris Saxman (R-Staunton) will be here at noon to take your questions and discuss the upcoming GOP nomination process for the 20th District. In the meantime, check-out Lynn Mitchell’s post on the crop of eight candidates vying for the nomination. Del. Chris Saxman

  • NC shows VA what Democrats doPolicyPolitics

    Want to know what a Democrat Governor with a Democrat House and Senate can do? Look at our neighbors to the South, North Carolina, whose Democrats run the entire legislature and the Governor’s Mansion. They’ve just agreed to raise the sales tax for everyone to 7.75% and raise state income taxes 2% from 7 to […]

  • Kaine Follows Cuccinelli’s Lead, Calls for Special SessionPolicy

    Despite traveling all across the country on behalf of the DNC, Gov. Tim Kaine was in Richmond long enough to actually do something worthwhile: listen to Sen. Ken Cuccinelli and heed his advice. Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for Virginia Attorney General, has been calling on the governor to convene a special session of the General […]

  • Jody Wagner takes credit for transportation authoritiesPolitics

    Just got a press release forwarded to me from Jody Wagner, eminent scholar of popcorn and fuzzy math (which reminds me – both her revenue projections and her popcorn are full of hot air!). “For the past four years, Jody Wagner has helped Governor Kaine work across party lines to produce bi-partisan, common sense solutions […]

  • Republicans for Deeds?Politics

    The Deeds campaign announced today the following “Republicans” were endorsing him: Sen. Brandon Bell (R. – Roanoke Co.) – Member of Senate: 1992-96; 2004-2008. Sen. John Chichester (R. – Stafford) – Member of Senate: 1978-2008. Elected President pro tempore of the Senate, 2000. Former Chair of Finance Committee. Sen. Russ Potts (R. – Winchester) – […]

  • Rest Stop RodeoPolicy

    Who would have thought that the biggest issue of the Summer of 2009 would have been…rest stops? Of course, when you think about it, it encompasses all the elements of a hot-button political issue: the economy, transportation, the free market, the tenth amendment / federal-state relations, etc. If you don’t know what I am referring […]

  • Congratulations! Kaine to spend entire day in Virginia!Policy

    It’s an exciting day! Governor Tim Kaine is actually going to spend the entire day in Virginia! I can hardly contain my excitement! Kaine’s usual itinerary boasts “Aspen, Atlanta, Biloxi, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia and San Francisco.” But Virginia? I never expected that. Who knows? […]

  • Blogs United not included on Deeds debate listPolitics

    Please check out my post on the Blogs United web site for the organization’s position on not initially being included in the Deeds campaign list of debates for this campaign. “We still want to do this debate,” wrote Tucker Martin, McDonnell spokesman to the Deeds campaign and the BU Board of Directors via email.

  • McDonnell’s transporation plan unveiled: “End Gridlock, Create Jobs: Get Virginia Moving Again”Politics

    Comprehensive Plan Includes: Privatization of ABC with Revenue Dedicated to Transportation; Expand 70mph Speed Limit to Interstate Sections Statewide; Utilize Port Revenue and Dedicate Percentage of New Growth Revenue to Transportation; External Audit of VDOT; Allow Northern Virginia to Retain Portion of Sales Tax Revenue for Roads

  • Cap and Trade protests in VirginiaPolicy

    All is not lost on the horrid Waxman-Markey National Energy Tax bill…it still has to go to the Senate. Which means that, however unlikely, Sens. Warner and Webb still might be persuaded, as Rep. Glenn Nye (D-VA02) was, to vote against the bill. Taking to Sen. Warner’s office in Chesterfield last week (as well as […]