• Obama Administration sitting on its hands on energy?Policy

    If you haven’t noticed during the busy campaign, gas prices are going up again: In the meantime, the public comment period on lease-sales ended, and apparently it is overwhelmingly in favor (2-1) of opening our shores up for exploration and drilling, but Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar has yet to release those comments. In the […]

  • Two months to catch Mathieson’s Aide??Politics

    It took mere hours for ex-delegate Bobby Mathieson to pledge to spend taxpayer money to try to save his fledgling, insignificant and short-lived legislative career. It’s been months since his aide had been investigated for embezzling campaign funds, and we haven’t heard a peep. “Mathieson said he filed a police report Thursday concerning discrepancies and […]

  • Sanity CheckpointPolicy

    Back in April my friend Steve Bierfeldt was detained at St. Louis airport for carrying $4,700 in cash and insisting on his rights when challenged by the TSA. Six months later, the ACLU lawsuit on behalf of Steve has been dropped since the TSA has issued revised rules to prevent “fishing expeditions” for unrelated crimes […]

  • Veterans Day Open ThreadCatch-All

    Today is a day when we take time to honor the men and women who serve, and have served, this nation in the Armed Forces. Especially in the wake of last week’s shooting at Fort Hood, I urge our readers to take a moment today to thank, pray for, or encourage someone you know who […]

  • Figuring out Nye and PerrielloPolitics

    Freshmen congressmen Glenn Nye (D-2) and Tom Perriello (D-5) both defeated incumbent Republicans in 2008, but are high on the national target list by the GOP in 2010. Both have made themselves vulnerable, but in different ways, for the coming election. In a nutshell, Nye has nearly cast himself as a continuation of Republican policy. […]

  • Villanueva beats Mathieson finallyPolitics

    No, it wasn’t a recount. Mathieson hasn’t even asked for one yet, and he can’t until likely November 23rd. But will he? There are three steps here. Step one was completed last night, which was the local Electoral Board’s certification of results. It is NOT a recount (despite what some local media and some sign […]

  • McDonnell event provides backdrop for next political campaignsPolitics

    About six hundred happy Virginians packed into the Cavalier Hotel last evening to welcome home Governor-elect Bob McDonnell and his family. It was an opportunity to have, less than a week later, their own victory party for a favorite of this region. However, while that celebration was going on, at least five candidates were getting […]

  • Al Gore’s Attorney helps MathiesonPolitics

    The Mathieson message – We want the votes counted, so stop counting! Great logic, but then again this was the Democrat who was so “tough on crime” he bucked his own party to let felons work in schools. And in a great show of bipartisanship and effectiveness, he’s hired an expert, John Young, from the […]

  • The Federalist #5: Concerning Dangers From Foreign Force and Influence (continued)Policy

    Independent Journal Saturday, November 10, 1787 [John Jay ] To the People of the State of New York: QUEEN ANNE, in her letter of the 1st July, 1706, to the Scotch Parliament, makes some observations on the importance of the Union then forming between England and Scotland, which merit our attention. I shall present the […]

  • VPOD 82: 2009 Election Wrap-Up and 2010 PreviewPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Shaun and Jim review the 2009 election. In part one, we review the statewide campaign and discuss some of the House races: In part two, we talk “lessons learned”, what to expect in 2010, the role of the new media, and our own personal thoughts on this campaign: […]