• Bob Marshall’s God is not my God (UPDATED)

    From PoliticalWire: Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall (R) “says disabled children are God’s punishment to women who have aborted their first pregnancy,” reports the News Leader. Said Marshall: “The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, […]

  • Live at 6:30 PM: 2nd District GOP Candidates’ ForumMultimedia

    We’ll be streaming video of the 2nd District Republican candidates’ forum live from GOP Headquarters in Virginia Beach beginning at 6:30PM. The forum itself kicks off at 7PM. Update: The video is available below…debate starts about 30 minutes in. Interviews with Ed Maulbeck, Scott Rigell, Scott Taylor, Glenn Davis, and Bruce Meyer are in the […]

  • VPOD 90: Del. Chris Jones on the budgetPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Del. Chris Jones explains the basis for the budget proposed by the House of Delegates and its differences from the State Senate proposal. Also, Shaun and Jim talk budget, the congressional races, and our winners and whiners. Check out a great primer from the House Appropriations Committee on […]

  • Want Freedom Fries with that?Policy

    What would happen in the US if a restaurant chain decided to only cater to a specific population? Perhaps they target Hindu vegetarians or only served Jewish kosher meals, would we expect the government to sue the restaurant chain on our behalf for reverse discrimination? Apparently in the country so many liberals want us to […]

  • Brief Notes on the HRCC Conference CallPolicy

    Just finished a conference call with the HRCC regarding their FY 2011 budget proposals.  Lots of good news in here, mostly regarding the fact that the Senate version of the bill is structurally close to the House version.  McDonnell’s “secret meetings” did their job, eh? House Republicans were able to close the $2 billion gap […]

  • CPAC CondemnedPolicy

    Just before Bob McDonnell made a surprise visit to CPAC, one of the student activists made a total fool of himself by condemning CPAC for allowing GOProud to co-sponsor the event. Sitting in the crowd I was shocked this actually happened and couldn’t boo this idiot loud enough. This was right before Ron Paul was […]

  • Hurt has early polling advantage in the 5th District racePolitics

    The first scientific polling data has been released in the 5th District Republican nomination race and Robert Hurt has a ten-point lead, according to Public Policy Polling. The poll puts Hurt at 22%, while Ken Boyd comes in at 12%. No other candidate exceeds 4%. However, and this is the big number – 51% remain […]

  • 59 percent of Virginians agree with McDonnell, say “cut spending”Policy

    A new Rasumussen poll is out that puts Gov. Bob McDonnell at a 65% approval rating, but even more interesting going into this budget weekend is that 59% say that McDonnell is right to advocate for cutting government spending or reducing taxes. Additionally, from the report: McDonnell’s biggest short-term challenge to date may have been […]

  • Fightin’ Ninth Ready For A FightPolitics

    On Thursday, the Washington Post’s Amy Gardner dropped this piece looking at the tough road that 14-term Congressman Rick Boucher faces as he seeks re-election to yet another two years representing the people of Virginia’s Ninth Congressional District. While Gardner looks at the race in the larger context of the politics of Appalachia, she only […]

  • Senate Democrats in disarray on budget; gross mismanagement may lead to more stalematePolicy

    While in Richmond on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak with several Senate Republicans about the state of the budget in the Senate and one word kept coming up – “ugly.” The bottom-line is that Senate Democrats are in complete disarray over years of mismanagement and a mindset of “going along to get along.” […]