• “Insiders” National Journal Poll: “Cap and Tax” and StimulusPolicy

    This week, the National Journal “insiders” and “bloggers” polls focused on the climate change bill and whether or not we need further economic stimulus measures. The Insiders show that there will not be any more stimulus measures in the near term, but if there were, Democrats support government spending and Republicans tax cuts. No surprise […]

  • More Kaine travel storiesCatch-All

    Yesterday, the Washington Post connected on Gov. Tim Kaine (D))with a direct uppercut regarding his travels across the country as DNC Chair all the while purporting to be our governor – breaking yet another pledge (taxes, transportation, etc.): Timothy M. Kaine said he has been spending a day and a half of each workweek handling […]

  • A real jobs plan, not a centrally-controlled onePolitics

    From what I can tell of the jobs plan released by Bob McDonnell yesterday, it seems to be one which uses government to invite private enterprise and increased investment into Virginia, including incentives to create jobs in rural and distressed areas of the state. Creigh Deeds jobs plan: build roads and schools. Key difference – […]

  • Jody Wagner still can’t countPolitics

    Democrat candidate Jody Wagner is still having math trouble. In her latest campaign statements, she’s unsure whether she’s visiting six counties or seven. First she got the state revenue estimates so wrong, the state budget was thrown into a tailspin. Now she can’t seem to figure out if she’s reading a list of 6 counties […]

  • Wittman talks healthcare on the House floorPolicy

    Rep. Rob Wittman (VA-01) asks the U.S. House to consider all perspectives during the upcoming debate on healthcare reform:

  • Obama’s poll numbers slidingPolitics

    What goes up, must come down. Obama’s popularity in Virginia is now down below 50%, reflecting a trend that started in Ohio. A new Public Policy Polling survey looking at how likely voters for this fall’s election view Barack Obama finds his approval rating at just 48%, with 46% disapproving. Obama’s reviews are highly polarized […]

  • Nye vs. Nye

    The NRCC is calling for a debate between admitted supporter of the cap and trade bill, Rep. Glenn Nye, and admitted opponent of the cap and trade bill, Rep. Glenn Nye. The event location? The Waffle House. Politico piles on. E-Mail #1 “You will be pleased to know H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and […]

  • A pop and a fizzle. Deeds’ post primary bump gone.Politics

    The latest poll in the gubernatorial race has come out and it shows a 12-point swing towards Republican candidate Bob McDonnell since the Democratic primary a month ago. McDonnell, in the latest Public Policy Polling poll is found to lead Sen. Creigh Deeds, the Democrat, 49-43%, has a 3-point lead in favorability, and leads among […]

  • Funding universal healthcare with offshore profits?Policy

    As the healthcare debate begins, all sorts of interesting schemes and ideas are going to come to light. The one most recently brought to my attention is to make it tougher for U.S.-based companies to compete overseas, which might cost the U.S. jobs here at home.

  • Facebook follies in Virginia Beach?Politics

    State Sen. Ken Stolle’s senate seat won’t be vacant until he wins election in November as Virginia Beach’s next sheriff, but already this coveted Senate seat is drawing some fierce competition between Jeff McWaters, a local businessman and Rosemary Wilson, Virginia Beach councilwoman.