• Nobel Prize Committee Insults World’s IntelligenceCatch-All

    Martin Luther King, Jr. should be shocked. Mother Teresa should be stunned. And Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt ought to be downright indignant. In fact, the whole world should be insulted by the indefensible selection of President Barack Obama for the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace a mere eight-plus months into his first term as […]

  • Do Campaigns Have a Mercy Rule?Politics

    Deeds just flip-flopped on ABC stores…. AGAIN. Meanwhile, the McDonnell campaign is sounding more and more gubernatorial by the minute, talking cap-and-trade one minute, then debating at the Urban League of Young Professionals meeting at the University of Richmond the next. If this were softball, this election would have been called by now.

  • No lead is safe – or – What I learned about politics from the Detroit TigersPolitics

    The most recent polls look very good for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. He has more than doubled his lead in the Washington Post (+9), Survey USA has him up (+11), Rasmussen (+9), and even the liberal Public Policy Polling folks have him outside the margin of error (+5). This is very good. And, in […]

  • One Month To GoPolitics

    With less than four weeks between us and the 2009 Virginia Gubernatorial Election, the campaigns of Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell could not be going in more opposite directions. In short, McDonnell’s train is rumbling towards the finish at high speed, while Deeds is bumbling and stumbling towards a disappointing (for Democrats) date with destiny. […]

  • Commanding lead still for GOP ticket in WaPo pollPolitics

    Every candidate for statewide office for the GOP remains plus 9 in the latest Washington Post poll. McDonnell is at 53%. This is an increase in five points for McDonnell since the last poll. Also blogging, Virginia Virtucon D.J. McGuire writes: The internals for Deeds are, well, terrible. His call for tax increases was opposed […]

  • Democrats: Let’s get physicalPolitics

    Well, last week they wanted to rip down some poor guys sign when he was exercising his right to peacefully assemble at a public location. This week, they try to force themselves between blogger Greg L. of BVBL and the candidate, as the candidate was trying to clarify a moment from the debate. When the […]

  • The governor goes to LA again for DNC; we’re still 51st in transportation fundingPolicy

    CNN is reporting that DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, who was once elected governor of Virginia, is off to Hollywood to rub elbows with the Hollywood elite, including Terry McAuliffe’s buddy, Will.I.Am, to select that perfect commercial that will convince all of America that a government takeover of health care is the right thing to do. […]

  • Democrats, Taxes and the Virginian-PilotPolitics

    Get ready for the confusion. Democrats who have supported tax increases are spending October telling voters they haven’t. Of course, they wink to editorial boards a different tale to get endorsements and then wink to voters that they have opposed everything they told newspaper writers that they (ready for this focus-group tested line?) are keeping […]

  • Steve Shannon Botches Debate Again: How AG Office Works, Smacks Deeds Economy PlanPolitics

    The Attorney General nominees had a forum/debate this evening, and while the streaming feed was spotty, as was coverage immediately after, even the Washington Post agreed that the highlight of the evening was Steve Shannon demonstrating his ineptitude and proving once again he wasn’t capable: The best moment was probably when Cuccinelli asked Shannon to […]

  • A “new” voice for Virginia?Politics

    Krystal Ball would like to be the Democratic nominee for Congress in the first congressional district. She’s young, energetic, a mom, but with precious little experience in anything related to government (of course, this could be a plus). She also says that she would be a “fresh voice for Virginia”. So, where is she going […]