• Shocker! People still want the 10th Amendment!Policy

    Whether it’s cap-and-tax, employee “free choice”, nationalizing healthcare, creating union ownership of GM, or conducting a money-grab of the banking industry, it is clear that our liberal Federal government is taking unprecedented steps at infringing upon the sovereignty of states and completely ignoring the 10th amendment. According to our Constitution…yea, that thing that’s frequently ignored…Amendment […]

  • Bwana: Silly DeedsPolitics

    Bwana not only takes on the hypocrisy of the Deeds camp, but also takes a swipe at NLS: Meanwhile at NLS Ben offers up an inflammatory post claiming Bob McDonnell is attacking women based on campaign ads posted by the McDonnell campaign. But when you click the ad images Ben posted you see they are […]

  • The New Nobility

    With the recent explosion of townhall momentum, a faultline in America has been revealed. Why are the protestors so angry? Why are they taking time out of their busy schedules to come out to a townhall and protest? This has never happened before. Meanwhile the Congressmen have come to these town halls prepared to talk, […]

  • Happy Union DayPolicy

    Let’s not fool ourselves in thinking that Labor Day was created as anything but a sop to Labor Unions from a Democrat President that had just broken a strike and needed to kiss some major union butt. Labor Day was created to celebrate “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations.” […]

  • VPOD 74: Dirty Deeds at the WaPo, McD by 12, Hamilton, Energy, and UVA’s Lack ThereofMultimediaPodcasts

    Jim Hoeft and Shaun Kenney go extra innings on the WaPo’s manufactured and now highly mocked effort to turn the thesis into a scandal, McDonnell’s awesome poll numbers, the impact of Delegate Hamilton on the statewide HOD races, some energy policy, and a bit of ODU football (because Virginia hasn’t had such a game at […]

  • Sign Wars in Buena VistaPolitics

    Dems think they’re winning. Think not:

  • Goodlatte: Commonsense Changes that Should Be Included in Health Care ReformPolicy

    Guest post by Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-6th) While we can all agree that our current health care system is flawed there are many different ideas about how to fix it. Democratic Leaders in Congress have introduced and rushed through committee, the “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act”. This one-size fits all proposal would steer the country […]

  • What’s happening at your child’s school on Tuesday?Catch-All

    President Obama’s scheduled speech to school children on Tuesday, September 8th, has been widely criticized for politicizing the classroom. Of course, teacher’s have been using presidential speeches as teaching tools in the classroom since long before the Gettysburg Address, so what’s the big deal? Apparently it is a big deal. Maybe it’s the concern that […]

  • Conservative Women to Launch Virginia Liberty ProjectPolicy

    Virginia Liberty Project is bringing Liz Cheney and Kate Obenshain together to headline the launching event for the new organization. Judging by the list of organizations sponsoring this event, I expect that just one week from today, the elegant Waterford event center, next to Fair Oaks Mall, will be packed with a “who’s who” list […]

  • LEAKED: Obama’s Speech to SchoolchildrenPolicy

    It took most of the weekend working sources throughout the political world, but instead of watching the ODU football game, I was hard at work trying to find an advance copy of Barack Obama’s speech to be broadcast at schools across America. What I found had some edits, and it’s obviously not in finished form, […]