• Deeds advisers have a conference callCatch-All

    Joe and Mo had another conference call for reporters and bloggers today at 3 p.m. to espouse the state of the campaign. While I can’t attend (not that they’d give me the dial-in information anyway – yes, I have asked before), I thought it might be fun to play the “What will they say” game. […]

  • Negative bells toll for theePolitics

    As we approach the final weekend in the middle of a landslide, undoubtedly some desperate decisions are being made. “Should we launch that last minute personal attack.” Candidates gamble that they won’t self-destruct in the launch, but also risk that they’ll be hit by a similar personal attack by the aggrieved candidate who will then […]

  • Virginia Beach (tunnel) Vision

    Despite my better judgment, JR and I wandered into a forum sponsored by the business community in Virginia Beach that would discuss transportation in a non-partisan, non-political way. They would not discuss legislation, but the goal was a “more informed citizenry.” The Library doesn’t usually allow popcorn, which is usually my snack of choice while […]

  • Fimian and Rigell make top GOP listPolitics

    Keith Fimian in the 11th Congressional District and Scott Rigell in the 2nd Congressional District have made it onto the “top 40″ list of the National Republican Campaign Committee. The so-called “Young Guns” program was established by Reps. Cantor, McCarthy and Ryan in 2007 in order to recruit and elect Republicans in open-seat and challenger […]

  • A new source for Virginia politics?Catch-All

    Just as has transformed the transparency of Virginia politics, a new source has emerged in 2009 to help voters get more information before they head to the polls. Imagine Election allows a voter to enter their Virginia zip code and find out about their candidates. The site has maps, State Board of Elections data, […]

  • Delegate Lynwood Lewis belittles a voter for asking a questionPolitics

    At a public forum on the Eastern Shore, Del. Lynwood Lewis (D-100), was asked a question by a voter about where his campaign contributions come from. Lewis quipped that the man probably fell asleep during accounting class.

  • Vote for the Berry winnersCatch-All

    Based upon your nominations, here are the nominees for the 2009 Bearing Drift Web 2.0 Awards – The Berrys. Voting ends on Halloween. Best Video: Online Surveys & Market Research Best blog: Online Surveys & Market Research Roanoke Valley Republicans VA GOP Caucus Best Social Network: Online Surveys & Market Research Ken Cuccinelli (Twitter and Facebook) Tag Greason RPV Network Best […]

  • Outside the Obama/Deeds Stump: Recap w/ PicturesPolitics

    (due to work, my report covers the outside of the event up until 3 PM; for inside analysis, see Brian’s comments here) Pictures speak for themselves, McDonnell’s supporters blew Deeds camp away at their own event. Deeds people seemed to take for granted that they would have the floor to themselves; McDonnell’s supporters made sure […]

  • Live from Obama/Deeds Rally! Voters Dont Turn Out!Catch-All

    The overwhelming majority of people standing in line are students, not residents of Norfolk, Portsmouth or Virginia Beach. Very few Deeds paraphernalia, signs or shirts. Obama is clearly the draw, not Deeds.

  • Live from Obama Rally! Deeds Loses Sign WarCatch-All

    At the largest Creigh Deeds event this year, his staffers continue to drop the ball. The McDonnell demonstrators provided enough signs to blanket Hampton Blvd, upending Deeds on his day. Pictures after I get off work tonight. Over 50-100 people are here out front!