• Live-blogging the McDonnell endorsement

    Who or what will it be? McDonnell Endorsement

  • Arnold channels Reagan, Clint and the TerminatorPolicy

    With all due respect to the Gipper, Arnold the Governator of California completely outdoes the famous “Go ahead. Make my day.” line from the 80s in this spot that simply has to be seen. My friends, the tide has turned.

  • (Updated with plan) Deeds to announce economic planPolitics

    State Sen. Creigh Deeds, along with U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, will be announcing his economic plan in Roanoke today. According to a Deeds release, the plan will “create jobs and jump-start Virginia’s economy.” Update (10:50 a.m.): CREIGH DEEDS RELEASES PLAN TO JUMP START VIRGINIA’S ECONOMY AND CREATE JOBS ~ Focuses on green jobs, tax cuts, […]

  • One Small StepPolicy

    40 years ago today, Neil Armstrong made world history by stepping on a moon. While the milestone was an amazing engineering feat, it is one that I personally feel was unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, I think Astronauts are great and I’m proud America was the first to achieve the goal, but human space flight […]

  • Bob McDonnell Major Endorsement Monday at 3Politics

    Endorsements in a Governor’s race are fairly common, so my ears perk up when a candidate announces a press conference for one. Bob McDonnell will be announcing an “important endorsement” Monday at 3 PM in the General Assembly building in Richmond. Whom could it be?

  • Does Creigh Deeds Need Enemies?Policy

    When he has a friend like Joe Biden? Campaigning for Creigh Deeds, Biden claimed that we have to spend more money to keep from going bankrupt. Really? I couldn’t make this stuff up. News flash, Joe. California’s been trying that for awhile, and, guess what – they ARE bankrupt! Is that kind of spending part […]

  • Wonderful Wagner (Jody)Catch-All

    This will run for a couple seconds before the music starts. Lyrics by Brian Kirwin Don’t know much about math, you see Don’t know our economy Don’t know why my budget was so wrong “Four billion off” is my campaign song But I do know that I’ll fool you Into giving us more revenue What […]

  • Cuccinelli tires of Shannon’s games; issues a man-to-man challengePolitics

    Representing something akin to “meet me in the playground after school”, Sen. Ken Cuccinelli issued the following challenge to Del. Steve Shannon today: FAIRFAX — After hearing of Steve Shannon’s silly, time wasting tele-conference, Senator Ken Cuccinelli pledges NOT to do the same. However, Ken Cuccinelli did issue the following challenge: “Steve, last week I […]

  • Democrat Freshmen tell Pelosi NO NEW TAXESPolicy

    The Hill reports that 21 Dem Freshmen, including Reps. Glenn Nye, Gerry Connolly and Tom Perriello, signed a letter today telling Speaker Nancy Pelosi that they can not support the tax increases in Obama’s health care plan. They even criticize the rollback of the Bush tax cuts, something Democrats have campaigned on constantly. Maybe someone […]

  • Goodlatte: We Shouldn’t Put Health Care in the Hands of Washington BureaucratsPolicy

    Guest post by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA06) Earlier this week Democratic Leaders in Congress introduced the “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act”, which sets the tone for a Washington takeover of the health care system —one defined by federal regulation, mandates, a myriad of new big government programs, and a significant increase in federal spending.