• Eating LeftPolicy

    In all honesty, I am typically pretty annoyed with the Whole Foods in my neighborhood. The organic bananas go rotten in 2 days, the selection of cereal is pathetic, and the sushi is overpriced. But I will gladly spend my money at one of the staples of liberal life after reading Whole Foods Co-Founder and […]

  • Poor Obama thinks the media is too toughPolicy

    Years and years of loud, angry protests while George W. Bush defended America against worldwide terrorism were no problem for Barack. Never quite bothered him. A couple weeks of people sounding off on his government takeover of health care, and the media is being mean to him. “President Barack Obama on Friday denounced news media […]

  • McDonnell gets key Farm Bureau endorsementPolitics

    Creigh Deeds, who spent a better part of the month touring the rural areas of Virginia and touts his agrarian roots in Bath County, still was unable to manage gaining favor with the Virginia Farm Bureau. Today, VirginiaAgPAC, the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation’s political action committee, gave the nod to the entire GOP statewide ticket, […]

  • Candidate Introduction Series: John Amiral, 87th House DistrictPodcastsVideos

    John Amiral (R) is a first-generation American and Navy veteran challenging Del. Paula Miller (D) in the 87th District in Norfolk. Amiral is focusing his campaign on improving education in the district, followed a close second by transportation. (takes about a minute or so to begin…still working out the bugs on how to have videos […]

  • DPVA supports partial birth abortion?Politics

    So, the DPVA spent another day yesterday talking about abortion instead of jobs. They attacked McDonnell’s career in the legislature by pointing to the votes he cast related to the abortion issue: “Delegate McDonnell sponsored or co-sponsored bills every year he was in the legislature to restrict a women’s right to choose. Anti-choice legislation was, […]

  • Waxman-Markey to cost Virginians thousands of jobs; Deeds placates progressives with extreme viewPolitics

    A new study has been released by the American Council for Capitol Formation and the National Association of Manufacturers and found that Virginia stands to lose between 41,400 and 56,400 jobs by 2030 due to the Waxman-Markey “National Energy Tax/Cap-and-Trade” bill. The study also found that energy costs go up, GDP goes down, output from […]

  • VPOD 71: Larry SabatoPodcasts

    In this edition of Virginia Politics On-Demand, I get the straight scoop from Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, about the “shake-up” at the Deeds campaign. We also discuss where the gubernatorial campaign stands right now, if Deeds lack of policy proposals is a problem, and what his thoughts are […]

  • Source: Vick to sign with Philadelphia Eagles, team deniesCatch-All

    NFL rumors and local folks are watching the Michael Vick story, and whether he’ll be signed by an NFL team. Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams are all reportedly looking at it, but a reliable source tells me that the Philadelphia Eagles, on the heels of the day-to-day knee injury to backup QB […]

  • The grown-ups speak on Deeds and Confederate flagPolitics

    The grown-ups speak When you have Bob Holsworth, Vivian Paige, and Bart Hinkle all tell you that you screwed-up, and Larry Sabato sticking to his guns that there is a shake-up at the Deeds campaign, you know that you’re efforts to be cute have failed. Let’s start with Holsworth’s analysis: “Mo Elliethee, newly appointed spokesperson […]