• Republican VA-02 District Meeting Tonight to Determine Nomination ProcessPolitics

    In a move sure to drawn fire from at least two of the candidates fighting for the Republican nomination in the 2nd Congressional district, tonight the 2nd District Committee holds another meeting to determine the nominating process for the candidates. Last month, the committee chose a canvass, prior to the 8th State Senate special election. […]

  • Hampton Roads Left Out of Federal High Speed Rail Funding; Kaine ‘Legacy’ Dims FurtherPolicy

    In a body blow to the hopes for bringing high speed rail to southside Hampton Roads, President Obama traveled to Tampa, Florida today to announce distribution of the $8 billion in federal money marked for development of high-speed rail throughout the country. While 31 states will receive some portion of that money, Virginia officials had […]

  • Leave the blogging to Blue VirginiaCatch-All

    I have to give Blue Virginia props. Even they wouldn’t be stupid enough to write what I saw tonight on Daily Kos: And the teabagging, bipartisan response in front of an all GOP audience is over. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell had a “black woman”, “asian guy”, and “military guy” behind him. The seating chart for […]

  • VPOD 89: Virginia Congressional Republicans respond to State of the UnionPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, U.S. Reps. J. Randy Forbes (R-VA04) and Rob Wittman (R-VA01) offer their immediate thoughts and commentary on the president’s State of the Union Address. Congressman Forbes spoke about our soaring debt and out-of-control spending and how it is imperative to reign it in and Congressman Wittman spoke about […]

  • New from Red Store VirginiaCatch-All

    See this design and more at Red Store Virginia.

  • Excerpts from President Obama’s State of the Union AddressPolicy

    Tonight, President Obama will address the country before a joint session of Congress to give the State of the Union. There is no doubt that his remarks will be focused on the economy and health care. Here are some of the excerpts from the address tonight: We face big and difficult challenges. And what the […]

  • NoVa Delegate Solution for HRBT: Toll, toll, toll!Policy

    In another dead-end idea, this one crafted by a Republican delegate from Leesburg, Delegate Joe May introduced legislation today calling for a $2 toll on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and Monitor-Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel. Just to be clear, Del. May’s district sits roughly 208 miles away from the HRBT. May’s legislation was in response to being ‘somewhat […]

  • Democrats flocking to McDonnellCatch-All

    I had no idea that Washington Democrats had become so unpopular that the DNC and DPVA would be clamoring to get tickets to the REPUBLICAN response to President Obama’s State of the Union. But, apparently that is indeed the case. Politico reports that the DNC is itchin’ to get in the audience, so much so […]

  • Fee = Tax: AFP sends message to the General AssemblyPolicy

    Subj: AFP Response to rumors of fee increases. Dear Legislator: Thank you for the tough tasks you are undertaking on behalf of the commonwealth this year. While we appreciate the political expediency of raising revenues to finance continued overspending, we hope the governor and the General Assembly will follow the clear message sent by voters […]

  • McDonnell Republican Rebuttal to be “clear and concise”Policy

    Use this post as an open-thread about the president’s speech and the Republican response. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be providing tonight’s Republican response to the President’s State of the Union Address from the floor of the House of Delegates and will deliver a message that will not be unfamiliar to Virginia residents. McDonnell will […]