• NoVa Delegate Solution for HRBT: Toll, toll, toll!Policy

    In another dead-end idea, this one crafted by a Republican delegate from Leesburg, Delegate Joe May introduced legislation today calling for a $2 toll on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and Monitor-Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel. Just to be clear, Del. May’s district sits roughly 208 miles away from the HRBT. May’s legislation was in response to being ‘somewhat […]

  • Democrats flocking to McDonnellCatch-All

    I had no idea that Washington Democrats had become so unpopular that the DNC and DPVA would be clamoring to get tickets to the REPUBLICAN response to President Obama’s State of the Union. But, apparently that is indeed the case. Politico reports that the DNC is itchin’ to get in the audience, so much so […]

  • Fee = Tax: AFP sends message to the General AssemblyPolicy

    Subj: AFP Response to rumors of fee increases. Dear Legislator: Thank you for the tough tasks you are undertaking on behalf of the commonwealth this year. While we appreciate the political expediency of raising revenues to finance continued overspending, we hope the governor and the General Assembly will follow the clear message sent by voters […]

  • McDonnell Republican Rebuttal to be “clear and concise”Policy

    Use this post as an open-thread about the president’s speech and the Republican response. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be providing tonight’s Republican response to the President’s State of the Union Address from the floor of the House of Delegates and will deliver a message that will not be unfamiliar to Virginia residents. McDonnell will […]

  • Paul Ryan releases his “Road Map” to bring fiscal discipline back to DCPolicy

    In the Wall Street Journal this morning, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), released “A Road Map for America’s Future“, which outlines a Republican plan to fix America’s great entitlements in Medicare and Social Security, as well as reform the tax code and health care. The difference between the Road Map and the Democrats’ approach could not […]

  • Mr. Frozone goes to Capitol HillPolicy

    In his State of the Union address tomorrow night President Obama is expected to propose a three-year spending freeze on discretionary spending other than that for national security. Of course that amounts to about $15 billion from next year’s budget and doesn’t even scratch the surface of a more than $1 trillion budget deficit. It’s […]

  • Krystal Ball zings NyePolitics

    Blue Virginia has the thoughts of Democratic Candidate for Congress, Krystal Ball, who gives the equivalent of the cold shoulder to Congressman Glenn Nye (D-Virginia Beach) on the Bill Press Show: “I think [Congressman Tom Perriello] is in a much stronger position going into 2010 than Congressman Nye, who’s been on the other side of […]

  • “New” blog in 5th DistrictCatch-All

    Check out “Freedom Watch“. Audrey Welborn started the blog in July and has been fairly prolific and consistent at gathering news and information from a conservative perspective ever since. Welcome to the Virginia blogosphere, Audrey!

  • McDonnell releases jobs creation planPolicy

    Governor Bob McDonnell, along with legislators from both parties, released his jobs creation plan at the state capitol today. Some of the ideas we’ve heard before, such as doubling the Governor’s Opportunity Fund, but many of those ideas and new ones were expanded upon today. From a McDonnell press release: Among the highlights of McDonnell’s […]

  • Should Republicans be seeking national, state or local office in 2010?Politics

    An interesting take in the American Spectator by Project Virginia founders Ford O’Connell and Steve Pearson who take a bit of exception to Karl Rove’s article that “ambitious Republicans” should be vying for Federal office. Instead, given that many states have state legislatures also up for election this year and this year also begins the […]