• Time to Apply Pressure on Senators Webb and WarnerPolicy

    Tomorrow, the U.S. Senate will be voting on Senator Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) health care bill. It appears that both of Virginia’s Senators are on the fence voting on this legislation. Perhaps, Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner should be on the fence considering that this bill will impose $36 Billion in new taxes and fines […]

  • McWaters endorsed by Stolle; Wilson endorsed by city leadersPolitics

    Jeff McWaters has received the endorsement of Virginia Beach Sheriff-elect and soon-to-be former State Sen. Ken Stolle, who is vacating the seat. In an email today to supporters, Stolle writes: “In this election there are two Republicans vying for the seat, both have served the community of Virginia Beach for many years and both are […]

  • 8th Senate District GOP primary may go nasty – and quickPolitics

    Yesterday, the Jeff McWaters’ campaign for State Senate released a very interesting campaign email that seems like they might know something the rest of us don’t. Chris LaCivita (who recently aided Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli and was the media advisor for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) appealed to voters about potential negative campaigning from Rosemary […]

  • The Federalist #8: The Consequences of Hostilities Between the StatesCatch-AllMultimedia

    New York Packet Tuesday, November 20, 1787 [Alexander Hamilton] To the People of the State of New York: ASSUMING it therefore as an established truth that the several States, in case of disunion, or such combinations of them as might happen to be formed out of the wreck of the general Confederacy, would be subject […]

  • Why Democrats are losingPolicy

    We’re in the middle of the worst recession in a generation with unemployment in double digits, and the number one priority for Democrats throughout the entire first quarter of Obama’s Presidency has been a government takeover of health care. Whatever problems exist in health care, they pale in comparison to recession, unemployment and economic stagnation. […]

  • Trouble in the 37th DistrictPolitics

    Coming soon to the 37th State Senate district…Dave Marsden. It appears Marsden has established a web appearance showing that he is running for the Democratic nomination. Is this the best candidate that the Democrats could recruit? He nearly won re-election by 209 votes for his House of Delegates seat. Aside from this, there are some […]

  • School Choice Widely Favored in VirginiaPolicy

    If you were to listen to the Virginia Education Association on school choice, you would think that it’s the worst thing in the world. “I really believe there is an underlying bigotry at the bottom of it all,” said VEA President Kitty Boitnott earlier this year. If that is the case, then most of Virginia’s […]

  • Another “Amiable dunce”Policy

    Clark Clifford coined the phrase by calling Ronald Reagan an “amiable dunce.” Clifford, a former Secretary of Defense for LBJ during the Vietnam era, helped Jimmy Carter deal with Iran’s taking of 52 American hostages while America stood by helpless, and left this world under indictment for fraud, conspiracy and taking bribes. If that’s the […]

  • Conservativa for Congress!Politics

    Today I have been greatly honored with the nomination of the Republicans of Virginia’s 79th district, and I hereby accept, with all the humility I can manage, your trust in me to run for and, voters willing, represent the 79th district in the United States House of Representatives! How surprised I was by your nomination, […]

  • McWaters takes a shot at McDonnell’s teamPolitics

    Listening to my friend JP Godsey’s radio show on 670 AM and my jaw hit the floor. Jeff McWaters just mentioned that he was regional coordinator for Bob McDonnell, but he was the statewide head Finance person for Jerry Kilgore, and McWaters said ‘We raised 23 million dollars (for Kilgore). I don’t know how much […]