• Wolf critical of congressional colleagues on CubaPolicy

    I don’t think anyone would go so far as to say that dialogue is not important at resolving critical differences of opinion…both politically and in international relations. But when the other participant has a long string of human rights abuses and has done nothing to demonstrate contrition or a change in position, one has to […]

  • McDonnell and Bolling seeking unity in GOPPolitics

    “If we lose this race, Virginia will be blue…it will be hard to argue it any other way,” said Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to a group of bloggers in the LG’s conference room on Wednesday before the veto session convened.

  • Live Radio tonight: “On the Edge of the Shore”Catch-All

    I’ll be appearing on Melody Scalley’s “On the Edge of the Shore” show tonight at 8:10 p.m. (WESR 103.3 FM). It’s available streaming on-line. Rep. Drake is on right now (7:10 p.m.).

  • Attacking McDonnell on religion – on Passover and Holy Thursday!Politics

    Forget the absolute irrelevance of attacking a public figure on religion – who’s the genius with the Democratic Party who decided to launch attacks on Bob McDonnell’s faith on a holy day? Today, as most people know is the first day of Passover and, for Christians, Holy Thursday. But that didn’t stop the Democratically-funded (Democratic […]

  • Negative Democrats out of ideas; viciously attack Bob McDonnellPolitics

    Organized labor unions have plenty of money, and they’re spending it on funding Democrat front organizations to attack Republican Bob McDonnell. See what opposing Card Check and standing up for intimidation-free ballots gets you? I’m not linking to their attacks. It’s just sad to see the Democrats’ “hope and change” morph into “dirty politics as […]

  • Deeds Sitting On $1.4 MillionPolitics

    Despite being unable to fundraise while in session, Creigh Deeds has still been able to pull in and hold onto $1.2 million – more than Brian Moran has on hand and putting him in a strong position for the Democratic nomination for Governor with only two months to go. His campaign’s email (with links for […]

  • “Rabble” Rousers at the Capitol

    Couple of quick thoughts on today’s bloggers day at the Capitol. 1 – Sen. Cuccinelli recognized us bloggers in the Senate chambers today as “rabble rousers.” Question: does that make you, our reader, rabble? In all seriousness, Cuccinelli and Bolling seemed to be working very well together on the dais. Interesting. 2 – McDonnell and […]

  • Veto session todayPolicy

    Some important issues are coming up for discussion at today’s veto session at the General Assembly: Triggerman, gun law vetos, early voting, and unemployment benefits will all be discussed. We’ll see how lame the lame duck is. Does the governor have any sway…or is he already on his way to the DNC? It seems he’s […]

  • What does Robert’s Rules say?Politics

    The Richmond Times-Dispatch seems intent to create some controversy over the May 2 meeting of the RPV…stating that whoever is elected to chair that meeting is the “endorsed” candidate for permanent chair. However, what RTD is missing is that this is standard procedure for any organization that has a vacated seat. From Robert’s Rules: “If […]

  • Steve Forbes: Card Check “not dead”Policy

    Steve Forbes said that the battle over Card Check is not done, even with some major defections from the pro-union camp in the US Senate. Forbes called the card check the “Employee Forced Choice Act” since it does away with a secret ballot for a formation of a union. He called it “a Soviet Style […]