• kirwin_what_matters

    Six reforms for VirginiaPolitics

    My latest column in the Daily Press: Read about The Do Real Work Act, The Great Wall of Funding Act, and others.

  • habeeb

    Freshman Delegate Habeeb Takes One for the TeamPolicy

    Best wishes go out to brand new Delegate Greg Habeeb who broke his foot in two places tonight playing a little bipartisan basketball with his fellow house members. Get well soon, Greg!

  • Helsel victory signals Poquoson’s arrivalPolitics

    In the end, the nomination fight in the 91st wasn’t about congressional or tea party endorsements or the support of the outgoing delegate. It wasn’t about York or Hampton. And certainly not about pedigree or city office. It may have not even been about residency. What it was about was a popular mayor in a […]

  • (Update: Helsel Wins!) 91st District Open ThreadPolitics

    As information and returns come in tonight from the 91st District race, we’ll do our best to provide you info. As expected, Chad Green has done very well in York County. From a Green supporter: 609-Green 211-Helsel Stuart and Schmidt were less than 75 This is an unofficial tally. Please use the comments section if […]

  • VPOD 105: Del. Chris Peace (R-97)PodcastsPolicy

    Show notes: J.R. interviews Del. Chris Peace (R-97). Peace is carrying a reform bill for Governor Bob McDonnell to reduce the number of boards and commissions and gives us an update on the latest from the General Assembly. He is also carrying an illegal immigration bill which would ban those who are from attending state […]

  • A GDP Perspective on ChinaInternational

    So everyone is quaking in their boots about the rise of China and “state capitalism” as an alternative to the free market?  Before you go dropping $1,500 on those heirloom seed capsules and clinging to your rifles and Bibles, take this into account: No I can’t embed the graph… but it’s notable to see […]

  • PATHETIC — Reynolds Allows Castle Law to Die in CommitteePolicy

    You hear a crash in your home, and it’s 3AM.  Stumbling out of your bedroom with your firearm, you see a shadowed figure.  He notices you, and spins around and lunges towards you.  Unfortunately for him, you manage to squeeze off a round before he gasps in pain… Three months later, the intruder sues you […]

  • Gear questions Stuart’s residencyPolitics

    When the outgoing delegate, Tom Gear, questions a candidate’s credibility (Chris Stuart), that’s not good. More from WVEC-13.

  • Radtke’s preemptive strike on AllenPolitics

    Jamie Radtke proposes a series of debates with George Allen and takes exception to his voting record while in office regarding the national debt.

  • Legislation Bearing Drift supports/opposesPolicy

    We’re still adding to this list, but here’s were we stand on some of the legislation that’s out there… Bearing Drift’s Portfolio Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act; waiver of sovereign immunity. (HB1399) Patron: Del. Bill Janis (R-56) Status: passed subcommittee Bearing Drift supports this bill. Elections; qualified registered voter may vote in person from 14 […]