• Live Feed of the RPV AdvancePolitics

    There is a live video feed of the RPV Advance on the website. Check it out. I’ll have more online once I am back to the underground bunker in snowy Northern Virginia.

  • Where’s the Hope and Change?PolicyPolitics

    In 2008, one can vividly remember how most voters in the 18-30 age group supported Presidential candidate, Barack Obama’s election.  Many believed that Obama’s plans offered the best solution for the nation’s economic woes, while there were some who believed that there needed to be change at the federal level. Fast forward to December 2009.  […]

  • McWaters and Wilson in their own wordsPolitics

    Today is the last day before the firehouse primary tomorrow in Virginia Beach. If you have not yet listened to the podcasts with Rosemary Wilson and Jeff McWaters, candidates for the 8th Senate District, this might be your last shot to do so before the vote. McWaters Wilson

  • Blue Collar Republican: the Wilson/McWaters racePolitics

    I’ve been spending a lot of time in my hometown of Philadelphia this year. The city has long since been lost to Democrats, and most of the elected Republicans there have been in office so long, it’s name and not philosophy that keep them there. But it reminded me a lot about my life and […]

  • Kaine extends 11th hour benefits to gays…I wonder how felons feel about it?Policy

    Apparently felons don’t rank very high on Tim Kaine’s end of administration check-list (extending voting rights). It would appear gays get the nod first:

  • Verga demands “fair fight” if the FifthCatch-All

    Laurence Verga, candidate for the GOP nomination in the Fifth Congressional District, has penned editorials for Red State and Virginia Tomorrow recently lamenting that the NRCC appears to be going four-square behind State Sen. Robert Hurt for the nomination. Verga wastes no time in in the Virginia Tomorrow piece going after Hurt’s more controversial votes: […]

  • Guest Post: Hit and Run PoliticsPolitics

    By Brenda Haegley The final few weeks of Virginia’s 8th senatorial district race for the Republican nominee have been like watching a continual hit and run. The Wilson campaign has mastered this tactic. While a real hit-and-run situation is disturbing and reflects a lack of responsibility or concern for what’s left behind, this applied tactic […]

  • Second District GOP to have a canvass May 8Politics

    By a vote to 11-0, the congressional district chairs of the Republican Party of Virginia have Second Congressional District Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia decided that the nominee in the second congressional of the district shall be decided by canvass on May 8, 2010. The locations of the canvass will be decided at […]

  • Virginia Beach to change grading scale?Policy

    A friend from Virginia Beach writes me today about potential changes in the Virginia Beach grading scale. Here’s his email: Parents of school kids are being asked by Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) to take a survey to measure opinion about a proposal to adapt a new grading scale. VBCPS currently uses the following […]

  • More love for McWaters from the Virginian-Pilot and Lt. Gov. Bill BollingPolitics

    Two more endorsements rolled in today for Jeff McWaters in the Virginia 8th District State Senate GOP nomination fight between him and Virginia Beach City Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson. The south Hampton Roads paper, the Virginian-Pilot, endorsed McWaters today. “McWaters can’t be expected to immediately fill the void Stolle leaves, but he’s a perceptive leader who […]