• Dirty politics at the Shad PlankingPolitics

    Apparently someone is destroying McDonnell signs at the Wakefield Shad Planking:

  • Tea Party Day!

    The day has finally arrived for America to show its representatives how it feels about taxes! Tea Parties are taking place all across America and Virginia. Check out the official site and find out where you can participate here in Virginia. In Hampton Roads, the tea party goes from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Be […]

  • Weekend Virginia: Unemployment Insurance and Triggerman RulePodcasts

    In this episode of “Weekend Virginia” with Fred Echols, Waldo Jaquith and I provide our thoughts on federal stimulus money being provided for unemployment insurance and also what the future might hold for the “Triggerman” rule. We also give our two-cents on what this means for the upcoming election. It’s the smartest 7 minutes you’ll […]

  • Obama Makes a Change I Can Believe InPolicy

    A quick thumbs up here to the Obama administration for loosening some restrictions on American/Cuban interaction. Especially with Fidel Castro having handed over the reigns of power to his brother, Raul, the time is right for a more engagement oriented Cuba policy. Obama is taking only moderate first steps now. He hasn’t lifted the embargo […]

  • I’m Still NOT a Conspiracy TheoristPolicy

    but, apparently, DHS thinks I could have the makings of some sort of domestic terrorist… Toward the end of last month, we blogged about a Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report that named certain common conservative beliefs and support for third party right-of-center candidates as “warning signs” of paramilitary activity. The MIAC report was withdrawn […]

  • Wagner has terrible fundraising quarterPolitics

    Despite being a full-time candidate and having multiple fundraisers, Jody Wagner only managed to raise $375K this quarter ($400K in the bank). That’s just $73K more raised than Bolling, who did not host any fundraisers, only was allowed to accept donations for the month of March, and has more than $1.3 million in the bank. […]

  • Virginia GOP YouTube site “pranked”Politics

    A video that featured two women kissing has been taken down from VAGOPTV – The RPV’s YouTube channel. According to Gerry Scimeca, the party’s communication director, the video appears to have been a “prank.” He also said the RPV is taking steps to ensure the site isn’t compromised again.

  • Republicans doing o.k. in money racePolitics

    Bob McDonnell’s campaign raised $2.2 million ($3.5 million on-hand) and Bill Bolling’s campaign raised over $300K this quarter (with $1.3 million in the bank). In comparison, Terry McAuliffe raked in $4.2 million, Sen. Creigh Deeds raised $600K (but has $1.2 million on-hand) – but spent a large portion of the quarter in session (where fund-raising […]

  • VPOD 57: Del. Sam Nixon on unemployment insurancePodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Del. Sam Nixon (R-Chesterfield), Chairman of the House Republican Caucus, talks about the confusion regarding the appropriation of federal stimulus money towards unemployment benefits, what Republicans did to support the unemployed, whether there really is a possibility of a reconvened session, what kind of legacy Gov. Tim Kaine […]