• Gosport.Conspectus – 10.25.09Catch-All

    Chapter II… – What a horrendous week for Creigh Deeds. Just brutal. – Still waiting for anyone to explain justification for voting for Deeds. Which policies work for you vs McDonnell’s? – Young Democrats boast about walking 600 doors over the course of a weekend (looking at you vbdems) Young Republicans today walked over 1000 […]

  • Is Creigh Deeds Making the Environmental Groups Angry?Politics

    At the last Governor’s debate in Roanoke, Creigh Deeds indicated that he opposed the cap and trade bill that has been introduced in Congress. This opposition was even featured in a recent ad, and now, this is beginning to infuriate the League of Conservation Voters, who endorsed Deeds. According to The Politico, the Director of […]

  • VPOD 80: Jim Geraghty, NROPodcastsPolitics

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, we take a quick look back at the biggest news of the week in politics, including the debates between the LG candidates and the gubernatorial candidates, what Sen. Creigh Deeds thinks about a federal public option in health care, the closing of the International Paper Mill in Franklin, […]

  • New GOP blood gets surprise WaPo endorsementsPolitics

    The 47th and 48th districts are among the bluest of the blue districts in Virginia. In the 48th, the Democratic incumbent, Bob Brink, has blocked any chance of widening I-66 inside the beltway in the last 10 years in office. The open seat in the 47th has a Democrat challenger who is a healthcare lobbyist […]

  • Why Editorial Boards Are Wrong on TransportationPolitics

    Repeated criticism of Bob McDonnell’s transportation plan ring hollow with savvy Republicans, who understand exactly the situation with the Commonwealth. Fact of the matter is 60% of Virginians do not agree with a tax increase to pay for transportation. 75% of editorial boards, however, do. (ballpark estimate) These editorial boards, WaPo, Virginia-Pilot and others repeatedly […]

  • Virginian-Pilot endorsements – HooeyPolitics

    “First of all, we’re not telling you how to vote.” (Virginian-Pilot) That’s what Editorial chief Don Luzzatto wrote Friday about the upcoming Virginian-Pilot endorsements. Haw Haw Haw! A few examples of why that’s hooey. “Disappointment in both Miller’s past and in Giffin’s potential makes it hard for us to summon the conviction necessary to make […]

  • White House Concedes for Deeds 11 Days Before ElectionPolitics

    Congratulations to the Washington Post for winning the caption contest with “HE DID IT!!”; close runner-up to J.R. with “You think HE can pull MY numbers?!” Wow. That’s really all I can say after the Democratic White House proceeded to throw Creigh Deeds directly under the bus today. These breakdowns from today’s articles really tell […]

  • RNC Chairman Michael Steele to campaign in Hampton RoadsPolitics

    Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele will be coming to Hampton Roads today to visit with volunteers working this afternoon in both the Chesapeake and Virginia Beach campaign offices. The campaign offices are located at 524 Johnstown Road in Chesapeake and 505 S Independence Blvd, Suite 103 in Virginia Beach. Steele is expected to be […]

  • Enthusiasm Gap in Full Effect on ThursdayPolitics

    On Thursday, the Virginia Victory Operations reportedly made over 66,000 (not a typo) phone calls and voter contacts today. Alone. Calling those alleged 500,000 Obama voters over the course of three weeks seems small potatoes at this point. Great job everyone, we have to keep knocking doors, picking up phones and getting the word out. […]

  • Joe Bouchard – When in a hole, keep diggingPolitics

    Del. Joe Bouchard, obviously desperate to keep his seat, ran one of the most despicable ads in Virginia political history. One account of the ad said: When one does more research, one finds that this particular hospital has a neonatal intensive care unit, which serves a higher percentage of sick newborns than other facilities. That […]