• Here We Go AgainPolitics

    As the race for the Republican nomination for Attorney General enters the home stretch, I have been increasingly impressed not just with the quality of the candidates, but also with the level of respect each of the candidates has shown for their opponents. Every Virginia Republican must understand by now the importance of emerging from […]

  • Glenn Nye likes war nowPolicy

    Less than 4 months into his Congressional term, little Glenn Nye has suddenly ditched the “move on dot org” inspired anti-war rhetoric and now sounds almost like George W. Bush. In the latest Virginian-Pilot campaign ad unbiased reporting article, they shower little Nye with praise for “praising the war effort” and “warning of instability.” “Nye […]

  • Frederick remains consistentPolitics

    With yesterday’s announcement that Pat Mullins is running for chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and Sandy Liddy-Bourne will be Mullins “Victory Virginia” chair, has Jeff Frederick decided whether he is running for election to the post again? According to an email from Frederick, “As I have said fairly consistently, I am considering it.” […]

  • Mullins declares candidacy; Liddy to serve as a “Victory” chairPolitics

    Pat Mullins, chair of the Louisa County Republican Committee, announced, as expected, his candidacy for Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chair at today’s Young Republican Federation of Virginia convention, according to Crystal Clear Conservative. Sandy Liddy Bourne, who also was rumored to be running, is not going to run for the position of RPV Chair; […]

  • Press Release: Wagner Unveils Economic AgendaPolitics

    1 + 1 = 11 Just kidding — Here’s her plan.

  • Shannon signals Cuccinelli as AG opponentPolitics

    In Del. Steve Shannon’s latest missive he singles-out State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli – a clear indicator that he sees Cuccinelli as his most-likely rival in this fall’s AG showdown. “Last week, Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli, and the majority of Virginia’s House of Delegates put partisanship ahead of what’s right, and rejected $125,000,000 in federal money […]

  • Crab comeback?Policy

    Update: Rep. Rob Wittman with an exclusive statement to Bearing Drift: “I am cautiously optimistic to hear that the blue crab population in the Chesapeake Bay is coming back. We need to ensure the health of the blue crab population, while at the same time keeping in mind the effects the harvest restrictions have on […]

  • RTD: Politicizing TechPolicy

    Earlier this week, we noted that it was unseemly for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to attempt to use the Virginia Tech tragedy as a political statement on gun control…especially when the current gun laws played absolutely no role in the event. Today, The Richmond Times-Dispatch also notes that what Bloomberg and anti-gun advocates […]

  • McDonnell takes commanding early lead in the horseracePolitics

    Rasmussen Reports is polling that Bob McDonnell has double-digit leads over all potential Democratic opponents, despite the Democratic Governor’s Association and others launching negative attacks on the Republican.

  • Pay For Play The Steve Shannon WayPolitics

    In the first quarter filing for 2009, Democratic nominee for Attorney General Steve Shannon reported receiving $272,644 in cash and in-kind contributions from 248 individuals, organizations and businesses, more than double the $105,205 raised by the top Republican AG nominee, John Brownlee.  Admittedly that is an awful lot of money, but is it representative of […]