• What if Bob McDonnell wrote this about abortion in his thesis?Politics

    Imagine if in McDonnell’s thesis written so many years ago about the value of family and marriage that he included a thought about abortion only being for the “poor” and “desperate.” Would that make national news? Would it get the left in a lather? I bet it would. And there’s one candidate in this race […]

  • Rasmussen: McDonnell up by 9 AFTER WaPo hit piecePolitics

    A Rasmussen poll conducted after the Washington Post focus on Bob McDonnell’s writings 20 years ago gives McDonnell a 51-42 lead over his opponent Creigh Deeds, up from 49-41 a month ago: To this point, just 49% of Likely Voters say they’ve followed news stories on this topic even somewhat closely. Twenty-four percent (24%) say […]

  • WaPO hypocrisy hits a new high – is Jeff Schapiro a close second?Politics

    In case you missed it, Jim Geraghty at Campaign Spot from NRO has two great posts today on the governor’s race. First, Geraghty calls the editorial on McDonnell’s thesis a “sigh of relief” from the Washington Post. Earlier this year, their endorsement of Deeds in the Democratic primary boosted the Democrat’s chances at winning the […]

  • In VB Sheriff’s Race, Bell Not Supported by His Own Police DepartmentPolitics

    By Dennis Free VB Dems blogger Eileen Levandoski recently posted a baseless story about Virginia Beach Democrat Sheriff candidate John Bell saying that he is “qualified, competent and more than capable of being the next Sheriff of Virginia Beach.” Then why has John Bell received NO support from deputies, police officers, fire fighters and the […]

  • Why does negativity energize Democrats?Politics

    “Strangest gal I ever had, never happy unless she’s mad” That line from an Elvis/Roy Orbison song sums up Democrats in the current Virginia campaign. While they were forced into talking about their handling of the economy, Democrats were almost asleep. Bloggers and reporters wrote about how lackluster Democrat politicos have been. Transportation? Their development […]

  • Deeds staffer looking for satisfaction at the McDonnell campPolitics

    The Deeds’ campaign is incensed that one of their campaign staffers sought to pose as a citizen seeking information about McDonnell’s campaign activities. As reported by the Washington Post: “An overzealous campaign worker was trying to figure out where Bob McDonnell was today,” [Deeds' Campaign Manager Joe] Abbey said. “We have made it clear to […]

  • Of Deeds and DesperationCatch-All

    Recently, the Deeds campaign and the Democratic attack machine have tried to drive a wedge between Bob McDonnell and the people of Virginia. They must do this because they lack any real solutions of their own. The stories of these desperate actions on the part of the Democrats would be funny if they were not […]

  • VPOD 73: Creigh “Cooter” Deeds, the Kennedy Legacy, and the World SeriesMultimediaPodcasts

    On the heels of the Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial decrying one of the worst run campaigns in a decade, Bearing Drift take a critical look at the Creigh Deeds/Ben Jones comparisons and finds a common thread. Also on the podcast: A tough look at Senator Ted Kennedy’s legacy, the Catholic experience in America, local reaction to […]

  • Attack McDonnell about “covenant Marriage”???Politics

    Better attack Tim Kaine, too. “Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine announced yesterday a package of family-friendly proposals that include creating a voluntary “covenant marriage” option in Virginia–an issue usually championed by conservatives.” Kaine said the bill would “let couples express their lifetime commitment in a deeper way. “Marriage is sort of the bedrock of society,” he […]

  • McDonnell’s college paper has problemsPolitics

    The most significant problem of the Democrats and the Washington Post (and my local Virginian-Pilot who simultaneously ran the Post’s drivel on the front page) is they didn’t attack McDonnell for his research skills. I don’t believe McDonnell, when referencing feminism in a paper he wrote for school, ever researched or quoted current Senator Jim […]