• kaineobama

    What’s that, Timmy?PolicyPolitics

    Tim Kaine’s analysis of the 2010 elections revealed the same shortsightedness that led him to leave Virginians with a $7 billion budget shortfall.

  • dems

    Can Democrats talk about anything but slavery and NazisPolicy

    The decline of the Democratic Party in my life time has been tragically sad. The Party of FDR this is not.

  • Virginia Shows The Nation How To Create JobsPolicy

    “Our job creation efforts are based on a clear understanding that it is the private sector that creates jobs, not the government.”
    – Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling

  • Meet the New Majority LeaderPolicy

    “When the General Assembly is in session, everyone seems to have a good idea and has a spending program that they believe should be funded. If you don’t have a philosophy of a limited government that focuses on the core functions, then everything sounds good and you will wind up voting for nearly everything.”
    – Republican Leader Kirk Cox

  • Rewarding Roundup

    Rewarding RoundupCatch-All

    One of the reasons I don’t write as much as I’d like is because I’m too busy enjoying other people’s creativity. Here’s a sampling of what’s been showing up on my screen… Monday, we remembered the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who opined: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” NRO observes a […]

  • Redistricting in Virginia – The Ins and OutsPolicy

    Redistricting and reapportionment are both critical endeavors that are potential game changers in politics at both the state and federal level. Given our focus on single-member districts (where one individual represents one district drawn based on population), how these lines are drawn, who is included, and what their political – and often racial and ethnic – affiliations are, can make a huge difference in the shape and tenor of Virginia’s politics.

  • 2010 – The Year in ReviewCatch-All

    The winter of 2010 turned out to be one of Virginia’s coldest in nearly 25 years, but as though Providence was smiling upon the Old Dominion, the day of Robert F. McDonnell’s Inauguration to be Virginia’s 71st Governor dawned sunny and mild. McDonnell took the office promising a Commonwealth of Opportunity.

  • Checkup on Health CarePolicy

    From creating Virginia’s Health Benefits Exchange to tackling explosive Medicaid costs and suing the federal government, Virginia leaders are looking at full agenda for health care policy in 2011. In the end, they hope more people will get better value for their health care dollar.

  • A Glance at the Governor’s Budget ProposalsPolicy

    During a December speech to members of the Senate Finance, House Appropriations and House Finance Committees, McDonnell directed funds to areas that directly benefit job creation, including: Economic Development, Higher Education, Transportation, and Government Reform.

  • Can NoVA jeopardize GOP control of the State Senate?Politics

    Even though 2011 promises to be a good year with the anti-incumbent mood so strong, and Northern Virginia already being a battleground for Republicans, many Republicans will silently be asking themselves if late primaries and a multitude of candidates can actually help the party.