• Dad featured in local paperCatch-All

    I don’t often bring my personal life onto the blog, but in this case, I’m really proud of my Dad. He’s featured this week in the local paper which talks a little about his life in the military, baseball, and the ministry. He also has his own blog about the Detroit Tigers, which features some […]

  • Keith Olberman is a 9/11 TrutherPolicy

    Isn’t the definition of a “Truther” someone who believes the government was respondible for the attacks of 9/11? Thanks to traditional intelligence gathering, which Mr. Bush ignored — Mr. Bush knew who hit us very early after 9/11, in fact, he knew on 9/11. MSNBC’s Keith Olberman, 2/12/10 Keith Olberman. Truther. H/T Newsbusters

  • Washington Post: Now Bob McDonnell is a Moderate?PolicyPolitics

    The Washington Post spent the last several years and most of the fall trying to portray Bob McDonnell as the disciple that Pat Robertson loved. But their attempt to “macaca” him failed, largely because the public has realized that they’re not a news organization, they’re a propaganda arm from the left. Have they seen the […]

  • Neither Snow Nor RainPolicy

    On my way to Union Station this evening after work, I was driving through the Capitol Hill neighborhood and saw a mailwoman with a light on her head struggling through the snow higher than her knees. Given this is one of the worst blizzards in recent history with snow on the ground in 49 of […]

  • When will education be about learning?Policy

    The biggest Education debates so far this year has been about two things: Opening schools before Labor Day, and how much money school systems will get. This is what happens when the major voices in education are lobbyists, unions (oops, sorry, “professional organizations”) and government. I don’t believe for a second that opening schools before […]

  • Social StudiesPolicy

    Sounds like Congressman Jim Moran needs a history lesson on why the Legislative Branch is set up with two houses, one based on population and one based on equality. He came on Hardball with Chris Matthews to complain that “the Senate is not really representative of this country” because he is upset that states like […]

  • Dems Dumb on Guns in RestaurantsPolicy

    Do Democrats actually think a gun-totin’ shooter intent on blasting people in a restaurant will stop and say “Gee, I was gonna murder some folks, but since it’s against the law for me to carry concealed in a restaurant, I guess I’ll just go play backgammon”??? The Virginian-Pilot thinks so, in their editorial where they […]

  • Va. Senate Kills “Royalties for Roads” LegislationPolicy

    Yesterday, there was a heated debate in the Virginia State Senate about legislation that would decide how the Commonwealth would spend the royalties from drilling offshore for oil. SB 601, patroned by Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Virginia Beach), was killed by the Senate in a party line vote and was referred back to committee until next […]

  • That Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady (aka Ben Tribbett likes to tell women to “shut the f” up)PolicyPolitics

    The Virginia blogosphere’s resident bad boy is at it again. Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett (get yer own link) isn’t happy about House Bill 53, which he has labeled as the “Mark of the Beast” bill. The bill passed the House of Delegates today on a vote of 88-9. It’s one thing to not like […]

  • Goodbye CharliePolicy

    A very special man passed away today. An unlikely hero to many and a vagabond to most, Charlie Wilson almost singlehandedly defeated the Russians in Afghanistan by supplying the Mujahedeen with Stinger missiles through a complicated web of American bureaucracy, foreign governments, and unique characters that only someone as seasoned in scandal as Congressman Wilson […]