• BREAKING: 2nd District Candidate Dropping Out?Politics

    Sources are telling Bearing Drift that an imminent announcement regarding Chuck Smith’s campaign is forthcoming.  Speculation is his campaign is coming to an end; however at this time that is unconfirmed. More details as soon as we have them. Update [5:51 pm] Chuck’s website, is no longer a valid address either. Sorry apparently it […]

  • Essay: Tea Parties are Not the Defenders of ConservatismPolicyPolitics

    As 2009 draws to a close, the Tea Party movement continues generating controversy, at the local, state and federal levels. But despite the successful press from media outlets such as FoxNews, Politico and others, the tea party movement fails to deliver where it matters most: elections. More importantly, there’s an emerging identity criss with the […]

  • Will Webb vote for it before he votes against it?Policy

    I mean, it worked so well for John Kerry. The Health Care bill needs 60 votes to end debate, and 51 votes to pass. Will Sen. James Webb vote yes on cloture, then no on the bill?

  • Another Republican running against NyePolitics

    This may be the first candidate to announce a Congressional run on Yahoo!Answers. Info is here. After 3 years of a spendthrift Democrat-controlled Congress, isn’t it time for real change in 2010? Under the Pelosi Congress, Federal spending has gotten out of control with a national debt now hovering above $12 trillion it is vital […]

  • Boucher to seek 15th-termPolitics

    There was some thought that Rep. Rick Boucher (D-9th) would not seek to reach three decades of public service in Congress, but apparently, he will campaign at least one more time. According to CQ Politics, Boucher, the 14-term incumbent, has let the Democratic Party know that he will seek re-election. Among other things, Boucher chairs […]

  • Tea Party activists brewing for a fight in the Fifth?Politics

    After this weekend’s decision by Fifth District Republicans to hold a primary, vice convention, social networking sites have been buzzing about what to do about it. But perhaps none have been as direct as “Campbell County Republicans”. On Facebook, the unofficial Campbell County Republicans page had this to say… “It has become abundantly clear that […]

  • Will Democrats accept anything?Policy

    Democratic Congressman Glenn Nye looks well on his way to capturing the Party’s nomination. The Republican Party, that is. Check this out from the Washington Post. Vote after vote after vote where Nye has ditched Democrats and voted with the Republican leadership. 32 cosponsors to H.R. 3463 to permanently repeal the Estate Tax. 30 Republicans […]

  • Tax Increases On The Horizon?Policy

    Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is preparing the budget proposal for this coming year, and so far, the indications point towards a bringing back the car tax and placing other tax increase ideas “on the table,” as a way to balance the budget. This could not come at a worst time, as we are in an […]

  • Senate passes omnibus spending bill – U.S. continues to go further into debtPolicy

    Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed the omnibus spending bill of $1.1 trillion, loaded with earmarks and spending for government agencies, while this week the House will likely vote to raise the debt ceiling. The 1,088-page package contains over 5,000 earmarks, including provisions to transfer Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States, as well as provisions […]

  • Dick Morris warns against nominating centristsPolitics

    Now that fear of conventions has taken over the Virginia Republican Party establishment, (despite the fact that conventions have given us Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli and both GOP Congressmen from Hampton Roads Randy Forbes and Rob Wittman), the 5th has decided on a primary, and the 2nd district is shaky on its decision […]