• Bearing Drift House of Delegate Breakdowns – Part II (Republican Pickups/Wins)Politics

    Continuing from Part I (some people may not have realized that Part I was only Cakewalks, no challengers and Toss Ups) Part I Breakdown Totals: Toss Up: 4 Republican: 30 Democrat: 21 Independent: 1 Republican Pickups: 3rd Daniel Bowling* (D) vs Will Morefield* (R) Morefield hasn’t received much press in mainstream (i.e. Hampton Roads/NoVa) circles, […]

  • Virginia’s Choice: Being Someone or Doing SomethingPolitics

    In less than 48 hours, Election Day 2009 will be in the books and either Democrat Creigh Deeds or Republican Bob McDonnell will be elected the 71st Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. While many Virginians have already made up their minds about which candidate will receive their vote, invariably there are still some Virginians […]

  • Bearing Drift Live!Politics

    Bob speaks with passion about the turnout in the Commonwealth. 47% in 2005 here. In Iraq while Jeanine served, over 70% voted despite the challenges. Get people involved, get Hampton Roads out. The only thing that matters is the 13 hours on Tuesday.

  • Bearing Drift Live!Politics

    Cuccinelli with warm introduction, fires up the crowd. Warms up for the next Governor of Virginia… Bob McDonnell takes the floor with a huge round of cheers and applause. Lots of young people in the crowd, teenagers and young adults, Bob says great to see the next generation involving themselves. Excited about Maureen becoming First […]

  • Bearing Drift Live! McDonnell/Cuccinelli Rally in ChesapeakePolitics

    Standing room only crowd here in Chesapeake! People are fired up, brooms are out, lots of enthusiasm in the room! Delegate John Cosgrove is the MC Congressman Randy Forbes to a big round of applause…this crowd is LOUD! Pictures when I get home or when a contributor emails me to let me post.

  • Felons on school propertyPolitics

    “Mathieson refused 18 times to tell Ten on your Side why he voted for that bill.”

  • Conservative CostumeCatch-All

    Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations because it allows folks to be creative and be someone else for one day in the year. But what about those politicians who pretend to be conservatives and still call themselves Republicans? Who would you give the best costume award to? Olympia Snowe? Lindsay Graham? My choice, Mike […]

  • Election Countdown: Statewide/House of Delegate Predictions/Breakdown – Part IPolitics

    With Election Day rapidly approaching, the story has turned to how far down will Bob McDonnell’s momentum and coattails go? Races thought to be safe for Democrats are suddenly in play, other races thought to be a toss-up are suddenly in the safe column. As such, here’s Part I of our breakdown for the House […]

  • Predictions Open-ThreadPolitics

    Who will win and what will be the spread in the governor’s, lieutenant governor’s, and attorney general’s election? How many seats will be gained (or lost) in the House of Delegates? Use this thread to make your predictions. Listen to the podcast to hear what Shaun, Brian and Jim predict.

  • And the “Berry” goes to…Multimedia

    Based upon your votes, here are the winners of the 2009 Bearing Drift Web 2.0 Awards – The Berrys. Best Video Rich Anderson for his video, “Leadership”; the runner-up was “Young Lady” by RPV. Best Blog Roanoke Valley Republicans for their blog. Best Social Network Sen. Ken Cuccinelli for his use of social media. (Twitter […]