• Kumbaya, save the planet and plastic bagsPolicy

    The Virginian-Pilot amazes me again. Today’s editorial calls on government to ban plastic bags. Recycling isn’t good enough for Woodstockers. BAN! The trip is complete. The “make love not war,” “save the trees,” “tax the rich, feed the poor, ’til there are no rich no more” 60′s throwbacks at the Pilot have driven me to […]

  • Send Jody Wagner a Birthday Present!Politics

    It’s Jody Wagner’s birthday! Alan Wagner told supporters today that he already bought his wife of thirty years that “perfect something”, but I think we should get something for Jody that she really truly needs: A calculator! This Aurora has all sorts of features and is a great deal at $5. So send your belated […]

  • Down at the Mob ‘n’ Rabble Big Box StorePolicy

    Hi Muffy, I owe you a letter, but this is worth blogging, too! So, hope you don’t mind if I am letter/blogging!!!! First, you must must must go read this from the excellent Michelle Malkin. She has all kinds of fashion hints for would-be community organizers and mob or rabble member people. These terms supposedly […]

  • Deeds’ attack of McDonnell on governor’s fund says a lot about his economic abilitiesCatch-All

    Yesterday, Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor, Sen. Criegh Deeds, was in Bristol on his “Deeds Country” tour touting his support for the Governor’s Opportunity Fund – monies that are under the control of the executive to attract business to the state – and his commitment to raising the fund to $40 million. “I’ll continue to […]

  • McWaters putting up signs; ticking off McDonnell campaign?Politics

    Jeff McWaters is challenging Virginia Beach Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson for the Republican nomination for State Senate in the 8th District – Ken Stolle’s soon-to-be-vacated seat. The nomination won’t be determined until after the general election on Nov. 3, when Stolle is elected Sheriff, but both candidates are vigorously campaigning — particularly since they know there […]

  • McDonnell to Respond to O. Radio AddressPolitics

    Bob McDonnell will deliver the Republican response to Pres. Obama’s weekly radio address on this coming Saturday. According to this Daily Press story, “The designation was made by the House Minority Leader John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio.” Congratulations to the former Attorney General of Virginia, and color me unsurprised. Not only Virginians are taking […]

  • Democrats lie about VillanuevaPolitics

    In the wake of Creigh Deeds attacking Bob McDonnell for something he didn’t say, it’s funny that the Democrat bloggers have to lie to and attack Ron Villanueva for Will Sessoms’ proposal in the Virginian-Pilot today. The Democrats’ headline, just in case they change it, is “GOP House Challenger Ron Villenueva Suggests a Tax Hike” […]

  • Cuccinelli files Melendez-Diaz legislationPolitics

    What was called a “stunt” by Democratic candidate for Attorney General Steve Shannon has turned into legislation drafted by Rpublican candidate for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli announced today that he has filed legislation – the first to do so – for consideration for the special session, as called by the governor, that will be […]