• Video VPOD: Rep. Eric Cantor at the Republican RoundupVideos

    U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA07), Republican Whip, hosted his fifth annual “Republican Roundup” in Glen Allen, VA Oct. 17. He joined J.R. Hoeft to discuss the event, the overstep of national Democrats, U.S. policy in Afghanistan, and the importance of Virginia’s election to national policy-making. “One thing we see right now is unfettered power going […]

  • Message of the Washington Post and Creigh DeedsPolitics

    Save yourself 13 paragraphs. Here is the message of the Washington Post in their endorsement. Creigh Deeds raised taxes before and he’ll do it again. Honestly, that’s why they endorse him. Since my self-imposed policy of not linking to liberal commie rags of claptrap, you’ll have to look it up on your own. Google “supports […]

  • Cantor’s Republican RoundupPolitics

    Glad to be in Richmond (Innsbrook specifically) at Minority Whip Eric Cantor’s “Republican Roundup.” It is pretty chilly as the event gets started, but spirits are high amongst the supporters here who have joined for music (provided by “Royal Blue Band” – who absolutely rock), games, food and some speechifying. Check here over the next […]

  • MCain stumps for McDonnell in Virginia Beach; McDonnell trusts what the science says about global warmingPolitics

    U.S. Senator John McCain rallied fiscal conservatives in Virginia today by calling Bob McDonnell the man who will keep down pork-barrel spending in Richmond. At least two hundred people crowded into a VFW hall in Virginia Beach to see the man most there would like to see as president and hear from the man they’d […]

  • Happy DiwaliCatch-All

    Just wanted to wish all the contributors and readers at Bearing Drift a Happy Diwali. Hope everyone’s new year is safe and prosperous!

  • Obama Gives In, Promises Deeds Token Visit, Little HelpPolitics

    Creigh Deeds campaign giddily announced that despite rumors to the contrary (by rumors, I mean published reports across both sides of the aisle) that President Obama will campaign for Deeds October 27th. No details on location, time, length of visit or any other important things, just a WE GOT HIM! message from the campaign. Additionally […]

  • Which gubernatorial candidates are getting the internet buzz?Politics

    Great research today over at Red Virginia Conservative Railroad. BMO looked at all the major search engines and compared how Bob McDonnell searches match-up against Creigh Deeds searches. It’s not even really close in some instances. Yahoo: 2,670,000 results for “bob mcdonnell” Yahoo: 2,160,000 results for “creigh deeds” Google: about 421,000 for “bob mcdonnell” Google: […]

  • Yes Virginia, Women can be Republicans Too.Catch-All

    I was thrilled to read Kathleen Parker’s article, “Time for the GOP Women,” in the Washington Post this week about the Republican Party’s need to reach out to and recruit more female candidates. Parker points out several of the emerging female voices in the GOP, such as candidates Meg Whitman and Carla Fiorina of California, […]

  • NBC29: Five GovernorsCatch-All

    Govs. Linwood Holton, Doug Wilder, George Allen, Jim Gilmore and Tim Kaine sit down in a great twenty-minute interview with Adam Rhew of NBC29: Absolutely fascinating stuff about fundraising, campaigning, social media, lame duck governors, and what skills and values in a candidate to consider in picking the next governor. I was really surprised by […]

  • UPDATED: Financial Filings Due TodayPolitics

    All races this November have filings due by 5pm today.  VPAP will have sortable lists available by 6pm tonight and Bearing Drift will have numbers and thoughts later tonight as well. 2:21pm UPDATE: The Washington Post is already reporting some numbers. In the race for LG, Democrat Jody Wagner is reporting $465,000 raised from 503 […]