• Will Dems ditch Glenn Nye?Politics

    The White House says Creigh Deeds lost because he didn’t adhere to the Obama agenda. Democratic leaders opine that Deeds’ “I’m a Creigh Deeds Democrat” and his comments to “opt out” of national health care did him in. Democrat voters stayed home, they said. Lefty bloggers are saying this is what happens when Democrats run […]

  • House Call RallyPolitics

    DC saw upwards of 15,000 Americans flood the Capitol steps and the House office buildings with one message for Nancy Pelosi and advocates of government health care: “No, you won’t”! Many members of Congress who spoke were buoyed by Virgina’s election results. The crowd went wild for Joe Wilson & Michele Bachmann – especially Bachmann. […]

  • Campaigning on school propertyPolitics

    Jeff McWaters must love schools. First, he’s ramping up his name ID by latching onto a PTA fundraising letter. Now he’s breaking school board policy by campaigning at school football games, according to this Letter to the Editor in the Virginian-Pilot. “I could not believe the way the Ocean Lakes public address announcer constantly touted […]

  • Victory in Fluvanna CountyPolitics

    Tuesday was not just another day to celebrate a statewide victory, but it was a day to celebrate local victories as well. Residents in Fluvanna County’s Columbia District elected Shaun Kenney as their next supervisor. This also marks the first Jeffersoniad and Bearing Drift member elected to office. Kenney won the election, 51-48 percent, against […]

  • I Voted For Deeds… And Remain HopefulCatch-All

    Gov-elect Bob McDonnell should be commended on a solid win, but Republicans shouldn’t get too excited. Without a doubt, McDonnell and Virginia Republicans have a mandate, a fact to which state Democrats should play close attention. But no one should overestimate exactly what that mandate is. Exit polls show that most Virginia voters approve of […]

  • Exit Polls are crappolaCatch-All

    Media sources are all touting exit polls as if they’re giving useful information, like whether the election was about Obama, and which demographic groups voted for whom. Vivian Paige and I were reviewing Virginia exit polls, when we discovered they are full of …, well, fertilizer. The tip-off was this question: Vote by Size of […]

  • Now that we beat them, let’s not become themPolitics

    Last night as many Virginia Beach Republicans were riding an emotional rollercoaster that ending in victory for Ron Villanueva, a few candidates had their signs and literature for the next election ready to go. See, I have a slight problem with that. Election night is for the candidates, their families, their supporters and their volunteers. […]

  • Photos from Election Night, 2009Politics

    Newly-elected Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and family at the podium Nov. 3, 2009, in Richmond, Virginia. Possibly the unsung hero of the night, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, who handily won re-election. Bolling and McDonnell decided early on not to fight over the gubernatorial nomination, which allowed them to campaign on a unified ticket, while the […]

  • Sleep Well, RepublicansPolitics

    So, that’s what winning feels like. It had been a while since Virginia’s Republicans had something to celebrate, but tonight we made up for lost time. Congratulations to the outstanding team of Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli. Congratulations to all of the re-elected Republican Delegates and a special congrats to all of the […]

  • Blow outPolitics

    It was never close. As the polls indicated throughout the entire campaign, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell maintained his large and comfortable lead until the final votes were counted Tuesday over Democratic State Senator Creigh Deeds. Up until the very end of the campaign, where the Deeds camp shot-off mundane press releases about Pat Robertson and the […]