• Deeds and Wagner Victory SpeechesPolitics

    Democrats Creigh Deeds and Jody Wagner won their respective Democratic primary fights last evening and will face Republicans Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling in the upcoming Virginia general election. First, here are excerpts from State Sen. Creigh Deeds, gubernatorial nominee for the Democratic Party, speech:

  • VPOD 64: Dr. Bob Holsworth, 2009 Democratic Primary RecapPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Virginia political scientist Dr. Bob Holsworth, president of Virginia Tomorrow, offers his insights into the Virginia Democratic Primary and lays the groundwork for what we can expect in the upcoming gubernatorial campaign between Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat Creigh Deeds. “Republicans are a little hungrier right now,” said […]

  • Deeds and Wagner win Democratic primary (Updated with statements)Politics

    Update: Catch our “recap” podcasts with Dr. Bob Holsworth and Vivian Paige and Shaun Kenney. Fresh post to the one we have been updating. The results are just undeniable…Moran and McAuliffe split the 50% of the NoVA vote they may get…Deeds and Wagner are winning walking away. McDonnell’s video statement:

  • McAuliffe concedes? (DEEDS WINS! UPDATED: 7:40 PM)Politics

    Watch the returns at the SBE website. Jason Kenney is tweeting. 7:40 PM: Given how NoVA is coming in, I don’t see how Deeds can lose. BD calls Deeds, as we have predicted all day, the winner. Wagner also wins in a walk. Update 7:30 PM: This can’t be good news for McAuliffe in Alexandria […]

  • How low is Democrat turnout?Politics

    Two Virginia Beach voting locations are locked down for 45 minutes, and “officials asked one voter to return later because of the lockdown.”(pilot) The report was unclear as to which of the two voting locations actually had the one voter who showed up during the lockdown.

  • Some truths used to be self-evidentPolicy

    It’s amazing how little people know about our nation. This letter to the editor in our local newspaper made me scratch my head.

  • Republicans: Vote McAuliffe

    Update: I presume Bwana does not approve of this post. The greatest thing about Virginia is our open primary system. No party identification exists, just a fervent belief in the electoral process as given to us by our founders. Therefore, tomorrow’s Democratic primary offers a perfect opportunity for ALL citizens to participate. As I have […]

  • Weekend Virginia: Election MattersPolitics

    This week on Fred Echols’ ““Weekend Virginia” from WVTF, Waldo talks Terry McAuliffe and the Democratic Primary and I discuss GOP enthusiasm post convention (this was recorded last Friday).

  • PPP: Deeds by 14 (UPDATE WITH SUSA NUMBERS)Politics

    Public Policy Polling last week showed a virtual three way tie in the primary for the Democratic nomination for Governor with Deeds holding a slight lead after lagging in third since the race began.  Now, on the eve of tomorrow’s primary, Deeds has broken away from the pack: Deeds is now at 40%, followed by […]

  • A more important election than Virginia’s Democratic primaryPolicy

    Perhaps. Coming up this Friday, Iran votes for president.