• Does Bouchard inject race in Mathieson/Villanueva and Bouchard/Stolle campaigns?Politics

    Democrat Del. Joe Bouchard, speaking with Del. Bobby Mathieson (D), at a breakfast in Virginia Beach, stated that voting for Filipino-American Ron Villanueva or Dr. Chris Stolle, both Republicans, is the equivalent to taking Virginia back to the days of discrimination and racism: Oh, the irony coming from two white Democrats.

  • VPOD 78: Tucker Martin and the bloggers roundtable; Cuccinelli winsPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Tucker Martin, Communications Director for Bob McDonnell, gives us a campaign update and we talk a little about tonight’s statewide debate that will be on PBS at 8 p.m. (catch all the action here on BD also for a live blog). Then Brian and Shaun join me on […]

  • Peter Schmidt RespondsPolitics

    In response to a previous post found here, Peter Schmidt offers this response which we publish unedited and complete. “In response to Rachel West’s October 10, 2009, post on Bearing Drift, the writer is incorrect in stating there is any connection whatsoever between Agglite and the Battlefield Golf Club. Agglite was not involved with any […]

  • Pulling TeethCatch-All

    A few weeks ago I received a flyer in the mail for a new dentist practice in my neighborhood which had a new customer special for $99 to include x-rays, cleaning and a smile. When trying to make an appointment, the woman asked if I had dental insurance. I said I wasn’t 100% sure what […]

  • Goodlatte: Fiscally Irresponsible Policies are Plunging the U.S. Further into DebtMultimediaPolicy

    Guest Post by Congressman Bob Goodlatte It is no secret that the American people are facing a very tough economic climate. Families and small businesses are cutting back on expenses. As economic uncertainty continues, many across our nation are looking to the government for leadership during this difficult time. In these challenging economic times it […]

  • Forbes: Ronnie’s Gym and Window TintingPolicy

    Guest Post by Congressman J. Randy Forbes Someone forwarded me an email the other day with the subject line “Ronnie’s Gym and Window Tinting.” I scrolled down the email to see a photo of a real brick-and-mortar store with a bright yellow sign advertising – sure enough – a gym and window tinting service all […]

  • LTE – Peter Schmidt: Marketeer of Hazardous Fly Ash?Politics

    How could Virginia Beach’s 82nd District Delegate Candidate Peter Schmidt, and one time Virginia’s Head of Environmental Quality, be concerned with environmental stewardship and at the same time subscribe to the use of fly ash as a recyclable product within our environment? Fly ash is the residual of burning coal; it is a powdery substance […]

  • Nobel Prize Committee Insults World’s IntelligenceCatch-All

    Martin Luther King, Jr. should be shocked. Mother Teresa should be stunned. And Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt ought to be downright indignant. In fact, the whole world should be insulted by the indefensible selection of President Barack Obama for the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace a mere eight-plus months into his first term as […]

  • Do Campaigns Have a Mercy Rule?Politics

    Deeds just flip-flopped on ABC stores…. AGAIN. Meanwhile, the McDonnell campaign is sounding more and more gubernatorial by the minute, talking cap-and-trade one minute, then debating at the Urban League of Young Professionals meeting at the University of Richmond the next. If this were softball, this election would have been called by now.

  • No lead is safe – or – What I learned about politics from the Detroit TigersPolitics

    The most recent polls look very good for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. He has more than doubled his lead in the Washington Post (+9), Survey USA has him up (+11), Rasmussen (+9), and even the liberal Public Policy Polling folks have him outside the margin of error (+5). This is very good. And, in […]