• Leadership or Misleader-shipPodcastsPolitics

    Last Thursday’s Gubernatorial debate offered Virginia voters the starkest contrast to date regarding what they can expect from either Bob McDonnell or Creigh Deeds should they be elected to the Commonwealth’s top job. For Deeds, however, the result of a heightened level of clarity in the race has not been favorable for him. Throughout the […]

  • Creigh Deeds Allegedly Holding Thesis Follow-Up AttackCatch-All

    From NRO Campaign Spot: …hearing the Deeds campaign has some sort of follow-up attack, apparently something delicate because it deals with Bob McDonnell’s family. He didn’t have any details. He did add, however, that “voters don’t like bullies. If Deeds looks like he’s being too negative, it will backfire.” I’ve tried doing a little bit […]

  • Loud, Crazy, and Nasty citizens at the 9/12 Rally in DCPolicy

    J.C. Wilmore thinks these people are “louder”, “crazier”, “nastier”, and have a tinge of “racism”. Personally, I think they’re concerned about a government that has grown too large, too intrusive, and has deviated too far from the Founders’ vision:

  • Deeds crowing about McDonnell’s “social agenda” – did he forget his own votes?Politics

    The Deeds camp is giddy about the news that their candidate is still losing. “These polls show what we’ve said all along. As people finally become focused on this race, they are seeing the stark differences between the candidates,” said Deeds campaign manager Joe Abbey. “People are moving towards Creigh because they trust him to […]

  • Post poll shows their impact on race; Conservatives must remain activePolitics

    Well, they got what they asked for. The Post’s latest poll finds Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell with a narrow, yet still strong, lead of 51-47 over the Democrat, Creigh Deeds, still outside the margin for error of three points. However, the Post also writes of this poll in a self-congratulatory manner: While the shift […]

  • Making myself clear, young ladyPolitics

    A few thoughts that have been clanking around in my well-travelled, enormously gifted, and non-ego influenced brain (only a third of it tied behind my back) If disagreeing with Obama makes me a racist, than if Obama disagrees with me, he is a racist. The real problem I have with Creigh Deeds’ “I think I’ve […]

  • Forbes: Wins in HealthcarePolicy

    Guest Post: Congressman Randy Forbes A poll I came across this week noted that most Americans now want Congress to do nothing rather than to pass the proposed healthcare plan, a statistic that is interesting considering that most Americans simultaneously believe that something needs to be done to address problems within our healthcare system. What […]

  • Saxman endorses PollardPolitics

    Fred2Blue reports today the GOP Del. Chris Saxman is endorsing incumbent Del. Al Pollard (D-99). Pollard is being opposed by asylum escapee Catherine Crabill. I won’t admit to her party. However, despite Saxman’s endorsement, we remain unswayed. BD still supports Mr. Sam’ich.

  • Deeds’ Debate Day DebaclePolitics

    Alliteration aside, today was not a good day for the Deeds campaign. With two polls allegedly showing ‘tightening’ of the race, the debate with Bob McDonnell today was supposed to be a momentum changer, solidifying the drive towards an upset in November. Today’s end result? FAIL. Deeds’ missteps (we’ll limit these to just today, to […]

  • Matthew James (80th) Campaign: VISA isn’t a loan!!Catch-All

    Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sept. 17, 2009 CONTACT: John Vinson, (727) 452-9127 Candidate for Delegate files incorrect finance report again. Opponent asks for explanation. PORTSMOUTH, VA – Matthew James, candidate for Delegate in the 80th district, has had repeated troubles in filing correct information on his campaign finances and expenditures, and the State Board […]