• Taylor appears on Fox News regarding SEALsPolicy

    Scott Taylor, former Navy SEAL, led a protest today against the administration and the potential court martial of three Navy SEALs who brought in the mastermind behind the Fallujah massacre: Awww….the poor terrorist got a boo-boo lip. I wonder how our warriors from Pearl Harbor would feel about it? Interesting…Easter Sunday SEALS take out pirates […]

  • McDonnell endorses Rigell?Politics

    Jeanine is, at least…. Ben Tribbett called it “pathetic” and the governor-elect a “wimp” for “hiding behind his daughter.” But that is if you accept the premise laid out in the Politico article: In the Web ad, Jeanine McDonnell calls Rigell “a longtime friend of her family” — a sign that he’s the incoming governor’s […]

  • Doug Wilder gets itPolicy

    “Virginia families are struggling financially with 10-plus percent unemployment and fallen home values. When Virginians are concerned about whether they will get another paycheck, government should not be spending time figuring out ways to make the people’s checkbooks that much harder to balance.” Doug Wilder, in the Richmond Times Dispatch Why is it that few […]

  • McWaters/Wilson race lacked disclosurePolicyPolitics

    General Assembly members should change this. Yesterday’s election between Jeff McWaters and Rosemary Wilson included tons of advertising and spending. Rumors of how much was spent, and where it come from, abound. The last time a campaign finance report was filed by either campaign was July 15th! And the way I’m reading the SBE schedules, […]

  • Loyola Officially on Notice after Wilson Debacle in 8thPolitics

    Today’s 8th Senate nomination results do not bode well for Ben Loyola and his bid for the Congressional nomination. Rosemary Wilson attempted to make Jeff McWaters’ alleged belief in mandated health care the central focus in her campaign; McWaters focused on the economy. The results? An overwhelming 26% margin of victory for McWaters. The perceived […]

  • McWaters rolls to victoryPolitics

    A healthy margin of victory sends Republican Jeff McWaters as the nominee to replace Ken Stolle in the Virginia Senate. An expensive and nasty race full of negative mailpieces and radio ads, plus some despicable blogging by some jerk whose name I can’t remember, ended with McWaters the clear winner: 4,776 to 2,815. Democrats haven’t […]

  • Live Feed of the RPV AdvancePolitics

    There is a live video feed of the RPV Advance on the website. Check it out. I’ll have more online once I am back to the underground bunker in snowy Northern Virginia.

  • Where’s the Hope and Change?PolicyPolitics

    In 2008, one can vividly remember how most voters in the 18-30 age group supported Presidential candidate, Barack Obama’s election.  Many believed that Obama’s plans offered the best solution for the nation’s economic woes, while there were some who believed that there needed to be change at the federal level. Fast forward to December 2009.  […]

  • McWaters and Wilson in their own wordsPolitics

    Today is the last day before the firehouse primary tomorrow in Virginia Beach. If you have not yet listened to the podcasts with Rosemary Wilson and Jeff McWaters, candidates for the 8th Senate District, this might be your last shot to do so before the vote. McWaters Wilson

  • Blue Collar Republican: the Wilson/McWaters racePolitics

    I’ve been spending a lot of time in my hometown of Philadelphia this year. The city has long since been lost to Democrats, and most of the elected Republicans there have been in office so long, it’s name and not philosophy that keep them there. But it reminded me a lot about my life and […]