• Update: Saxman to withdraw from House of Delegates racePolitics

    This is an update to a previous post Saxman, who said this was one of the most difficult decisions of his life, is going on to promote the philosophy of “pragmatic conservatism”, which is founded in what he calls “Truth with a capital ‘T’”. “Sometimes the most difficult decisions are the ones that are the […]

  • Saxman to withdraw from House of Delegates racePolitics

    Del. Chris Saxman, the Virginia co-chair for McCain-Palin, chair of the House Cost Cutting Caucus, and a rising star in the GOP, will announce today that he will not seek re-election. He wrote to Bearing Drift that there are other “projects” that he would like to work on and that “all is well.” Saxman lives […]

  • VPOD 68: Shaun and Jim talk Crabill, Kaine, fundraising, polls, and morePodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Shaun Kenney and I discuss Catherine Crabill’s outrageous comments, the latest fundraising numbers between Deeds and McDonnell, the latest Rassmussen gubernatorial poll, the latest Jeff Schapiro article (do you sense bias here? – let me know), the Democratic woes in 2010, Governor Kaine doing his job 70% of […]

  • Lee campaign highlights fundraising report as a precursor to state budget debatesPolitics

    In the 80th House of Delegates race in Portsmouth, Republican Jennifer Lee has more than $20K in the bank than her opponent. And, her opponent, Democrat Matthew James is nearly $15K in debt – and in debt for the second quarter in a row. Lee highlighted this fact, stating that the financial management of James’ […]

  • Senate Dems and Kaine attack each otherPolicy

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is fumingly ticked off at Tim Kaine and the DNC for running ads against Democrats who might not want to join him in the mass political suicide known as Obama’s government health care. When a reporter pressed Reid on the matter, he said: “It’s a waste of money to run […]

  • McWaters takes early fundraising advantage over WilsonPolitics

    In the “unofficial” state senate race occurring in Virginia Beach for State Sen. Ken Stolle’s soon-to-be-vacated seat, Jeff WcWaters has taken an early fundraising advantage over Beach councilwoman Rosemary Wilson for the GOP nomination According to state reports, Wilson has raised $30,590 and has $45,941.34 on-hand; McWaters raised $165,890.32 and has $129,755.15 available. Stolle is […]

  • Kaine’s lack of focus loses ApplePolicy

    The veto session this past April was noted for many things, but I think what comes most readily to mind is the discussion on unemployment benefits. House Republicans accepted $62.5 million in federal stimulus money, extended benefit eligibility to 59 weeks, extended COBRA insurance eligibility, and kept nearly 1,000 Virginians from falling off the unemployment […]

  • Should Congressmen enroll in public option health care?Policy

    Rep. John Fleming has a nifty idea: Congressmen who vote for national health care public “option” should enroll in that option, rather than their ritsy Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Oddly, not a single Democrat has warmed up to the idea. “Under the current draft of the Democrat healthcare legislation, members of Congress are curiously […]

  • Will Nye face Bouchard? Mathieson? Schmidt?Politics

    The three faces of Mount Taxumore in Virginia Beach are running hard (well, at least running harder than Creigh Deeds) to secure votes in Virginia Beach. Robert Mathieson and Joseph Bouchard haven’t exactly advertised their repeated votes to raise taxes in their brief tenures as Delegate, and Peter Schmidt hasn’t announced which taxes he’ll raise […]

  • First pitches

    OK…you knew it was coming…we’d compare each president on their first pitches on the big stage… First, President Obama at last night’s All-Star Game: Second, President Bush in the World Series after 9/11: Looks like 43 edges out 44 on this one.