• All eyes on CaliforniaPolicy

    Is it time for California to become Reagan Country again? 6 ballot initiatives will be decided by voters at the polls today, most of them designed to protect government’s insatiable appetite for spending. Proposition 1F – freeze the pay of elected officials during deficit years. I’m thinking that’ll pass, and I’m thinking that may be […]

  • What’s in a name?Catch-All

    Marc Fisher of the Washington Post offers up another mindless and uninspired post on Raw Fisher about tracking what names are popular for people…and then tying them to the current campaign for governor. In his post, Fisher writes the following: Check out Terry (McAuliffe), a name that peaked in popularity in 1963, in Arizona. Our […]

  • HuffPost: Moran is too tacky for VirginiaPolitics

    Taylor Marsh of Huffington Post takes Brian Moran to task today for his critical ads that claim Terry McAuliffe did not support President Obama after the primary battle between Hillary Clinton and the president. “Tacky. Tacky. Tacky,” says Marsh of Moran’s tactics.

  • Washington Times: Democratic Party “scared” of McDonnellPolitics

    The Washington Times is running an editorial today that takes on Democrats for wildly swinging at Bob McDonnell, and landing nothing, before their primary is even complete, calling Democrats “obviously scared” of Bob McDonnell. “The shell organization, a political action committee called Common Sense Virginia, is spewing poppycock about Mr. McDonnell’s record while skirting state […]

  • Candidate Introduction Series: Jennifer Lee, 80th DistrictPolitics

    The 80th District for the House of Delegates surrounds the confluence of the various branches of the Elizabeth River and is home to the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, the U.S. Coast Guard’s 5th District, the Portsmouth Marine Terminals, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and Old Towne Portsmouth. It also has about 52% of its properties that fail to […]

  • Will McAuliffe be the jobs governor?Politics

    Brian Moran doesn’t think so: Ain’t primaries great? It’s when the truth about how people in the same party really feel about each other is on full display. Moran also has released a radio ad that questions McAuliffe’s loyalty to President Obama (apparently a litmus test in Democratic circles), to which my favorite spokeswoman “224 […]

  • The last legs of the old mediaCatch-All

    I remember when this blogging phenomenon got started and listened to media professionals snidely sneer at bloggers with an attitude of “the Press does the hard work of reporting and bloggers sit back and comment on what we report.” Oh, how the winds have shifted. With fewer and fewer people willing to shell out a […]

  • VPOD 61: Bill Stanley, Candidate for RPV ChairPodcastsPolitics

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Bill Stanley, Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party and candidate for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, explains why he defended Jeff Frederick last April at Frederick’s removal hearing and whether Frederick will be part of his team, whether McDonnell’s statement that supported Pat Mullins on […]

  • Webb on “This Week”Policy

    Sen. Jim Webb appeared this morning on “This Week” and I have just one quick thought on his appearance. He is in favor of keeping the detainees in Guantanamo, not moving them to Virginia, and trying them there as well. His very correct reasons are that the crimes the detainees are accused of committing did […]

  • Before we get all emotional about healthcare reformPolicy

    In late July, early August, we will see commercials of single mothers being denied health care for their terminally-ill children, elderly grandmothers withering away in solitude in a gray, barren kitchen, and desperate husbands behind bars because they stole Viagra or Cialis. OK…maybe not the last one. But you get my point. The health care […]