• No puppy love for DeedsPolitics

    If the week couldn’t get any worse for Creigh Deeds. Public Safety…no Deeds. Virginia pioneer…no Deeds. Small, innocent puppies? No Deeds. Yep. Even the Humane Society has endorsed Bob McDonnell. (h/t: Virginia Virtucon) If a puppy can’t love you, who will?

  • Former DPVA Chairman Paul Goldman On Wilder Non-EndorsementPolitics

    Paul Goldman, former DPVA chair and campaign manager for Doug Wilder’s 1989 run for Governor, call’s Wilder’s statement “to be of particular trouble for Creigh Deeds”: The failure of former Governor Wilder to endorse Mr. Deeds is one thing: the statement Mr. Wilder issued to justify explain it quite another. Wilder didn’t just non-endorse, he […]

  • Deeds’ Summer Doldrums Continue in SeptemberPolitics

    The entire summer, it was as if Bob McDonnell could do no wrong, and Creigh Deeds could do no right. To recap: – Sheila Johnson, one of Tim Kaine’s largest supporters, both financially and logistically, rejects Deeds’ policies, endorses Bob – Virginia Farm Bureau spurns Deeds’ good ole Southern boy roots, endorses Bob – National […]

  • Wilder slams DeedsPolitics

    “This is not the time in our Commonwealth to talk about any kind of tax increase, especially those that are fundamentally regressive and will hit hardest those who are struggling,” wrote Doug Wilder today. Doug Wilder, the first African American to be elected Governor, resisted calls from everyone from Tim Kaine to Barack Obama to […]

  • FOP To Endorse GOP Ticket Tomorrow?Politics

    Media advisories are flying that the GOP ticket is having a press conference to announce a big endorsement tomorrow morning.  Virginia Virtucon is reporting that this endorsement will be from the Fraternal Order of Police.  The FoP endorsed Bob McDonnell over Creigh Deeds for Attorney General in 2005 but endorsed Mark Warner for Senate last […]

  • Dems ignore “no sign” requestPolitics

    Nice to know Democrats flagrantly embarrass the Lynnhaven Now group with their signs. Delegate Candidates, The question has been raised about signs and campaign literature at tonight’s forum. We are requesting that there be no campaign signs put up on the Cape Henry School grounds and no campaign literature distributed. Thank you for respecting this […]

  • Creigh Deeds Plans To Have A Transportation Plan After He’s ElectedPolitics

    Criegh Deeds, in his own words, in today’s Washington Post: The day after I’m elected, I will begin assembling a bipartisan commission to craft a comprehensive transportation package. Like Gov. Baliles did, I will appoint Republicans, Democrats and independents along with private-sector leaders and transportation experts. The commission would begin work in December and issue […]

  • Sessoms endorses Wagner – why we shouldn’t be surprisedPolitics

    Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Jody Wagner was proud to release a list of Republicans supporting her campaign – and based upon the names of these vaunted GOP leaders, there are no real surprises here: Russ Potts, John Chichester, etc. Not only are these Republicans who voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia history, […]

  • Senator Dukakis???Policy

    Providing more proof that newspapers should really stay out of the public policy arena, The Boston Globe has decided they sure liked 1988 and thinks Michael “set my felons free” Dukakis should be the next Senator from Massachusetts. Dukakis was the genius who lost 40 states thanks to his zeal and luster of handing out […]

  • Senator Creigh Deeds is a Coward (on transportation at least)Politics

    Deeds failure to lead on the paramount issue facing Virginians makes him yellow!