• My thoughts on Delegates who get jobs from offices they fundPolitics

    She shouldn’t do it. Read more. “McCabe said he had not advertised the position but had talked in the past with Miller about the post, which has been open for at least a year.” “How do you not pick up somebody like Paula Miller?” McCabe asked.

  • Creigh “Mondale” Deeds in troublePolitics

    I don’t know what made me laugh the most. When he criticized Bob McDonnell for voting against tax increases. (It’s Creigh Mondale! Did Deeds’ speechwriter think that would be a cheer line? I can hear the slogan now – “Don’t vote for McDonnell. He won’t raise your taxes.” ) When he said he’d create a […]

  • Washington Post Concerned by Excessive Transparency and Pervasive Civility in Virginia CampaignsPolitics

    The sheer pointlessness of yesterday’s Washington Post article about Virginia’s campaign finance laws is astounding. When I first read the article, I actually thought it was from The Onion or something. Sadly, this fluffernutter appears to have been a serious attempt at journalism.

  • Jay Cost is BrilliantPolicy

    For anyone who regularly reads the Horserace Blog at, this headline isn’t news to you. Any political junkie who hasn’t found Cost’s blog is missing out on our generation’s version of Michael Barone. Even better, Cost is a graduate of the University of Virginia. While Cost has long ranked as one of my favorite […]

  • NFL Fans Will Vote With Their WalletsCatch-All

    Would anyone care to place a friendly wager over which of these jerseys will be the higher seller at the end of the season? I’ll take Vick. UPDATE: According to this article, Vick’s jersey is already the top seller at I suspect the Vick jersey will remain a solid Top 5 jersey throughout […]

  • HypocratsPolicy

    Couldn’t find a more fitting term. See, I have a problem with the namecalling and hyperbole in some of these town meetings. The difference is I didn’t only start having a problem with it on January 20, 2009. “Somebody has to say it, and I’ll say it. I’ve called George Bush a terrorist” That was […]

  • Cuccinelli’s “Political stunt” becomes a passed billPolitics

    What Democratic Attorney General candidate Steve Shannon deemed as a “political stunt” earlier this summer is now passed legislation on its way to the governor for signature. Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican AG candidate, immediately saw the ramifications of the SCOTUS decision in Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts and called for a special session, which was held […]

  • Republicans offer to host Glenn Nye – Nye declines!Policy

    Virginia Beach Republican Chairman Ken Golden has invited Congressman Glenn Nye to speak at the weekly Saturday Republican breakfast in Virginia Beach, since the local Democrats canceled his appearance with them. No word yet on whether Nye has accepted or declined. UPDATE: According to Chairman Golden, Nye’s office has declined the GOP invitation because, get […]

  • McDonnell Not Taking Lead for GrantedPolitics

    Two quick notes from the Women for McDonnell rally Tuesday in Henrico, Va. One: the mood of the crowd was good. People can see that McDonnell seems to be running his campaign well; and people outside of the usual politically-interested crowd are waking up to the many, many changes Obama and congressional Democrats want to […]

  • Sarah Palin:Crazy Like a FoxCatch-All

    Her supporters say that she is the leader of a revolution, her opponents say that she is crazy. It seems now, ever so clear that Sarah Palin is crazy; crazy like a fox. Consider these recent moves; her resignation, her farewell speech, and her facebook takedown of Obamacare. In all of these instances Sarah Palin […]