• Goodlatte: Commonsense Changes that Should Be Included in Health Care ReformPolicy

    Guest post by Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-6th) While we can all agree that our current health care system is flawed there are many different ideas about how to fix it. Democratic Leaders in Congress have introduced and rushed through committee, the “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act”. This one-size fits all proposal would steer the country […]

  • What’s happening at your child’s school on Tuesday?Catch-All

    President Obama’s scheduled speech to school children on Tuesday, September 8th, has been widely criticized for politicizing the classroom. Of course, teacher’s have been using presidential speeches as teaching tools in the classroom since long before the Gettysburg Address, so what’s the big deal? Apparently it is a big deal. Maybe it’s the concern that […]

  • Conservative Women to Launch Virginia Liberty ProjectPolicy

    Virginia Liberty Project is bringing Liz Cheney and Kate Obenshain together to headline the launching event for the new organization. Judging by the list of organizations sponsoring this event, I expect that just one week from today, the elegant Waterford event center, next to Fair Oaks Mall, will be packed with a “who’s who” list […]

  • LEAKED: Obama’s Speech to SchoolchildrenPolicy

    It took most of the weekend working sources throughout the political world, but instead of watching the ODU football game, I was hard at work trying to find an advance copy of Barack Obama’s speech to be broadcast at schools across America. What I found had some edits, and it’s obviously not in finished form, […]

  • What Does Free Cost?Policy

    If you want to watch television in Britain you must pay 139 pounds (~$227) per year to the government (enforced by criminal law) for a license to receive a broadcast. However, they do give you a discount if you own a black and white TV. The BBC receives over 3.3 billion pounds (~$5.4B) from these […]

  • Football is back at Old Dominion!

    Watch out Hokies and Cavaliers…the Monarchs are on the prowl! For the first time in sixty-nine years, the Old Dominion University Monarchs will take to the gridiron. Over the past decade, ODU has been growing by leaps in academics and athletics. Kick-off today only punctuates that growth and keeps the ball moving down the field! […]

  • Democrat Bell could lose jobPolicy

    Bearing Drift reported that Police Capt. John L. Bell Jr., Democrat candidate for Sheriff in Virginia Beach, was being investigated. Turns out, he’s got trouble. auditors found “many” political campaign-related items on Bell’s (city) computer. The captain’s secretary also did some typing and copying for Bell’s campaign and used the office fax to send political […]

  • McDonnell by 12; GOP rollingPolitics

    Survey USA shows little impact of “McDonnell’s Macaca” in a poll they conducted this week (thesis story began Monday and yielded 34 stories from WaPO in 5 days). McDonnell is up by twelve and the rest of the ticket is in double digits too (Bolling by 10, Cuccinelli by 13). Looks like the left wing […]

  • Democrat candidate investigatedPolicy

    Capt. John Bell, Democrat running for Sheriff in Virginia Beach, is under a cloud of suspicion. According to the Virginian Pilot,the complaint says he “misused government resources” as a city employee running for political office. He’s running for Sheriff, not Mayor of Portsmouth. His “victim” quote claims it’s all politics and people are trying to […]

  • McDonnell: Deeds campaign “backwards-looking”Politics

    Strong words from McDonnell on Deeds lack of transportation plan and the “thesis”:   (h/t: WTVR)