• Votes certified; Mathieson to seek recountPolitics

    The Virginia election results were certified tonight by the State Board of Elections and there were no particular surprises. Bob McDonnell still won in a landslide. House Republicans still picked up six seats. However, one of those House seats is going to take a little longer being finalized thanks to (soon-to-be-former) Del. Bobby Mathieson (D-21). […]

  • McWaters accuses Wilson of distorting healthcare recordPolitics

    Jeff McWaters fired back at Rosemary Wilson today over what he calls a distortion of his position on healthcare reform. “I do not, nor have I ever, supported “Obamacare,” a public option, or single-payer healthcare plan. I have been outspoken on this issue not just during my campaign, but for the past several years,” wrote […]

  • 8th Senate Race is Disturbing Preview for 2nd Congressional District NominationPolitics

    As the 8th Senate District race between Jeff McWaters and Virginia Beach Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson runs further off the rails of legitimate campaigns and into a mudslinging contest from both sides, the stage is being set for a very similar nomination fight that will come on the heels of this special election, for the 2nd […]

  • Post-Mortem Op-Ed: How Creigh Deeds Could Have Won VirginiaCatch-All

    Many pre/post mortems have demonized Creigh Deeds, and rightfully so. His campaign was a comedy of errors nearly from start to finish and with the brief exception of two weeks in September, we never had a close race. While much has been said about his disastrous campaign, I’d like to point out the one, very […]

  • Bob McDonnell’s Electoral VictoryPolitics

    By Kate Obenshain Vice President, Young America’s Foundation; Former RPV Chairman Try as they might, liberal pundits cannot explain away Bob McDonnell’s 18-point election victory over Creigh Deeds by saying that Virginia always elects governors who are not of the president’s party. That’s like saying Republicans win the presidency every time the Redskins win the […]

  • Bearing Drift Advertising and Consulting PolicyPolitics

    The Bearing Drift policy on advertising and consulting has always been very clear, but just to reiterate: 1 – should we receive advertising money from a candidate, it does not imply endorsement 2 – should a contributor provide consulting to a candidate, that contributor will not write about that race. I hope this clarifies the […]

  • VPOD 84: Rosemary WilsonPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, Rosemary Wilson, candidate seeking the GOP nomination for Virginia’s 8th Senate Seat, explains why she’s the best candidate to help Bob McDonnell take on our most pressing challenges in Richmond.

    Drop me an email at with your thoughts and comments on the show. To listen to […]

  • Recap from Blogs United 2009Catch-AllPolitics

    Yesterday, bloggers from throughout the Commonwealth gathered at Christopher Newport University to discuss various issues and to network with each other.   Since this was my first Blogs United conference, I definitely learned a lot from the various discussions from the media panel (which featured journalists from both print and broadcast media outlets), the legal issues […]

  • Wilson & McWaters disagree on ObamacarePolitics

    Never thought a Republican primary would turn on who supports Obamacare, but that’s the way it’s going for the 8th Senate district race between Rosemary Wilson and Jeff McWater$. “Wilson accused McWaters of favoring mandated health insurance for all Americans, a charge he did not deny. A Wilson mailer distributed on breakfast tables Saturday pictured […]

  • Time to Apply Pressure on Senators Webb and WarnerPolicy

    Tomorrow, the U.S. Senate will be voting on Senator Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) health care bill. It appears that both of Virginia’s Senators are on the fence voting on this legislation. Perhaps, Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner should be on the fence considering that this bill will impose $36 Billion in new taxes and fines […]