• More inactivity from Democrats on roadsPolicyPolitics

    Over the weekend, Bob McDonnell released an advertisement in Northern Virginia about his plan to improve the interstates and finish the Metro-Dulles rail system by privatizing ABC stores and generating other new revenue for transportation while protecting funding for education: The ad comes on the heels of a letter from Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN), Chairman […]

  • VDOT gets an F in stimulusPolicy

    When Washington DC calls you inefficient, you KNOW you’re pretty low on the food chain. Last place, to be exact. We have 50 states in this nation, (not 60 as Obama said during the campaign, and he wasn’t even counting Kenya), and Virginia ranks dead last in spending that job-creatin’ stimulus road money. Yep, while […]

  • New ads focus on policy and social issuesCatch-All

    As support for abortion rights has slipped to below 47%, as he’s trailing in the polls by 14 points – despite trying to hammer McDonnell for the thesis, as even the DNC is contemplating where to spend $5 million and states Virginia is nowhere near being blue, Deeds decides to go against what the people […]

  • [Updated] Kaine may have had enough of DeedsPolitics

    Not only has the DNC held back on $5 million for the Deeds campaign, it appears Gov. Kaine might be thinking about another term (despite Virginia’s term limit). From a Kaine speech today: “Just in my term in office, we have been named the nation’s best state for business eight times….” Eight? Update (Oct 2) […]

  • Rail from Charlottesville to DC already off-trackPolicy

    Rick Sincere posted recently on Amtrak’s decision to make Charlottesville a stop on it’s way to DC and beyond. While I personally would like to see more rail travel in the U.S., Rick does a great job of laying out the main reason it is unsuccessful: it’s just not competitive nor cost-effective. “The aim of […]

  • Well, it’s been a year…what are we doing about offshore drilling?Policy

    Today marks the one-year anniversary of the expiration of the federal moratorium on offshore drilling on both coasts. So that begs the question: are we any closer to energy independence? Nope. As we have seen here in Virginia, Governor Kaine has done everything he can to push the process further to the right, effectively delaying […]

  • When Deeds Staffers Attack [UPDATE]Politics

    Yesterday morning, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds held an event to meet the public outside of the Clarendon Metro station. Instead of engaging the public, Deeds’s campaign staff does everything they can to keep the public and their policy questions away. So here’s another question: Just how many sections of the Code of Virginia did […]

  • Deeds campaign wants to talk thesis after the recent poll numbers? Yikes.Politics

    Survey USA has McDonnell up +14. Rasmussen has McDonnell back to +9. About the poll, Rasmussen wrote: Through the first half of September, McDonnell was on the defensive following news stories about a college thesis paper he wrote in 1989. The thesis reflected very conservative views on the role of women in society and other […]

  • Rasmussen poll puts McDonnell up 9; 7 point swingPolitics

    It appears that Virginians are back to thinking about issues again, such as transportation and taxation. And on these two issues, McDonnell has gained traction and is clobbering Deeds again. From Rasmussen: Over the past two weeks, McDonnell’s support has gone up three percentage points while Deeds has lost four points. After closing to essentially […]

  • Have Democrats lost their minds?Politics

    When Sen. Mark Warner cuts an ad endorsing Creigh Deeds, saying he’ll keep taxes low, while Creigh Deeds tells “young lady” reporters how taxes will be raised, I gotta ask the obvious question. And, no, that isn’t “Did Creigh Deeds write a thesis about young lady reporters?” Quite simply, have Democrats lost their minds? Will […]