• Mathieson selectively shines lightCatch-All

    Gag alert. Former Delegate and chronic negative campaigner Bobby Mathieson continues his combover campaign in filing a recount to save his government job service. But one thing on his “press release” was a laugher! He’s doing this recount “provide citizens the opportunity to shine a bright light on the electoral process” and “he will always […]

  • Cash for FlunkersPolicy

    SNL just nails it in this skit. My favorite line at 3:21 states “each of your plans to save money involves spending even more money”

  • New Math 2.0Policy

    In a world of supercomputers and sophisticated programming languages, one would think keeping track of stimulus money going to 435 Congressional districts would be a job for a computer science intern. But for just $18M, the shiny new website,, which was created to promote government transparency and accountability showed millions of dollars going to […]

  • Jeff McWaters attacks Ron Villanueva’s recordCatch-All

    Bobby Mathieson should accuse McWaters of plagiarism. Hours before the Thanksgiving holiday, mailboxes throughout the 8th Senate district got their holiday cheer, an attack by McWaters on Rosemary Wilson which sounds exactly like Democrat Bobby Mathieson’s recent failed attacks on Delegate-elect Ron Villanueva about City Council compensation. McWaters is at least funny about it. After […]

  • Forbes: Beyond Thanksgiving DinnerCatch-All

    By Congressman Randy Forbes If you are the lucky family member who is tasked with Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping, you may have noticed a slightly higher grocery bill this week than years before. And while you may have growing teenagers who are consuming more and more food, an ever-expanding list of “must-have” dishes, or the […]

  • Somebody, please take a sledgehammer to that table!Policy

    Gov. Tim Kaine, Gov-elect Bob McDonnell and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling all attended the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Revenue Estimates (GACRE) today and received less than stellar news regarding the state budget. The estimators predicted that “Virginia needs to cut an additional $250 million from the budget and be prepared for a $3 billion shortfall […]

  • Votes certified; Mathieson to seek recountPolitics

    The Virginia election results were certified tonight by the State Board of Elections and there were no particular surprises. Bob McDonnell still won in a landslide. House Republicans still picked up six seats. However, one of those House seats is going to take a little longer being finalized thanks to (soon-to-be-former) Del. Bobby Mathieson (D-21). […]

  • McWaters accuses Wilson of distorting healthcare recordPolitics

    Jeff McWaters fired back at Rosemary Wilson today over what he calls a distortion of his position on healthcare reform. “I do not, nor have I ever, supported “Obamacare,” a public option, or single-payer healthcare plan. I have been outspoken on this issue not just during my campaign, but for the past several years,” wrote […]

  • 8th Senate Race is Disturbing Preview for 2nd Congressional District NominationPolitics

    As the 8th Senate District race between Jeff McWaters and Virginia Beach Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson runs further off the rails of legitimate campaigns and into a mudslinging contest from both sides, the stage is being set for a very similar nomination fight that will come on the heels of this special election, for the 2nd […]