• More love for McWaters from the Virginian-Pilot and Lt. Gov. Bill BollingPolitics

    Two more endorsements rolled in today for Jeff McWaters in the Virginia 8th District State Senate GOP nomination fight between him and Virginia Beach City Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson. The south Hampton Roads paper, the Virginian-Pilot, endorsed McWaters today. “McWaters can’t be expected to immediately fill the void Stolle leaves, but he’s a perceptive leader who […]

  • Should abortions be covered in ObamacarePolicy

    Obama’s health care takeover was almost derailed in the House of Representatives by a group of pro-life Democrats who supported the Stupak amendment, which made abortions clearly not a covered service in the plan. They gave the margin of victory. The Senate doesn’t seem so thrilled with the language of that amendment, and several writers […]

  • Steve Hunt Wins 37th District Firehouse PrimaryPolitics

    Tonight proved to be victorious for Steve Hunt, as he won the 37th District Firehouse primary. Hunt won with 955 votes, followed by Marianne Horinko with 479 votes, and Will Nance had 469 votes. Congratulations Steve!

  • Polls Just Closed in the 37th DistrictPolitics

    After waiting in line for an hour, I got an overwhelming sense that Will Nance is leading in the polls. This comes from the amount of stickers and the general turnout from this election. When I finished voting, I talked with Anthony Bedell, Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. Bedell reported that 1,000 voters […]

  • McWaters receives NRA endorsementPolitics

    In the primary battle between Rosemary Wilson and Jeff McWaters in Virginia’s 8th Senate District, McWaters received some very welcome news today – an endorsement from the NRA. “As a lifelong sportsmen, hunter and strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I am very pleased to earn the endorsement and A rating from the NRA,” McWaters […]

  • Wittman statement on Afghanistan decisionPolicy

    “I’m pleased that the President has come to a decision on the future strategy of our forces in Afghanistan and I fully support the deployment of additional troops and resources to aid in the fight against extremists. However, I am concerned with the mention of any sort of hard and fast time table. This simply […]

  • Scenes from the 37th Firehouse PrimaryPolitics

    I have finally made it to Centreville High School after being stuck in an hour long traffic jam on Union Mill Road. The line to vote in the Firehouse Primary is wrapped along the outside entrance of the school and it is all the way out to Union Mill Road. There are some in line […]

  • Coddling criminals and silencing victimsPolicy

    Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney Harvey Bryant has something to be mad about. At issue was a person accused of indecent liberties, a felony, who pled guilty. At the sentencing, the Judge allowed the accused to change the guilty plea without even hearing from the victim. From Bryant’s press release: At what was scheduled to be […]

  • Come in the pool! The McWaters fine!Politics

    After Creigh Deeds tried to convince us to put everything on the table, Jeff McWaters, President Obama and Congressional Democrats want us all to get in the pool!

    C’mon everyone! Get forced by law into the health care pool and get “managed!”

  • Firehouse Primary Tonight!Politics

    Tonight, voters in the 37th State Senate District will have the opportunity to select the Republican nominee in the special election to fill State Senator Ken Cuccinelli’s seat. There will be a firehouse primary at Centreville High School from 6-10 p.m. There are three candidates vying for the nomination: Steve Hunt, Marianne Horinko, and Will […]