• Republicans uphold law with respect to “sexual orientation” as a protected classPolicy

    So, here we are. Bob McDonnell has been elected Governor. Bill Bolling re-elected as LG. Ken Cuccinelli our new Attorney General. All campaigned, mainly, on creating jobs and a positive economic climate in the commonwealth. All good men. All well intentioned. But why in the heck are we talking about protected status for gays and […]

  • Fees aren’t taxesPolicy

    I haven’t started a good messy fight in a while, so I thought why not now? I’m getting emails so often about the state budget, trying to make it seem like Armageddon if someone has to pay an extra court cost or a few dimes more for a fifth of Jack Daniels. Sorry, that’s not […]

  • Bearing Drift to launch Virginia political magazineMultimedia

    Bearing Drift, Virginia’s home for conservative news and information, will begin publishing a magazine to complement its already outstanding coverage of Virginia politics. To start in that direction, we’ll begin with a monthly newsletter of our best and most exclusive content – including this month an interview with Governor Bob McDonnell, an analysis on health […]

  • Virginian-Pilot Hypocrisy on TransparencyPolicy

    Don’t you just love when newspapers call on others to do what they are unwilling to do themselves? Sunday’s editorial criticizes the Virginia Beach School Board for holding candidate interviews in private. “Private conversations may indeed be more candid, but they shut out the very people the candidates are vying to represent: the public.” As […]

  • Blowing Hot AirPolicy

    The stimulus is finally creating jobs, for the Chinese. As the Obama Administration wants to base a new economy on green jobs which will require new products like solar panels and wind turbines, the expectation was the U.S. would lead the way in innovation in building the green products everyone in the world would want […]

  • Cantor Campaign BreakfastPolitics

    Over 1200 people showed up for Eric Cantor’s campaign breakfast March 5, 2010. They were greeted with the title of a new campaign video, “What a Difference a Year Makes.” Barbara Comstock, delegate from Virginia’s 34th district, served as EmCee. Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and AG Ken Cuccinelli were on hand, with most of the […]

  • Bake sales are a cooked storyPolicy

    What a sweet story in the newspaper today about a grandmother and a bake sale to balance the state budget. Shame it’s fake. The “bake sale” on a Virginia Beach streetcorner was organized in Charlottesville by a group called “Virginia Organizing Project.” Quaint enough, right? Virginia Organizing Project lists as its beliefs: “every person in […]

  • Virginian-Pilot’s light rail editorial off trackPolicy

    My dad was the best auto mechanic I ever saw. I’d sit for summers watching him repair cars with no computers, no manuals, and second set of hands. I couldn’t count the number of times he could diagnose a car problem by sense of smell or sound. He could find that one thing wrong in […]

  • Are Nerds Taking Over the GOP?Catch-All

    Real Clear Politics has an humorous article about a rising tide of “nerds” in the Republican Party. They single out for this honor individuals like former Rhodes Scholar and Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, and former OMB Director and Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels. The column counters by stating that “the jock-GOP culture remains strong” and notes […]

  • Obama working a snow job over employment numbers?Policy

    Looks like the White House is getting to blame last month’s blizzards on for this month’s poor job numbers…according to the Republican Leader John Boehner’s web site: With the recent February blizzard still fresh in our minds, some people, most notably National Economic Council (NEC) director Larry Summers, have suggested that the poor weather will […]