• Steve Hunt interview on YouTubeVideos

    Great interview of Steve Hunt, candidate for State Senate, by the Washington News Observer on YouTube: If you live in the 37th, be sure to check this out before you vote on Tuesday! And, if you’re so inclined, also give a listen to our podcast interview with the candidate.

  • CCC and BVBL on the 11thPolitics

    Perhaps the best postings on what’s happening in the 11th come from Krystle and Greg L. Krystle writes: While Herrity would provide a good challenge to Connolly, Fimian has been active with various community and grassroots-related events. During the summer, when Connolly refused to meet with constituents at open townhall-style meetings, Fimian was alongside of […]

  • Boucher likely unopposed for 15th termPolitics

    Looks like Rep. Rick Boucher (D-9) can rest a little easier and enjoy his last term in congress by running unopposed. Boucher, whose district voted heavily in favor of Gov-elect McDonnell this past election, was thought to be vulnerable because of his long incumbency (“throw the bums out” mentality amongst the electorate) and his votes […]

  • Shady Dealings by the Fairfax Electoral BoardPolitics

    By now, most of you know that Dave Marsden has moved three miles down the road from his house in Burke to a basement in a supporter’s house within the 37th District. Yes, this is considered carpetbagging and shows that he had to move to run for the seat. After The Washington Post wrote an […]

  • Hope threatens jail time to constituents for not getting health insurancePolicy

    Check out this email exchange between Steve Bierfeldt, Director of Development for the Campaign for Liberty and his new Del-elect Patrick Hope: From: Steve Bierfeldt Date: Wednesday, January 6, 2010 To: Patrick Hope Subject: HB 10 Mr. Hope Will you be co-sponsoring or getting on board with Delegate Bob Marshall’s bill to empower Virginia residents […]

  • In the 5th, some early observationsPolitics

    State Sen. Robert Hurt: Clearly the favorite, but other than his vote for Mark Warner’s tax increase, I don’t know much about him. His online presence is awful and there is no way of contacting him other than picking up the phone and calling. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of calling because I have […]

  • Five-minute restaurant review: Freemason Abbey in NorfolkCatch-All

    My family and I took a drive into downtown Norfolk last night and decided to drop into Freemason Abbey at the corner of Boush and Freemason Streets. The atmosphere is absolutely awesome (a church converted into a restaurant), the service was terrific (thanks, Chris!), and the food was just perfect. We started off with calamari […]

  • Exclusive: Video Interview w/ 2nd District Candidate Kenny GoldenMultimediaPoliticsVideos

    On Wednesday afternoon I had the opportunity to sit down with 2nd District Congressional candidate and former Virginia Beach Republican Party chair Kenny Golden at his home. In an extensive interview (almost an hour) we touched on numerous topics. Obviously, a one hour video clip is tough to sit and watch in one sitting, so […]

  • Virginia Beach Democrats could certainly do worsePolitics

    Congrats, Susan Mariner on your election as Virginia Beach Democratic Committee Chair! Of course, you’ll be presiding over a string of defeats in 2010 and 2011 – but you’re still a nice person. Unless, of course, the GOP decides to continue tearing itself to shreds…then you’ll be the happiest woman alive.

  • RedState: WH involved in picking governors?Politics

    A little national politics over on our diary at RedState. Indications are that the White House is having a bit more to do with gubernatorial primary candidates dropping-off than some might think. The White House probably didn’t get as involved in NJ and VA because: 1) It was Corzine running for re-election in NJ and […]