• Transportation in Hampton Roads – working towards a solutionPolicy

    This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to a dialogue about our transportation challenges and how we can work together to fix them without undue partisanship and a strident tone. – J.R. Hoeft Guest post by Mike Barrett, member of the Board of Directors, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and SPSA and […]

  • McDonnell cancels events in advance of stormPolicy

    What a difference a governor makes. Governor Bob McDonnell, who was scheduled to headline at the House Caucus retreat in Baltimore and the Alfalfa Club Dinner in DC this weekend has canceled them in advance of the winter storm, according to Virginia Politics from the Washington Post. He will stay in Richmond, monitor the storms […]

  • Sen. John Miller sticks it to studentsPolicy

    Sen. John Miller must be remembering his old bosses fondly. He’s put in a bill that would allow colleges to sell textbooks that publishers gave them for free (SB 141). That’s one heck of a markup! Nevermind the costs of these textbooks are already outrageous. Nevermind that commuting college students would be forking out gobs […]

  • Smith calls for 72-hour budget reviewPolicy

    State Senator Ralph Smith (R-Botetourt) has introduced legislation (SB5) that would require the budget to be posted online for 72 hours before a vote could be taken. Smith is taking this step after last year’s budget was passed mere minutes after it was distributed to legislators. “Virginians expect their legislators to make informed decisions and […]

  • Webb and Warner press Salazar on off-shore drillingPolicy

    U.S. Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner, Democrats, have joined with Gov. Bob McDonnell in calling for the lease sales in the Outer Continental Shelf to go forward. In a letter to Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, the senators write: “If accomplished with a fair and equitable formula for sharing of revenues between the federal […]

  • Bearing Drift Live! VA-02 Republican CommitteePolitics

    [Update: 7:28 PM] 2nd District convention taking place on Saturday May 8th, at 8 am. Cleveland St bingo building which seats 650 people. [Update: 7:26 PM] Voting on behalf of the primary. Motion carries 8-1. CORRECTION: There was an additional proxy I missed. 9-1. [Update: 7:24 PM] Kyle Adams, Chairman of Hampton Committee removes himself […]

  • Republican VA-02 District Meeting Tonight to Determine Nomination ProcessPolitics

    In a move sure to drawn fire from at least two of the candidates fighting for the Republican nomination in the 2nd Congressional district, tonight the 2nd District Committee holds another meeting to determine the nominating process for the candidates. Last month, the committee chose a canvass, prior to the 8th State Senate special election. […]

  • Hampton Roads Left Out of Federal High Speed Rail Funding; Kaine ‘Legacy’ Dims FurtherPolicy

    In a body blow to the hopes for bringing high speed rail to southside Hampton Roads, President Obama traveled to Tampa, Florida today to announce distribution of the $8 billion in federal money marked for development of high-speed rail throughout the country. While 31 states will receive some portion of that money, Virginia officials had […]

  • Leave the blogging to Blue VirginiaCatch-All

    I have to give Blue Virginia props. Even they wouldn’t be stupid enough to write what I saw tonight on Daily Kos: And the teabagging, bipartisan response in front of an all GOP audience is over. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell had a “black woman”, “asian guy”, and “military guy” behind him. The seating chart for […]

  • VPOD 89: Virginia Congressional Republicans respond to State of the UnionPodcasts

    In this episode of Virginia Politics On-Demand, U.S. Reps. J. Randy Forbes (R-VA04) and Rob Wittman (R-VA01) offer their immediate thoughts and commentary on the president’s State of the Union Address. Congressman Forbes spoke about our soaring debt and out-of-control spending and how it is imperative to reign it in and Congressman Wittman spoke about […]