• Cuccinelli podcast, petition and video regarding lawsuitPodcasts

    Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has released a video, produced by Greg L’s Beehive Productions, that outlines Virginia’s position pretty well… Ken Cuccinelli on suing the federal government from Beehive Video on Vimeo. You can also listen to this excerpt from our most recent podcast in which Cuccinelli goes into greater detail, including talking about the […]

  • Congrats to Charles Young!Politics

    Charles Young, whom some of you have met through Blogs United, was recently elected as chairman of the Newport News Republican City Committee! Congrats to Young, I guess. Now he gets to worry about things like…Rep. Bobby Scott (3), Sen. Jim Miller (1), Sen. Mamie Locke (2), Del. Robin Abbott (93), and Del. Mamye BaCote […]

  • Tragedy of the ElitesPolicy

    I am noticing in many of my “debates” with supporters of the healthcare bill, when I ask how the bill will be paid for and whether it is unconstitutional, the response I most often get is, “well what about how the Repubicans ran up the debt when they were in power?” or “wasn’t the Patriot […]

  • So, when has Cuccinelli been wrong on the *law*?Policy

    The last three weeks have been amusing as liberals have attacked Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli over his legal justifications on “sexual orientation” as a protected class and defending Virginia’s sovereignty against federal overstretch in the regulation of commerce. So, this leads me to ask one question – under the law, where has Cuccinelli been wrong? […]

  • Rigell to pick up Sessoms endorsementPolitics

    Scott Rigell announced he will be appearing with Mayor Will Sessoms Thursday to clarify each gentlemen’s “position” on the 2nd District GOP nomination campaign. “For the first time, the Mayor will be making public his position on the congressional campaign for Virginia’s Second Congressional seat. Scott Rigell, the leading candidate for the Republican nomination in […]

  • Taylor and Loyola team up on “Contract”Politics

    Scott Taylor and Ben Loyola are joining forces, sort of. The two candidates for the 2nd District nomination issued a joint release which describes reforms that they will push for, regardless of who is elected between them. The “Contract on Congress” (what is this – “take the gun, leave the canolis”?) says: “No Taxpayer Propaganda […]

  • What has Jerry Brown done to you?Politics

    Alright, 2010 is not just about Congress. There are 34 gubernatorial races this year, and one is out in California. Jerry Brown, who is running as the Democrat, is notorious for his high tax policies as a former governor of California and mayor of Oakland, but with little bang for the buck. He has sealed […]

  • Party time! Perriello celebrates with Stupak over healthcareCatch-All

    Roll Call has the details. “What better way to celebrate passing history-making legislation than kicking back at a dive bar famous for its cheap beer and taxidermy-heavy décor? A large group of House Democrats defied cigar-and-champagne stereotypes by partying down until the wee hours after the health care vote at the decidedly downscale Tune Inn […]

  • 5th District Lynchburg Tea Party Nut Job Crosses the LinePolicyPolitics

    I wish I had a ‘so stupid you can’t make it up’ category tonight. Posted on Politico: A tea party organizer angry over Rep. Tom Perriello’s (D-Va.) vote in favor of health care reform published what he thought was the freshman member’s home address on a blog, in case any readers “want to drop by” […]