• Best Superbowl CommercialPolicy

    a bunch of good ones this year. I love the E-Trade ones with the babies talking and of course the beer ones are always funny. Personally didn’t think the Tebow ad was all that controversial. anyway, I think this year the best commercial goes to Defeat the Debt. Debt Stinks!

  • Saints win!Catch-All

    There are no reports of violence or looting, yet, from New Orleans after their huge Super Bowl victory over the Indianapolis Colts, but, if it should happen, I am sure it will all be former Pres. George W. Bush’s fault…after all, it was after Katrina, right? Yet, Obama picked the Colts. (PS As a Detroit […]

  • Interstate InsurancePolicy

    Given the recent surge by the GOP derailing the healthcare bill (temporarily) to the point even Obama is seeking advice at Republican Retreats, I think this is an opportune time for the GOP to finally take the lead on the issue. One idea Republicans have touted but have done nothing about is allowing the purchase […]

  • Virginian-Pilot wrong on race againPolitics

    “But since John L. Perry’s historic win, Virginia Beach voters have elected only one other black person to the City Council.” (Virginian-Pilot) Wrong!!!!!! What the sentence should read is..”only one other black person has won an election to VB City Council.” It’s not the voters’ fault that they aren’t as racist as those who think […]

  • Palin speaks to the Tea Party in Nashville

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin spoke to the National Tea Party convention in Nashville, Tenn. yesterday. In her speech, she was very critical of the administration, delivered some good one-liners, and praised grassroots conservatism. The media today will probably pick up on her phrase at the beginning of the speech that the Tea Party is […]

  • Sipping TeaPolicyPolitics

    The First (and probably not the last) National Tea Party Convention is being held in Nashville, TN this weekend and despite the $500+/person price tag, the convention is sold out. I have mixed feelings about the Tea Party. On one hand, I’m excited there is a concerted effort to highlight and challenge our government obesity. […]

  • Commander in Chief can’t pronounce “Corpsman”PolicyVideos

    I guess Obama also pronounces the P in “Marine Corps.” Maybe the teleprompter should have words phonetically spelled for Obama, especially when dealing with things he’s not used to….like national defense!

  • State of the Race in the 5thCatch-AllPolitics

    The 5th District GOP is in uncharted territory.  When Virgil Goode was elected to Congress in 1996 he was elected as a Democrat. Before him, we had Lewis Payne, a Democrat.  Before him we had Dan Daniels, a Democrat. These were Democrats that Republicans voted for.  The GOP in the 5th has never really had […]

  • Our comrades in the Democratic Party have a positive view of socialismPolicy

    Some might wonder why Republicans are skeptical of the big government programs being proposed by President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Leader Harry Reid, and why some of us (even as far back as 2008) were calling these ideas “socialist” or “communist”. Well…it would appear that our claims are justified when you now look […]