• Predictions open-thread 2010Catch-All

    What happens with the congressional elections? Does Nye win – but for the Republican Party? Is Hurt the new congressman from the 5th? Did Fimian or Herrity pull off the upset? Is Scott Robinson or Krystal Ball the nominee for Democrats in the 1st? What about nationally? Does the GOP take back the House? The […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Rigell Announcing Two National EndorsementsPolitics

    Bearing Drift has learned that Scott Rigell will be announcing the endorsements of two national conservative figures tomorrow, Mike Farris, founder and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Fund, and Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ). While Farris’ endorsement has an ill-kept secret in political circles, in […]

  • Nickel BagCatch-AllPolicy

    Walking out of the Harris Teeter at Jenkins Row in SouthEast DC, I didn’t notice I was charged 5 cents for every plastic bag I walked out with until I saw the notice on the door. The Anacostia River Clean Up and Protection Act of 2009 signed by Mayor Fenty last July took effect on […]

  • Virginian-Pilot: Kaine “stumbling parade of failures”Policy

    I’ve disagreed with editorial writers before, but all partisan bickering aside, ya gotta admit when they call it right, and boy do they call it right with regards to Gov. Tim Kaine. And they remind me why I think a two-term Governor would help. “He was too combative with Republicans and too accommodating with recalcitrant […]

  • McDonnell interviewed in WSJPolicy

    Brendan Miniter, an assistant features editor at the Wall Street Journal, sits down with Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell in this profile piece: “Back to GOP Basics“. “I ran on Virginia issues,” Mr. McDonnell says, “which were jobs and the economy.” These were, he says, “far and away” the top issues. Virginia’s unemployment rate, 6.6%, is lower […]

  • Loyola makes a new year’s resolutionPolitics

    Ben Loyola, candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District, has decided to turn a new leaf and bring on a new team to run his campaign this 2010. Loyola, who perceives himself as the more conservative alternative to Scott Rigell, recently made a major change to his campaign staff, including bringing in a new campaign […]

  • Happy New Year!!Catch-All

    Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for a wonderful 2009! We’re looking forward to a very exciting 2010 – a new administration, a fresh General Assembly session, congressional primaries, a general election, and everything in between! Trust that BD will be there for you offering a conservative perspective and the best […]

  • Past Donations Ultimately Irrelevant in 2nd District RacePolitics

    Heading into the official start of the 2010 election cycle, the 2nd District race remains as muddied as ever, despite the recent withdrawal of Chuck Smith, first reported here at Bearing Drift. Indeed, six candidates remain (five officially) and in our ever-present need to nit-pick and fact find over minutiae brings us to this post. […]

  • Goodlatte: Government, Inc. Leads to Red Ink for Our Nation’s Small BusinessesPolicy

    Guest post by Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA06) Four years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in the now-notorious case of Kelo v. City of New London, which authorized the government to take private property from individuals for nearly any reason under the guise of eminent domain, even to give to other private […]

  • The Top 10 Farces of 2009Catch-All

    Okay, let’s get beyond the point that the greatest farce may be Ward’s return to the blogosphere. But let’s take a look at some of the most outrageous stories, stunts and downright shameful events of the past year. #10 Al Franken and Hot Dogs (tie): Al Franken, the Clown Prince of the Senate, was so […]