• Two New Polls Give Republicans Sound SweepPodcastsPolitics

    Both SurveyUSA and Public Policy Polling has new numbers out and they aren’t looking good for any of Virginia’s statewide Democratic nominees. SurveyUSA: Governor Bob McDonnell: 58 Creigh Deeds: 41 Lt. Governor Bill Bolling: 56 Jody Wagner: 42 Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli: 57 Steve Shannon: 41 SurveyUSA is heavy Central Virginia but still has McDonnell […]

  • Federalist #1: IntroductionPolicy

    Independent Journal Saturday, October 27, 1787 [Alexander Hamilton] To the People of the State of New York: AFTER an unequivocal experience of the inefficacy of the subsisting federal government, you are called upon to deliberate on a new Constitution for the United States of America. The subject speaks its own importance; comprehending in its consequences […]

  • Making Sense Of The Latest Dollars In The Race For GovernorPolitics

    Republican nominee Bob McDonnell out raised Democrat Creigh Deeds 4 to 3 in the first three weeks of October. Most of McDonnell’s $4,019,760 was thanks in a large part to in-kind contributions from the US Chamber of Commerce of nearly $1 million and RPV. Of McDonnell’s $1.8 million cash raised from 4171 donations, no contributions […]

  • Last day for “Berry” nominationsMultimedia

    If you have not submitted a campaign, committee, or organization for Bearing Drift’s first annual best use of web 2.0 award, “The Berry”, today is the last day to do so! Nominate today! Voting will begin later this evening.

  • Pro-McDonnell rally to be held at ODUPolitics

    College and Young Republicans are intending to hold a pro-McDonnell rally in front of the Ted Constant Convocation Center, 4320 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA at ODU beginning at 1:30 p.m. today. President Obama and Sen. Deeds will be appearing at the same venue later in the afternoon sometime after 4 p.m. The organizers of the […]

  • Virginian-Pilot: Endorses Democrats, circulation dropsPolitics

    As the Virginian-Pilot laughably and predictably tells people they need higher taxes and Democrats, more people tell the Pilot they don’t need the newspaper. Daily circulation is down over 5%, and Sundays are down 9%. The Pilot’s analysis is that they are doing everything right and the bleeding is fine, because other newspapers are losing […]

  • McDonnell out-raises, out-polls, out-performs Deeds last three weeks

    McDonnell raised over 4 million dollars, has nearly 2 million on-hand, and, most importantly, had 2,758 first-time donors with 2,426 donations of $100 or less, according to filing data released today. McDonnell also leads in the latest Washington Post poll – yes, WaPO – by 11 points – 55 to 44. Deeds in every poll […]

  • Last-minute decision making? Check out Project Virginia.Politics

    Still trying to find information about a specific campaign? Check out Project Virginia’s Campaign Resources page. They’ve consolidated a ton of disparate information into a one-stop shop for the discriminating voter. Of course, you should also do a search of the Bearing Drift archives…but I digress.

  • Bailout bucks for DemocratsPolitics

    Let’s see which Democrat delegate campaigns the Dems are most scared of losing. Top 5 bailout totals from the Democratic Party of VA. $119,623 Mathieson for Delegate – Robert $102,438 Werkheiser for Delegate – Gregory $99,035 Bell for Delegate – John $90,027 Miller for Delegate – Stevens $85,875 Caputo for Delegate – Chuck Top 5 […]

  • Wagner advertises endorsement she didn’t getCatch-All

    Washington Post reports about Jody Wagner TV ads and says: “One in Hampton Roads calls Wagner “Virginia Beach’s own” and mentions her endorsement by the Pilot editorial page” (WaPo 10-26-09) Wagner didn’t get the endorsement. Problem!