• Fightin’ Ninth Ready For A FightPolitics

    On Thursday, the Washington Post’s Amy Gardner dropped this piece looking at the tough road that 14-term Congressman Rick Boucher faces as he seeks re-election to yet another two years representing the people of Virginia’s Ninth Congressional District. While Gardner looks at the race in the larger context of the politics of Appalachia, she only […]

  • Senate Democrats in disarray on budget; gross mismanagement may lead to more stalematePolicy

    While in Richmond on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak with several Senate Republicans about the state of the budget in the Senate and one word kept coming up – “ugly.” The bottom-line is that Senate Democrats are in complete disarray over years of mismanagement and a mindset of “going along to get along.” […]

  • National Journal Poll: Jobs Bill and Healthcare SummitCatch-All

    This week’s National Journal Bloggers Poll was on the purported jobs bill and who benefits the most from a healthcare summit. Yours truly had this to say: [It helps Republicans more if] Essentially [a] Democratic [jobs] bill enacted “At this point, despite the offers of bipartisanship from the White House, there are limits to the […]

  • Virginia General Assembly Republicans tout success at crossover midpointPolicy

    Before we get too far away from crossover day, both the House and Senate Republicans issued press releases on what they thought to be their legislative successes for the first half of session. Senate Republicans had this to say… “Senate Republicans have a true interest in moving Virginia forward,” noted Senate Republican Leader Thomas K. […]

  • Texas Pilot: Democrat rhetoric, not tea partyPolicy

    Somehow the mainstream media isn’t reporting much about the political leanings of the killer who slammed his plane into an IRS office in Texas this week. Somehow, if this guy was a tea partier, I’m sure it would be full-column headlines and subject to hourlong stories on everything from the View to Larry King. Instead, […]

  • With Budgets Come Difficult DecisionsPolicy

    Governor Bob McDonnell released his recommendations for streamlining the budget.  There was no doubt that difficult decisions had to be reached when making cuts, especially to services that may benefit those within the Commonwealth.  However, there were some cuts that had to be made to curb wasteful and unnecessary spending on services that may not […]

  • McDonnell’s responsible, but Obama isn’t?Policy

    Jeff Schapiro needs to loosen his Simonesque bow tie and let some blood flow to his brain. Shapiro says “McDonnell now owns Virginia’s fiscal mess” after only a month in office. Obama’s still blaming Bush after 13 months in office. Jeff isn’t bothered by that, though. He does, however, get a sparkling glow when he […]

  • Bearing Drift to moderate two Second District Forums; hosting onePolitics

    Bearing Drift is pleased to announce that it will be moderating and hosting, in conjunction with the Old Dominion University College Republicans and the Norfolk/Portsmouth Young Republicans, a debate between 2nd District Candidates for the Republican Nomination on the campus of ODU at 7PM, April 15. Detailed location to follow. The debate will be streamed […]

  • Swab all of us randomly, so sayeth the ACLUPolicy

    In a CNN article about the latest anti-terrorism protection procedure, swabbing of hands to test for explosives, the American Civil Liberties Union chimed in: The American Civil Liberties Union has “always supported explosive detection as a good form of security that doesn’t really invade privacy,” said Jay Stanley, an attorney and privacy expert with the […]

  • Exclusive: Gov. McDonnell on the budgetPodcastsPolicy

    Today, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced significant budget cuts. In this exclusive with Bearing Drift, McDonnell discusses his rationale on these cuts and his proposal to unfreeze the Local Composite Index.