• Exclusive debate footage from Bolling-Wagner dust-upPolitics

    Jody Wagner, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, is caught in this exclusive video challenging Republican incumbent Bill Bolling over a perceived infraction of debate rules on Monday during their one and only debate.

  • A Word on PollsPolitics

    Virginia Republicans are getting pretty jazzed-up this week over several polls showing Bob McDonnell expanding his lead over Creigh Deeds in the race for Governor. While this enthusiasm is great to see after a string of dispiriting losses for the GOP, I just want to remind my fellow Republicans to keep these numbers in context […]

  • Nude AwakeningCatch-All

    This morning in Springfield, VA, a woman was walking her son to school when she saw a naked man in his garage and the man was later arrested by 5 officers. I wonder if the naked person was a good looking woman if she would have been arrested. And should this really be a criminal […]

  • Governor’s Debate RecapPolitics

    At last night’s Governor’s debate in Roanoke, it was clear who had a more concrete vision and who was floundering. Bob McDonnell was stellar throughout the debate, as he laid out his plans for improving the economy, transportation, education, and budget. Meanwhile, Creigh Deeds clearly showed that he was struggling with laying out the case […]

  • Nominations now open for best use of Web 2.0 this campaignMultimedia

    And the Election 2009 Best Web 2.0 nominees are… Bearing Drift is pleased to announce the first annual “Berries” – an award to Republican candidates for the best use of blogs, videos and social media during their campaign. Top prize in each category will be a “Berry” button for each winner’s site, as well as […]

  • Debate: Deeds Opposes Public Option; Immediately Denies Saying ItPolitics

    Deeds argued with himself again tonight; view the following exchanges in regards to the public option. Aftermath below… Public Option isn’t Required! No, I Didn’t Say That! Creigh Deeds disastrous campaign took another potentially fatal blow tonight in the final gubernatorial debate, with the following exchange: Question: “Mr. Deeds, and would you go against some […]

  • Most accurate poll of 2008 predicts McDonnell landslidePolitics

    Well now. This is, as they say, an interesting development. In 2008, Survey USA predicted the final outcome almost to the percentage: Their final poll showed: Obama 50 / McCain 46 Warner 59 / Gilmore 35 Final results: Obama 52 / McCain 46 Warner 65 / Gilmore 33 Today, they have McDonnell +19; Bolling +14; […]

  • McDonnell up 8 in Clarus pollPolitics

    Lowell Feld is despondent, but relays the “good parts” from a Clarus Press Release. According to Clarus, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell has an 8-point lead over Democratic opponent Creigh Deeds, 49-41 percent with 10 percent undecided. “So far in the general election, Deeds has failed to gain sustained momentum,” said Ron Faucheux, president of […]

  • Sources: Obama Stumping for Deeds in Hampton Roads Oct 27thPolitics

    Creigh Deeds campaign continues to puzzle with another bizarre twist. One day after announcing their plans to attempt to solidify the Democratic base and turnout in Northern Virginia, identifying it as their ONLY chance for victory, sources have indicated that President Obama’s ONE campaign visit for Creigh Deeds will be spent….in Hampton Roads. Daily Press: […]

  • WaPo: Our Endorsement Meaningless, Still Won’t Help DeedsPolitics

    From the Fix, who I grudgingly respect: …Sunday, the Post endorsed Deeds over McDonnell — raising the question of whether the endorsement can be deja vu all over again for the Democrat. The answer? Probably not. .. Could the Post endorsement have some impact on bringing some wayward northern Virginia Democrats (and even some independents) […]