• Connaughton pick as Transportation secretary is a good onePolicy

    According to the Washington Post, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell will appoint former Prince William County Chairman, former U.S. Maritime Administration Chairman, and former candidate for lieutenant governor Sean Connaughton as the next Secretary of Transportation. The announcement is expected to be made today at noon during a Richmond press conference. The Post reports that current Lt. […]

  • Senator Newman to propose infanticide law changePolicy

    State Senator Steve Newman (R-Lynchburg) is justifiably upset at a loophole in Virginia law that seemingly makes it legal for a mother to kill her newborn child, if the child remains attached to the umbilical. He’s drafting legislation to change the law. The change comes on the heels of the unbelievable story in Campbell County […]

  • AIAW closing shopMultimedia

    My friend Karen at AIAW has decided to fold up the tent due to her employment. She actually was one of the few progressives I could tolerate. We’ll miss you, Karen. P.S. For those of you with a long blog memory, you’ll recall Karen actually posted with BD for a little while. It was fun […]

  • Virginia’s Dynamic DuoPolicy

    This analysis by National Review Online of Harry Reid’s health-care bill reveals sweetheart deals for a number of states represented by Democrat Senators. These states include Nebraska (Nelson), Michigan (Levin and Stabenow), Vermont (Leahy and Sanders), Louisiana (Landrieu), Massachusetts (Kerry and Kirk), New York (Schumer and Gillbrand), Pennsylvania (Casey and Specter), Florida (Nelson), Hawaii (Inouye […]

  • Bolling infuriated at quid-pro-quo U.S. Senate dealPolicy

    Former State Senator and current Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, who presides over the state senate, ought to know a thing or two how the U.S. Senate is supposed to work – after all, it was modeled after Virginia’s. And after all the backroom deals have been said and done regarding this so-called Health Care reform […]

  • Virginia Beach City Government: Trash tax?Policy

    People pay local taxes for certain simple things: Schools, law enforcement, emergency services… And picking up the trash. I hit the ceiling when I read that some city staff are exploring charging extra for trash pickup! Are they kidding? “budget officials discussed how the trash fee could “buy back” eliminated positions.” (Pilot) City staff is […]

  • Webb and Warner vote for cloture on healthcarePolicy

    In the dead of the night at 1:33 a.m., both Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner voted for cloture for the Senate version of the health care bill. Now the bill must receive final passage, likely Christmas Eve, in the Senate (only a simple majority is required, so some Democrats who voted for cloture could […]

  • Kaine would’ve given a different budget to DeedsPolicy

    I’m convinced of it. Deeds repeatedly said he would not raise taxes except for Transportation. Does anyone honestly think that Tim Kaine would’ve handed Creigh Deeds a budget that not only did nothing for transportation but raised income taxes for the most general of government spending programs? Not a chance. No way at all. Tim […]

  • Unless Webb changes his mind, health care will passPolicy

    There will be a dead-of-night cloture vote 1 a.m. Monday on health care reform. And, as of now, Democrats are counting on 60 votes – including Sen. Jim Webb’s – to pass the expansive legislation. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska is the guy that caved. At this point, I say let ‘em pass it. It […]

  • Wittman exemplifies conservative values at Salvation Army stop; we all need to step upCatch-All

    Conservatives are quick to point out that government is not the answer to curing the social ills that plague our nation. They say that the people themselves – whether through churches, charity, or individual acts of kindness – can help combat the problems of poverty, hunger, and homelessness. While in an ideal world, I’d like […]