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    Smith-Jones Skipped Ethics PledgePolitics

    Conveniently, before Virginia Beach School Board member Sandra Smith Jones was leaving America to work in Saudi Arabia, 10 School Board members signed an ethics pledge. Sandra Smith-Jones refused. As reported on Bearing Drift, she did sign the 2010 pledge, which included the promise to “make an effort to attend all Board meetings.” However, she […]

  • How ObamaCare would have killed my son and mePolicy

    It occurred to me tonight that if ObamaCare had become the law of the land 30 or 40 years ago, my son Josh and I would be dead. ObamaCare was designed to destroy the private sector health insurance industry and force all Americans into a single-payer system run by the federal government.  Unless it is […]

  • Sarah Palin still gets the pressie juices flowingVirginia

    Sitting in the press section of an political event is kind of like being at the kids’ table on Thanksgiving: you’re to be seen, but not heard. But that doesn’t prevent strangeness from happening. While the assembled BD crew was chatting about who else might get into the presidential race, Sarah Palin’s name arose. After […]

  • Photos: Rick Perry lunch in Richmond todayCatch-All

    Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) smiles during press conference after lunch. His speech gave lots of red meat to the crowd of 1,080. Media and citizen journalists crowded Gov. Perry at the after-lunch press conference. Bearing Drift correspondents Jason Kenney and Norm Leahy can be seen in the background. Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA), after being introduced […]

  • Quick impressions of Perry’s RPV speechPoliticsVirginia

    A few items that caught my eye from the speech Texas Governor (and GOP presidential frontrunner) Rick Perry gave at the RPV fundraiser today in Richmond: * It’s obvious Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose remarks preceded Perry’s has a warm relationship with the Texas Governor. McDonnell mentioned that both his mother and Perry are Texas A&M […]

  • Bob Turner Wins in NY-9Politics

    Republican Bob Turner is victorious in his race to win the special election to fill the seat of former Rep. Anthony Weiner. Despite what the Democratic analysts may say, this is an upset. A Republican has not won this area since before World War 2. Interestingly, there is evidence that a key factor in Turner’s […]

  • Hey leftists! Here’s your big chance to report my criticism of Obama to the authorities!Politics

    Throughout history, American leftists have suffered under a system of free speech that exposed their propaganda to the light of public scrutiny.  How frustrating it has been for them to watch as leftist leaders in places like the old Soviet Union and modern-day Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, China, and North Korea were able to go about […]

  • Preparing for Perry-McDonnell in Richmond tomorrowPolitics

    Make no mistake, this race is Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s to lose. Say all you will about vaccinations, about him once being a Democrat for Gore, or any myriad of things that Congressman Ron Paul, also of Texas, is sure to remind voters of in the coming weeks, Perry is the most-likely GOP nominee. That […]

  • Race for the Republican Nomination (Part 3 of 3): Rick Perry’s to LosePolitics

    In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, I explained that the Republican base is fed up with Republican candidates and leaders who abandon core conservative principles for the sake of winning reelection and that we demand a principled, viable, and inspirational leader to restore our country.  In this year’s election, there is one – […]

  • Kaine leaps into the Ponzi PoolPoliticsVirginia

    I don’t begrudge Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine’s desire to stir-up the base with this meeting, or forum, if you prefer, on Social Security. It is amusing, though, to read the quote Wes Hester pulled from the Kaine campaign’s press release announcing the event: A release from Kaine’s campaign announcing the Tuesday morning said that […]