• Pastor Jeffress’ CrusadePoliticsVirginia

    Being that it is Sunday, here is an item worth considering: Texas Pastor Robert Jeffress’ op-ed in the RTD on “Why a candidate’s faith matters.” You may recall that Jeffress is the one who called Mormonism a “cult” and in the past has taken a swing at the Catholic Church as being a front for […]

  • Now Re-elected Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling at Podium

    On the air with Bill Bolling and a Senate race updatePodcastsPoliticsVirginia

    On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show… Scott Lee talks with Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling about the President’s jobs and economy bus tour through Virginia. Bolling called it a “political trip” from a “failed presidency.” Instead of more talk, and more big government proposals, Bolling says people want action that will put the […]

  • Turnout got you down? Blame motor voterPoliticsVirginia

    In a video sermon on the possibility there will be an election in a couple of weeks in which few voters will bother to show up, the RTD’s Jeff Schapiro rolls out the standard reasons why voter interest is so darned low. Voter fatigue — because Virginia insists on holding some sort of election every […]

  • Puller still supports the President who frustrates her soPoliticsVirginia

    Democratic Senator “Toddy” Puller is in the race of her career against Republican Jeff Frederick, and the stress is starting to show. In an October 17th WaPo piece on how incumbent Democratic senators were distancing themselves from the President as his magical mystery tour wound its way, selectively, through Virginia, Anita Kumar quoted Puller as […]

  • My open letter to John BoltonInternationalPolitics

    I have seen enough of the campaign for President to know that the best man for the job is currently not running. Rather than settle, I decided to make an open plea to that man: John Bolton. As far as I know, no other BD contributor shares my view, which is why I will merely […]

  • The Other Side of the President’s Non-VisitPolitics

    Sen. Bill Stanley laments that by cancelling a planned stop in Danville, President Obama missed a perfect opportunity to witness firsthand the negative effects of Obamanomics.

  • Gaddafi: Killed Without Trial?Politics

    So you guys remember way back when Saddam Hussein was executed after a trial of his peers, yes? The liberals?  Hell… they wept for Saddam back then… Howling Latina wept as she saw a picture of Saddam Hussein next to the rope that would soon end his life, as posted earlier this evening on the […]

  • john_chamber_small

    Sen. John Miller: Sponsored tax break for company that hires himPolitics

    Sen. John Miller has landed a job with the company for which he successfully cosponsored a huge tax break this year. The bill, SB1188, exempted aircraft sales and use taxes for “qualified companies” that make a minimum of $4 million capital investment, create 50 new jobs and other qualifications. Co-sponsored by Sen. John Miller, it […]

  • Dems Confirm: Virginia Dem Senators Begged Obama to Stay AwayPoliticsVirginia

    A Politico article today highlighting the lack of excitement on President Obama’s bus tour through Virginia brings up something that RPV has been hammering the Democrat incumbents on their relations to Obama. Originally, PBO was scheduled to tour Danville and Fredericksburg, in addition to Emporia and Hampton. Danville and Fredericksburg both have top State Senate […]

  • DPVA Compares Cuccinelli to a Rapist…Seriously…a RapistPoliticsVirginia

    You all remember Antoine Dodson, of YouTube fame: Antoine Dodson One of the more repeated lines by many after the video went viral was about how there’s a rapist running around Lincoln Park, climbing in the windows, snatching your people up, trying to rape them, so you need to “hide your kids, hide your wives…cause […]