• Puckett, Light Battle Over Black Lung BenefitsPolitics

    In the 38th District, Sen. Phil Puckett and Republican challenger Adam Light air dueling ads over whether Light wants to privatize Black Lung benefits, as the RPV warns that Sen. Puckett, feeling the heat from being a Democrat in an anti-Democrat environment, is getting desperate.

  • The toll saga deepensPolicyVirginia

    Initially, Virginia requested only one toll booth on I-95 at the VA/NC border. Now we learn that, at the Federal Highway Administration’s request, there be another toll plaza somewhere between Richmond and Fredericksburg. And that it’s possible the tolls nick people going each way: “One of the concepts we were encouraged to look at was […]

  • DeMint slaps down tea party nonsenseCatch-AllPolitics

    The tea party can be a baffling thing. What started as a loose aggregation of local activists and others who decided to become active back in 2009 has since spawned self-appointed national groups, complete with spokesmen, PACs, agendas and all the other trappings of semi-permanence. One of those national spokesbeings has decided that the GOP […]

  • Bob-O-Meter FAILPolicy

    Governor Bob McDonnell promises to get citizen input on redistricting. McDonnell creates a blue-ribbon commission for just this purpose. Politifact’s “Bob-o-meter” considers it a broken promise: So McDonnell pledged to create a commission that would “ensure bipartisan citizen involvement in the state”s legislative and redistricting process.” And he indeed appointed a panel. But largely because […]

  • (Some) of the Senate candidates are set to debatePoliticsVirginia

    So the Senate candidates will debate — on Pearl Harbor Day — at a press-sponsored event at the Capitol. But not all of the candidates will be on the stage. Just Tim Kaine and George Allen. Is this the Richmond press corps’ high-handed way of narrowing the field? Looking at the criteria for getting into […]

  • boxing_ring

    Dirty, Cheap Shot Push Poll Against Schoeneman in HOD 37?Politics

    Paging Floyd Mayweather… Schoeneman has run a campaign about issues and ideas. He hasn’t been out name calling. I think we’re all getting tired of the same tired old Democratic trick of painting anyone to the right of Karl Marx as some kind of radical right wing extremist. Which is why I am absolutely shocked […]

  • What do Meatloaf and Barack Obama have in common?Policy

    This is a great montage by Steve Batton from Steve Batton in the Morning, a conservative talk radio program in Hampton Roads. In the clip, Batton includes Obama appealing to a sycophant at a speech when he says something akin to “If you love me, you’ll help me pass my jobs’ bill.” From there, Batton […]

  • Obama Tries Again to Spread the Wealth AroundPolicyPolitics

    Invoking the phrase “fair share” over and over again–as though repetition made it meaningful if not truthful–a smug President Barack Obama today at the White House touted his latest effort to spread the wealth around, a scheme that The Wall Street Journal expects will cost Americans $1.5 Trillion in higher taxes. Insisting “it’s … about […]

  • Ward Armstrong Forgets Who His Opponent IsPolitics

    Del. Ward Armstrong’s campaign has been preoccupied with Appalachian Power, prompting the question: does Del. Armstrong know that he’s running against Del. Charles Poindexter?