• McDonnell, Wilder on CNBCPolicyPoliticsVirginia

    Gov. Bob McDonnell appeared on CNBC this morning as part of its series of talks with some of the nation’s Governors on the stresses they face, the challenges they’ve met and how they think Washington, DC could learn from their examples. The McDonnell interview appears rather pedestrian until Becky Quick asks about Virginia’s pension system. […]

  • The scandal at the heart of Virginia’s education systemPolicyPoliticsVirginia

    Jim Bacon is upset. Not a bit put-out. Not mildly irritated, but genuinely pinched. His post on the new JLARC study on the need for greater coordination between primary and higher education functionaries is this morning’s must read because it exposes the scandal at the heart of Virginia’s much-touted, and often gold-plated, education system: There […]

  • RTD: Webb Against Tax Hike, For Closing LoopholesPolitics

    Well… gotta give credit where credit is due. Virginia Senator Jim Webb opposes tax hikes in any upcoming budget deal: Webb has introduced legislation over the years to close the ‘carried interest’ tax loophole that allows hedge fund managers’ income to be taxed at low capital gains rates and eliminate ethanol subsidies. In 2009, Webb […]

  • Sarah was introduced by Tito, a construction worker

    Breitbart: Tito Munoz “One of the Greatest Voices” in the Tea PartyPolitics

      That’s right — “Tito the Builder” Munoz is a great American.  Recognized by other great Americans. Great Americans… like Andrew Breitbart: Tito, being the great guy he is, naturally had something to say about this: “It is a great honor to be highlighted in such a way by a Tea Party leader like Andrew […]

  • Raising taxes on the oil industry will hurt the economyPolicy

    As Congress and President Obama work towards a deal in addressing the current debt and budget, there have been demands to raise taxes on the oil industry. Obama said that there would be no negotiation on the debt deal, unless there are tax increases on these companies. With the tanking economy, in addition to the […]

  • ron-paul

    BREAKING: Ron Paul Will Not Run For Congress in ’12Politics

    Just received this from Ron Paul, the amazing and principled politician, is not running for Congress again. It’s the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one. But why is Ron not running, after finally getting a little of what he is due with his monetary committee? He has been thinking […]

  • Carter Reagan

    Radtke Looking For Game Changing Debate With AllenPolitics

    U.S. Senate candidate Jamie Radtke is sending signals that her election efforts will rise and fall on one spectacular moment: debating George Allen.  From NBC 12’s Decision Virginia: Most of those hopes are far fetched and lack specificity. Jamie Radtke is much more direct. She knows what could turn her campaign from long shot to […]

  • Reproductive choices and global warmingPolicy

    Via Ronald Bailey at Reason comes word of a paper from Oregon State University on “Reproduction and the carbon legacy of individuals.” It’s a rather…chilling…little study. Snip: Clearly, the potential savings from reduced reproduction are huge compared to the savings that can be achieved by changes in lifestyle. For example, a woman in the United […]

  • EAT YOUR PEAS!!!Politics

    If you missed the Obama presser this morning, the helpful staff at Bearing Drift have summarized the entire event in 10 seconds! How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your peas?! Essentially, America has to endure a tax hike before Obama will agree to any budget.  “Eat your peas” is the scolding […]

  • On the air with Tim Donner and Seton MotleyPolicyPoliticsVirginia

    On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show… Scott Lee talks with Virginia GOP Senate candidate Tim Donner about his proposal to allow for the creation of private Medicare accounts and a lot more. Donner has proposed something far more radical that the Ryan Plan. Will it get any traction in the Virginia race? […]