• Allen still winning the money primaryPoliticsVirginia

    The early 3rd quarter fundraising numbers are rolling in from the GOP Senate candidates and the ones with the most to crow about are keen to make sure people know just how well the money primary is going. George Allen’s campaign has “rais[ed] over $900,000 in the last three months. To date, the Allen Campaign […]

  • Giving Grover the bootPoliticsVirginia

    Shaun has already written about Rep. Frank Wolf’s public outburst aimed at Grover Norquist. For those of who’ve followed Grover’s machinations, Wolf’s comments weren’t all that different from what conservatives have been saying privately about the Americans for Tax Reform president for many years. The only real difference was that Wolf worked clean. Grover’s detractors […]

  • Democrat Governors Association’s Defamatory Fundraising AppealPolitics

    So, I’m perusing Facebook when the following ad appears: Of course, the GOP has never stolen a presidential election.  That’s what Democrats do, through such perverse activities as keeping dead people on voter rolls, through getting courts to rewrite election rules after the election is held, and through George Soros-funded groups like the “Secretary of […]

  • Observations of Occupy Norfolk: Solutions are not the SolutionCatch-All

    One thing about a simple group not having solutions, is that the clever may impute their own solutions upon them

  • Leaf peeping in the Shenandoah ValleyPolitics

    Now that autumn has arrived in the Shenandoah Valley, October’s calendar is full of festivals and events for those who wish to enjoy cooler temperatures and colorful leaves. If waiting until the fall color show hits its peak, be sure to check out Virginia Tourism’s Fall Color Hotline at 1-800-424-LOVE. Driving the scenic Skyline Drive […]

  • On the air with Ken Cuccinelli and Adam LightPodcastsPolicyPoliticsVirginia

    On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show… Scott Lee talks with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli about the report from the EPA’s inspector general which found the Agency didn’t follow its own rules when deciding that carbon dioxide derived from the burning of fossil fuels posed a threat to human health. This report has […]

  • Mitt Romney may actually get itInternationalPolicyPolitics

    Missed amidst the parsing of his comments against Obama and on Afghanistan, Mitt Romney provided the most realistic and bracing view of the danger from Communist China to ever come from a top-tier candidate for President.

  • Ward Armstrong gets desperateVirginia

    House minority leader Ward Armstrong has joined the small parade of rural Virginia Democrats who aren’t too keen on being identified with President Obama. In his most recent television ad, Armstrong says he’s not really like the President at all, what with being pro-life, pro-gun, anti-cap and trade and whatnot. I’m sure those are sentiments […]

  • Is a Progressive Tax Constitutional?Catch-AllPolicy

    To deny one class equal protection of their property because of their success is logically no different from denying a different class an equal protection of liberty because of their color.

  • Roscoe Reynolds Insults SouthsidePoliticsVirginia

    Roscoe Reynolds, the Democratic candidate for the 20th Virginia Senate district has insulted his own constituents. In a recent mailer sent out to residents of the 20th district, Reynolds suggests that his Republican opponent Bill Stanley has “abandoned” his constituents by moving into the 20th district. When one is done wading through the sludge of […]