• Moody’s puts Virginia AAA rating under reviewPolicyVirginia

    As I noted several weeks ago, if the federal government’s AAA rating is cut owing to skittishness over the debt ceiling, Virginia’s AAA rating could suffer as well. And now, Moody’s has made the possibility of such a downgrade quite clear: – Moody’s Investors Service has placed on review for possible downgrade the Aaa ratings […]

  • Why the House Republicans are right to oppose tax increasesPolicyPolitics

    As the latest attempt to resolve the debt-ceiling issue careens toward its conclusion, the pundits, experts, et al are lamenting the refusal of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives to accept tax increases as part of any debt-ceiling/deficit-reduction deal. The arguments aimed at the GOP have only two problems: history and economics.

  • Virginia Congressman, Sheriff Team Up to Keep Children Safe OnlinePolitics

    Rep. Randy Forbes and Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown team up to support the bipartisan HR 1801 protecting America’s children from online predators, but their efforts are being criticized by some civil libertarians.

  • Egan-Jones downgrades U.S. debtPolicy

    A less well-known ratings agency, Egan-Jones, has downgraded the federal government’s debt from AAA to AA+. The report explaining why can be found here. If you’re not a client, Zero Hedge has the press release, complete with charts, which gives you a solid understanding of the report’s contents: We are taking a negative action not […]

  • On the air with Deroy Murdoch and Ron UttPolicyPoliticsVirginia

    On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show… Syndicated columnist Deroy Murdoch talks with Scott Lee about ballot security, voter identification, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s objections to both…Heritage Foundation transportation expert Ron Utt gives us his thoughts on Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton’s desire for a higher gas tax…and in his Two Minute Drill […]

  • Anti-Taxer Moss may return to Beach CouncilPolitics

    John Moss has to be looking at November and smiling. Moss, who has twice served on the Virginia Beach City Council, has tried like heck to get back on. He ran and lost in 2004, lost for Mayor in 2008, and lost again for Council in 2010. He’s also applied for vacancies on Council, with […]

  • Jim Kincaid RIPVirginia

    Jim Kincaid, former anchorman for WVEC, the local ABC affiliate in Hampton Roads, has died from a heart attack.  He was 76. Kincaid had a long and distinguished career, including being shot down in a helicopter during the Vietnam War and suffering a broken back.  He was anchorman for WVEC from 1978-97, during which he […]

  • Q2 Reports: House of Delegates Round-UpPoliticsVirginia

    *-Cross-posted at NoVa Common Sense.-* In 2009, I put together a report like this for all the competitive Northern Virginia races. There were approximately as many of them in NoVa as there are statewide this year. Because of that, I’ve decided to go ahead and look at the entire House map. First, a guide to […]

  • Cantor is the Grown-Up in the RoomPoliticsVirginia

    Harry Reid recently called Eric Cantor “childish” over the debt ceiling debate. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that Cantor may be one of the few grown-ups in the room. On the National Review Online, Robert Costa has written an article detailing some of the recent discussions surrounding increasing the debt ceiling. Clearly, the President […]

  • S&P goes a step further in downgrade warningPolicyPolitics

    Standard & Poors takes Moody’s threat to downgrade U.S. debt of there’s no deal and goes a step further, saying, in effect, that while it believes the political class will come to some sort of deal, not all deals are created equal: Congress and the Administration might also settle for a smaller increase in the […]