• DCCC attacks Glenn NyePolitics

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is running an ad in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District attacking Republican Scott Rigell for the same policies supported by the Democratic incumbent Rep. Glenn Nye.

  • jimwebb

    Still “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military – for nowPolicy

    Virginia’s Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner, both Democrats, voted yesterday to begin debate on the National Defense Authorization Act, a bill which contains language to repeal the Clinton-era “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

  • Ahmadinejad

    But Wait! Ahmadinejad says we’re hypocrites.Policy

    Should Governor McDonnell be expecting a call from the President or even the United Nations? According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, Iran’s President Mahmoud “Ahmadinejad accused the West of launching a ‘heavy propaganda’ campaign against the case of an Iranian woman who had been sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery but failing to […]

  • The Lisa Murkowski – Lindsay Lohan connectionPolitics

    Two huge stories that broke over the weekend. First, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, after losing to Tea Party favorite Joe Miller in the Republican Primary, announced she just can’t leave politics and wants to stay Senator, so she’ll dump the Republican Party like a whiny crybaby and run as a write-in candidate. Also, Lindsay Lohan […]

  • Dueling townhalls: Nye cancels 30 minutes prior; Rigell answers questions for two hoursPolitics

    According to Steve Batton in the Morning on Freedom 1650AM, Glenn Nye canceled a planned townhall appearance yesterday 30 minutes prior, while Scott Rigell went to the Eastern Shore and answered questions for hours in front of nearly 100 people. Momentum? We’re trying to find out more details. Did anyone go?

  • CQ Politics to Virginia: No ChangePolitics

    CQ Politics just released its latest prognostications about the 2010 congressional campaign and found no change in Virginia. Their projections for VA-2 and VA-5 remain a “tossup”, VA-9 “leans Democrat”, and VA-11 “likely Democrat”. The good news nationally for Republicans is that 10 seats moved from “tossup” to “leans Republican” and 6 seats moved from […]

  • GOP to Announce Agenda in Sterling VAPolitics

    A well-connected GOP insider has leaked the top line on the House GOP leaderships’ new governing agenda. ABC news was told today that the GOP’s official agenda will be unveiled on Thursday at a small hardware in Sterling, Virginia. Congressman Boehner is expected to be accompanied by a few other members of leadership and local […]

  • churchlady4

    Jimmy Carter does the Superiority DanceCatch-All

    On NBC News Sunday, former President Jimmy Carter actually said, “I feel that my role as a former president is probably superior to that of other presidents.” Real Clear Politics has the video. At one point when he was back to teaching Sunday School and building houses for Habitat for Humanity, I might have agreed. […]

  • Howell Leads with the Right FootPolicy

    Speaker Bill Howell, together with Professor Randy Barnett today announced an innovative solution to the problem of the nearly uncheckable growth of the Federal Government. Virginia, which served as a model for the U.S. Constitution 223 years ago, would launch the effort to add a “repeal amendment” to the Constitution. The amendment, if ratified by […]

  • Golden announces press conference for FridayPolitics

    Independent, one-time Republican, and congressional candidate for the 2nd District, Kenny Golden has announced a press conference for Friday, 5:30 p.m. BD will be there. The announcement from Golden is intentionally vague: Kenny will make an announcement regarding his campaign and then take questions from the press and general public. Let the speculation begin. Update: […]