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    Senate Staffer Reflects on Debt Ceiling DebatePolitics

    A Late July Hill Ramble by LG _____________________________ The days are dragging, long and heavy, and the heat hasn’t made things easier. And I don’t have much to complain about: where my side of the Hill has been marking time with a vote here, a vote there, my brethren in the House have been working […]

  • The elephant in the room – taxesPolitics

    My latest column in the Daily Break focuses on what is really what fuels the current debt ceiling debate, and truly most other political debates – Taxes. I’m not what some call a single-issue voter. I usually can find a whole host of reasons to oppose Democrats. But the issue of taxes keeps coming back […]

  • Democrats fiddle while America burnsPolicyPolitics

    The Democrats have been screaming for months that not raising the debt ceiling will result in “economic Armageddon,” but they have never offered a single plan to raise the debt ceiling without continuing our unsustainable budget deficits.  In fact, President Obama’s official spokesmouth, Jay Carney, admitted that Obama has not offered a specific plan.  (And […]

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    OPEN THREAD: Debt Ceiling Vote TONIGHT!Politics

    The intel from Bearing Drift’s DC Bureau: ** All Democrats in the House will be voting against the Boehner plan.  No exceptions. ** 23 House Republicans are voting against the Boehner plan, including RSC Chairman Jordan. Two more “nay” votes kill the bill. ** Cantor announced a temporary delay in the vote… but the vote is still […]

  • McDonnell Urges Virginia Representatives To Vote For Boehner BillPolitics

    Governor Bob McDonnell’s office just released a statement where the Governor urges Congress and Virginia’s delegation to vote for Speaker John Boehner’s bill: Governor Bob McDonnell today issued the following statement regarding Speaker of the House John Boehner’s debt limit legislation: “It it critical that the United States Congress immediately pass the best possible bill […]

  • Kaine lashes Br’er Allen to the Tea PartyPoliticsVirginia

    Dwayne Yancey refers us to a release from Tim Kaine’s Senate campaign in which the former Governor links George Allen to the tea party and the desire each has for a balanced budget amendment to be part of any debt ceiling deal. While Dwayne, quite rightly, calls attention to Kaine’s “Lord of the Rings” metaphor […]

  • (Updated – 2:20 pm) Republicans optimistic about Boehner budget votePolicy

    Following a U.S. House Republican Caucus meeting this morning, Congressional sources say that they are “optimistic” that Speaker John Boehner’s budget bill that cuts $917 billion over 10 years, while raising the debt ceiling by $900 billion, will pass this evening – albeit narrowly. In an interview with POLITICO Thursday, [House Majority Leader Eric]Cantor predicted […]

  • Mark Warner puts party loyalty ahead of the national interestPolicyPolitics

    Both of Virginia’s Democrat senators, Mark Warner and Jim Webb, have signed a letter effectively announcing that they would allow the country to default and suffer a reduced bond rating before they would support a Republican plan to combine an increase in the debt ceiling with real defined cuts in spending. The letter states that […]

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    Hey kids! POP QUIZ!Politics

    QUICK! How many Spartans survived the Battle of Thermopylae?!?

  • RNC targets Virginia with recent ad buyPolitics

    Think Virginia isn’t a battleground in 2012? Think again. While tourists recalling the sesquicentennial of the “War Between the States” (aka, “Civil War” and “War of Northern Aggression”) might be thinking about Hampton Roads (battle of the ironclads), the peninsula campaign, the Seven Days’ siege at Richmond, and the battle of Fredericksburg, us political types […]