• Gov. Bob McDonnell and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (photo: Governor's Office, Michaele White, photographer)

    On the air with Bob McDonnell, Eric Cantor and Phil Van CleavePodcastsPoliticsVirginia

    On this special, election-eve edition of “The Score” radio show… Scott leads off with Phil Van Cleave, who heads-up the Virginia Citizens Defense League, on the topic of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest foray into Virginia’s elections, this time on behalf of anti-gun Democrats. Also, a report on the VCDL’s trip to ODU, […]

  • Bert Dodson Airs Humorous, but Out-of-Touch AdPolitics

    22nd Senate District candidate Bert Dodson airs arguably the funniest ad of the 2011 election cycle. Unfortunately for him, the ad’s message seems out-of-touch with the views of many Virginians.

  • FEMA Will Aid in Louisa Quake Aftermath After AllVirginia

    Gov. McDonnell’s office made the announcement this evening. FEMA initially denied aid after the Aug. 23 earthquake, but a closer look at the damage, and further damage due to many aftershocks, may have helped FEMA to reconsider. Press release from Gov. McDonnell’s office follows, and includes information on how people can apply for aid. [Note: […]

  • Kaine has a Corzine problemCatch-All

    Former Gov. Tim Kaine, who hopes to one day make his bones as Virginia’s junior U.S. Senator, has a bit of a problem. It appears as though Mr. Kaine, both as a candidate for governor in 2005 and as chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2010, accepted contributions from former Democratic pol and one-time […]

  • EPA’s Lisa Jackson on “jack-booted thugs”Policy

    The Environmental Protection Agency head is upset with congressional Republicans: U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson took on congressional Republicans for trying to blame a sour economy on environmental regulations yesterday in a speech at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. Jackson accused House and Senate Republicans of deliberately misusing EPA’s assertion that it […]

  • Say good night, MamieVirginia

    The Daily Press editorial page endorsed Republican Tom Harmon over Democratic incumbent Sen. Mamie Locke on Halloween. They did so in a way that was understated, but utterly devastating; Ms. Locke, by her own admission, has not been particularly effective in championing the Hampton Roads caucus in Richmond. It’s time to give someone else a […]

  • Unemployment edges down, but economic weakness still prevailsPolicyVirginia

    The nation’s unemployment rate dipped slightly last month to nine percent. The one tenth of a point drop, while encouraging to some, masks a grimmer reality: …the overall jobs picture remains bleak: almost 14 million Americans are unemployed, with nearly 6 million of them without a job for more than six months. Though even here, […]

  • Baker’s Iraq War analogyPoliticsVirginia

    What passes for the left in Virginia is going bonkers over a comment from Senate candidate Miller Baker that Obamacare is the domestic equivalent of the Iraq War. Naturally, the Washington Post jumped on the story: “It was the domestic equivalent of the Iraq war,” he says at a recent candidates forum. Video of the […]

  • Is Newt next?Politics

    The latest Rasmussen survey of likely Republican primary voters finds that Herman Cain leads the pack, with 26 percent, Romney is second with 23 percent and…Newt Gingrich is now third, with 14 percent. Cain’s lead, though within the margin of error, came “…after three full days of press coverage about the sexual harassment allegations against […]

  • 2011prediction

    (Updated Nov. 8 with results) 2011 Election Prediction ContestPolitics

    There will be one lucky winner of our General Assembly prediction contest, but if the final results from today’s election turns out like what you collectively have predicted, then Republicans will pick up four state Senate seats today, gain the majority, and Ward Armstrong will have nothing but time to campaign for a statewide seat. […]